Hands-On Microsoft® Windows Server 2019,
3rd Edition

Jason Eckert

ISBN-13: 9780357436158
Copyright 2021 | Published
624 pages | List Price: USD $187.95

Eckert's HANDS-ON MICROSOFT® WINDOWS® SERVER 2019 equips you with a solid foundation in basic server administration -- no prior experience required. It empowers you with the knowledge to manage servers on small to large networks and maximize Windows® Server 2019 administration. Using a logical topic flow and step-by-step exercises, it delivers thorough coverage of core Windows® Server 2019 features. You will learn how to deploy Windows® Server 2019 in a variety of different environments -- including those that rely on virtualization and containers -- and how to configure and manage server storage, troubleshoot performance issues and work with common Windows® Server technologies and network services, such as Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, IPAM, file sharing, printing and remote access. Numerous hands-on projects and MindTap activities enable you to put what you learn into real-world practice.


1. Getting Started with Windows® Server 2019.
2. Configuring Windows® Server 2019.
3. Implementing Hyper-V and Automated Server Deployment.
4. Introduction to Active Directory and Account Management.
5. Configuring Resource Access.
6. Configuring Printing Services.
7. Configuring and Managing Data Storage.
8. Implementing Network Services.
9. Configuring Remote Access Services.
10. Configuring Cloud Features.
11. Securing Windows® Server 2019.
12. Monitoring and Troubleshooting Windows® Server 2019.

  • Jason Eckert

    Jason W. Eckert is an experienced technical trainer, consultant and bestselling author in the information technology industry. His diverse IT background and expertise include more than 40 IT certifications, three decades of IT and development experience, six published apps and 24 published textbooks covering such topics as UNIX, Linux®, Apache, MySQL, Windows Server, Security, Microsoft Exchange, PowerShell, BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Video Game Development. In addition, he serves as the dean of technology at triOS College, where he continues to refine and improve college technology programs. For more information, visit about.me/jasoneckert.

  • An expanded focus on new and emerging technologies within Windows Server offers detailed coverage of virtualization, containers, enterprise storage, cloud technology, security and more.

  • New Discovery Exercises added to the end of each module provide additional opportunities to explore and reinforce advanced concepts and real-world application.

  • Reflecting the latest developments from the field, an all-new chapter provides in-depth coverage of the cloud and emerging technologies.

  • Available with the third edition, MindTap® is the digital learning solution that powers students from memorization to mastery. It gives you complete control of your course -- to provide engaging content, to challenge every individual and to build their confidence. Empower students to accelerate their progress with MindTap.

  • Live Virtual Machine Labs within MindTap give learners hands-on practice troubleshooting, exploring and trying different solutions in a safe, sandbox environment using real Cisco hardware and virtualized Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems.

  • Networking for Life activities within MindTap provides podcasts, videos, websites, RSS feeds and other resources that enable learners to explore industry-related news and events. Each activity includes a graded assignment. Learners can read articles, listen to podcasts or watch videos to keep up with the latest happenings in the field of information technology. Instructors can use these activities to spark student interest in the networking field and help them develop lifelong learning habits.

  • Each MindTap module includes a discussion prompt that encourages self-reflection and open sharing among classmates. Research in cognitive psychology shows that reflective discussion of content being learned and of the learning process itself improves retention and understanding significantly, especially in the context of sharing with peers. These rich "Reflection" prompts invite deeper consideration of key concepts and provide a platform for sharing insights and debating controversial topics.

  • Comprehensive Hands-on Projects give students step-by-step instructions for performing various Windows Server Administration tasks -- equipping them with practical, firsthand experience.

  • Case Projects allow learners to places themselves in the role of a Windows Server consultant, giving them hands-on experience working through a variety of situations to fulfill their clients' needs.

  • BOOK EMPHASIZES QUALITY AND USABILITY WITH A HANDS-ON APPROACH. Recognized for its focus on quality, this edition offers classroom usability and an unmatched hands-on experience for today’s learners.

  • HANDS-ON PROJECTS CAN BE PERFORMED WITHIN A CLASSROOM OR HOME ENVIRONMENT. Two different lab environment configurations allow instructors and students to choose the right environment that suits the needs of their classroom or home learning environment.

  • DISCOVERY EXERCISES HIGHLIGHT REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCES. Practical features, such as these Discovery Exercises, emphasize the realistic application of concepts, as well as make theories meaningful and more than simply a list of technical features. Useful Review Questions test readers' understanding of critical information to ensure understanding.

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