Milady Standard Cosmetology,
14th Edition


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Give yourself the edge you deserve with Milady Cosmetology, 14th edition, our best edition yet. This edition delivers a holistic cosmetology education that's inclusive of all clients and their unique needs. Develop the skills required to ace your state licensing exam and to launch a rewarding and successful career. An even bigger emphasis on diversity and inclusion With keen insights on all hair textures, skin types and genders, this new-and-improved content will better prepare beauty professionals to successfully serve all clients. A modern approach to learning Competency- based learning objectives are clear, defined and focus on what a student must demonstrate or perfect. Interactive content, including plenty of videos, will engage and educate in equal measure. New step-by-step procedures for current trends and popular styles Enjoy 21 procedures with revised steps and new imagery (making them more visual and intuitive). QR codes scattered throughout offer bonus content to help you learn even more. A whole new look + layout worthy of the leader in beauty education Gorgeous imagery and compelling videos thoroughly demonstrate techniques, build confidence, and will help you excel every step of the way.


Milady Standard Cosmetology, 14the edition has 34 Chapters with Standard Foundations
• Cosmetology Contents:
Chapter 1: History and Career Opportunities.
Chapter 2: General Anatomy and Physiology
Chapter 3: Skin Structure, Growth, and Nutrition
Chapter 4: Skin Conditions, Disorders and Diseases
Chapter 5: Nail Structure and Growth
Chapter 6: Nail Conditions, Disorders and Diseases
Chapter 7: Hair and Scalp Properties
Chapter 8: Hair and Scalp Conditions, Disorders and Diseases.
Chapter 9: Principles of Hair Design
Chapter 10: Scalp Care, Shampooing, and Conditioning
Chapter 11: Haircutting
Chapter 12: Hairstyling
Chapter 13: Braiding and Braid Extensions
Chapter 14: Wigs and Hair Additions
Chapter 15: Chemical Texture Services
Chapter 16: Haircoloring
Chapter 17: Hair Removal
Chapter 18: Facials
Chapter 19: Makeup
Chapter 20: Manicuring
Chapter 21: Pedicuring
Chapter 22: Nail Tips and Wraps
Chapter 23: Liquid and Powder Nail Enhancements
Chapter 24: Light Cured Gels.
• Standard Foundations Contents:
Chapter F1: Life Skills
Chapter F2: Professional Image
Chapter F3: Communicating for Success
Chapter F4: The Healthy Professional
Chapter F5: Infection Control
Chapter F6: Chemistry and Chemical Safety
Chapter F7: Electricity and Electrical Safety
Chapter F8: Career Planning
Chapter F9: On the Job
Chapter F10: The Beauty Business

  • Milady

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  • Textured hair content added throughout the text to continue to provide a robust history and the necessary techniques to serve a diverse clientele. Content has been added and/or expanded in the following chapters: History and Career Opportunities; Shampooing; Principles in Hair Design; Haircutting; Hairstyling;Braiding and Braid Extensions; and Haircoloring.

  • Anatomy content has been reduced to focus on cosmetology-specific areas of concerns for students.

  • Updated photos appear throughout celebrating diversity both of our students and their future clientele.

  • Features 98 total procedures. 21 procedures have been updated with revised steps and new imagery. 8 procedures are brand new to this edition. Including: Draping for Shampooing & Conditioning; Shampooing & Conditioning; Blunt Haircut; Graduated Haircut; Long-Layered Haircut ; Basic Clipper Cut ; Fade Haircut on Straight Hair – new!; Fade Haircut on Curly Hair – new! ; Round Brushing and Flat Ironing ; Marcel Manipulations; Hollywood Waves (also called Thermal Waving); Curling Short Relaxed Hair – new!; Wet Set with Rollers; Horizontal Finger-Waving; Chignon Curly Updo – new!; Detangling & Styling Curly Hair – new!; Textured Hair Techniques – new!; Braiding Extension Techniques – new!; Preparing Textured Hair for Braiding; Virgin Hair Relaxer; Curl Reforming; Temporary Haircolor Rinse; Single-Process Color; Color Melt – new!; Virgin Lightener; Specialty Highlighting with Foil; Permanent Gray Coverage; Pintura Balayage – new!; and Permanent Wave.

  • All of the content and more is available in CIMA, our new digital offering, providing an innovative and user-friendly experience. Check out to learn more!

  • Learning Objectives are listed at the beginning of chapters and prior to each relevant section for ease of reference and to reinforce main competencies so each outcome can be measured by reading or practicing lesson content.

  • Lively quotes appear at the beginning of each chapter to provide students with inspiration.

  • Check In Questions throughout each chapter help reinforce the required objectives and help students check their learning progress.

  • Multiple left-handed procedures are included, providing visual aid for left-handed students.

  • The end-of-chapter glossary includes phonetic pronunciations for difficult terms, as well as the page number in the print book where the key term is discussed, providing an effective resource for students to create flash cards or study for vocabulary quizzes. For CIMA users, flash cards are built in and ready to go as an effective study tool.

  • Provides a variety of features such as: Did You Know?, Activity, Here's a Tip, Focus On, and Caution that are interspersed throughout the content for additional learning and retention.

  • Procedures include time estimates to help student’s understand real world application.

  • QR codes provide additional procedural content without increasing the heft of the physical book.

  • Milady publishes additional resources that can be used to supplement your Cosmetology curriculum. Visit for full details on these resources.

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.

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