Employment and Labor Law,
10th Edition

Patrick J. Cihon, James Ottavio Castagnera

ISBN-13: 9780357445136
Copyright 2020 | Published
800 pages | List Price: USD $281.95

Gain a thorough understanding of today's employment and labor-relations laws with a text written specifically for you, if you are majoring in business or other non-legal studies -- Cihon/Castagnera's EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR LAW, 10E. This comprehensive, engaging introduction uses excerpts from real case law to illustrate how labor-related disputes arise and are resolved in the courts. Eye-opening features, such as The Working Law and Ethical Dilemmas, demonstrate how labor legislation and ethical decision-making impact employees at all levels of organizations -- from hourly workers to owners. You review the most up-to-date information on significant topics, such as the NLRB and EEOC, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the president's executive orders for undocumented immigrants and LGBTQ rights, Obamacare, the Defense of Marriage Act, and other employee-benefits developments. You also study issues relevant to you, such as FLSA and NLRB rights for unpaid interns, teaching assistants, and student-athletes. No other book combines such balanced coverage with an exceptional reader-friendly approach.


1. First the Forest, Then the Trees: An Overview of Employment and Labor Law.
2. Employment Contracts and Wrongful Discharge.
3. Commonly Committed Workplace Torts.
4. Employee Privacy Rights in the 21st Century.
5. The Global Perspective: International Employment Law and American Immigration Policy.
6. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and Race Discrimination.
7. Gender and Family Issues: Title VII and Other Legislation.
8. Discrimination Based on Religion and National Origin and Procedures under Title VII.
9. Discrimination Based on Age.
10. Discrimination Based on Disability.
11. Other Equal Employment Opportunity and Employment Legislation: Federal and State Laws.
12. The Rise of Organized Labor and Its Regulatory Framework.
13. The Unionization Process.
14. Unfair Labor Practices by Employers and Unions.
15. Collective Bargaining.
16. Picketing and Strikes.
17. The Enforcement and Administration of the Collective Agreement.
18. The Rights of Union Members.
19. Public Sector Labor Relations.
20. Occupational Safety and Health.
21. The Employee's Safety Nets: Unemployment and Workers' Compensation, Social Security, and Retirement Plans.
22. The Fair Labor Standards Act.
Case Index.
Subject Index.

  • Patrick J. Cihon

    Patrick J. Cihon is an Associate Professor of Law and Public Policy at Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management. His research interests include employment law, employment discrimination, labor relations, and dispute resolution. Professor Cihon is the co-author of West's TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT as well as a number of books and articles in the field of employment law. After a career with the Ontario Ministry of Labor, Professor Cihon joined Syracuse where he has received the Outstanding Faculty Member Award from both the Syracuse University Association of Graduate Business Students and the Syracuse Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma. Professor Cihon earned his B.A. from Pennsylvania State University, an LL.B. from Osgoode Hall Law School of York University in Toronto, and an LL.M. from Yale Law School.

  • James Ottavio Castagnera

    Jim Castagnera holds an M.A. in Journalism from Kent State University, and a J.D. and Ph.D. (American Studies) from Case Western Reserve University. He worked 10 years as a labor, employment, and intellectual-property attorney with Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr and 23 years as associate provost & legal counsel for academic affairs at Rider University, where in 2018 he received the university’s highest annual award for distinguished service. He also did stints as a full-time law professor at UT-Austin and Widener University Law School. Having retired from Rider in 2019, he is engaged in a portfolio of activities: Member and Chief Consultant of Holland Media Services LLC, a communications and training company with offices in Philadelphia and Los Angeles; Member of Portum Group International LLC, a cyber security & privacy consulting firm in Philadelphia; Of Counsel to Washington International Business Counsel; and Adjunct Professor of Law in the Kline School of Law at Drexel University.

  • UNIQUE DIGITAL CONTENT ENSURES COST-EFFECTIVE, UP-TO-DATE APPROACH. This 10th Edition marks the first time that EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR LAW is available as an eBook. This design allows an economical choice for students with the ability to ensure the latest coverage. This unique format allows the authors to keep content completely up to date and provide closer, more responsive support for you, the instructor who is using the book.

  • CASE TREATMENT OFFERS INTRIGUING SUMMARIZED CASES AND CASES THAT USE ACTUAL LANGUAGE OF THE COURT. Summarized cases, in which the authors outline the facts, issue, and decision of a real case in their own words, provide case illustrations that are student-friendly and intriguing to readers. Because learning to interpret cases in the language of the court is crucial to developing critical-thinking skills, half of the cases in this edition remain excerpted in the words of the court.

  • CONCEPT SUMMARIES REVIEW KEY LEGAL PRINCIPLES FROM EACH CHAPTER. These helpful learning features clearly outline the primary legal principles that are illustrated throughout each chapter to guide reader in efficient review and effective study.

  • THE WORKING LAW HIGHLIGHTS LEGAL LAWS IN ACTION IN BUSINESS TODAY. This practical feature demonstrates the relevance and impact of the employment and labor laws that students are learning in the current business world.

  • ETHICAL DILEMMAS EMPHASIZE INTRIGUING AND PRACTICAL ETHICAL QUESTIONS. These features prepare students for today's work environment as the dilemmas challenge readers to respond to contemporary situations that involve pertinent ethical questions and put their personal ethical behavior to the test.

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