Spanish Translated Milady Standard Nail Technology with Standard Foundations,
8th Edition


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MILADY STANDARD NAIL TECHNOLOGY, 8th Edition, is the future nail technician’s guidebook to success. The new 2-book format includes Standard Foundations and Nail Technology packaged together for a complete curriculum. Standard Foundations focuses on introductory topics including science basics, infection control and the importance of soft/ business skills; while Nail Technology includes new and updated information on manicuring, pedicuring, gel nail enhancement, nail resin enhancements, and nail art. New procedural photography follows the highest standards in infection control and enhances step-by-step instructions. This edition also features new competency-based learning objectives to emphasize the importance of the concepts presented. This edition offers aspiring nail technicians the tools they need for a rewarding and successful career.


Standard Foundations.
1. Life Skills.
2. Professional Image.
3. Communicating for Success.
4. The Healthy Professional.
5. Infection Control.
6. Chemistry and Chemical Safety.
7. Electricity and Electrical Safety.
8. Career Planning.
9. On the Job.
10. The Beauty Business.

Nail Technology.
1. History and Career Opportunities.
2. Anatomy and Physiology.
3. Skin Structure, Disorders, and Diseases.
4. Nail Structure, Disorders, and Diseases.
5. Nail Product Chemistry.
6. Manicuring.
7. Pedicuring.
8. Electric Filing.
9. Nail Tips and Forms.
10. Nail Resin Enhancements.
11. Monomer Liquid and Polymer Powder Nail Enhancements.
12. Gel Nail Enhancements.
13. Nail Art.

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  • New 8th Edition features a 2-book format –NAIL TECHNOLOGY and STANDARD FOUNDATIONS - packaged together for a complete curriculum.

  • STANDARD FOUNDATIONS enhancements include additional content on soft and business skills, chemical/electricity safety and increased focus on transmission, prevention and procedures for infection control.

  • All-new, full-color photographs, including photos of nail disorders and procedural photographs.

  • Expanded information on nail art mediums and techniques.

  • Expanded information on electric filling.

  • Expanded information on nail enhancements procedures and applications.

  • Expanded information on how to accommodate clients with health considerations.

  • Detailed information on preventing dust and chemical fume inhalation overexposure.

  • Topics required for state licensing exams are presented in a complete and easy-to-read format. All new Instructors’ Editions available with summaries, check-in questions/ answers, and instructor-facing notes.

  • Additional learning elements including Safety Cautions, Tips, Check-In Questions, Activities and Web Resources provide valuable information.

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