Personal Nutrition,
11th Edition

Marie A. Boyle

ISBN-13: 9780357446935
Copyright 2023 | Published
512 pages | List Price: USD $250.95

Access the tools and knowledge you need to take charge of your life with PERSONAL NUTRITION, 11th Edition. Packed with the latest research, recommendations and emerging trends, this text equips you with a solid foundation in fundamental nutrition principles and the expertise you need to make informed, healthy choices. Lively illustrations, photographs and examples bring chapter concepts to life, while features like "The Savvy Diner" and "Make Every Bite Count” offer practical tips you can put into immediate practice. The text is also supported by MindTap, which helps you learn on your terms. The most engaging and customizable online solution in nutrition, MindTap combines readings, multimedia, assessments, activities, and access to Diet & Wellness Plus--giving you everything you need to maximize your course success.


1. The Basics of Understanding Nutrition.
Spotlight: How Do You Tell If It's Nutrition Fact or Nutrition Fiction?
2. The Pursuit of a Healthy Diet.
Spotlight: Food Choices and the Environment.
3. Anatomy for Nutrition's Sake.
Spotlight: Gut Feelings--Common Digestive Problems.
4. The Carbohydrates: Sugar, Starch, and Fiber.
Spotlight: Understanding Diabetes: Strategies for Prevention.
5. The Lipids: Fats and Oils.
Spotlight: Diet and Heart Disease.
6. The Proteins and Amino Acids.
Spotlight: Plant-Based Eating Patterns.
7. The Vitamins: A Functional Approach.
Spotlight: Nutrition and Cancer Prevention.
8. The Minerals and Water: A Functional Approach.
Spotlight: Osteoporosis--The Silent Stalker of the Bones.
9. Impact of Fluids and Beverages on Nutritional Health.
Spotlight: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
10. Weight Management.
Spotlight: The Eating Disorders.
11. Nutrition for Fueling Fitness and Sport.
Spotlight: Nutrition Supplements and Sport Performance--Help or Hype?
12. The Life Cycle: Conception through the Later Years.
Spotlight: Promoting Healthy Weight in Children and Adolescents.
13. Food Safety and the Global Food Supply.
Spotlight: Global Food Insecurity.
Appendix A: Aids to Calculations, Daily Values (DV) for Food Labels, Choose Your Foods: Food Lists for Diabetes and Weight Management, and the USDA Healthy Food Patterns.
Appendix B: What’s On Your Plate?, Body Mass Index, Key Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults, and Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI).

  • Marie A. Boyle

    Dr. Marie Boyle received her B.A. in psychology from the University of Southern Maine and her M.S. and Ph.D. in nutrition from Florida State University. She is author of PERSONAL NUTRITION and COMMUNITY NUTRITION IN ACTION. Dr. Boyle is a Professor in the Foods and Nutrition Department at Saint Elizabeth University in Morristown, New Jersey. She also teaches online graduate courses in applied nutrition at the University of New England in Portland, Maine. Her other professional activities include membership in the American Public Health Association, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior. She also serves as editor-in-chief of the "Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition" from Taylor & Francis Publishers.

  • Chapter-opening “Ask Yourself” sections contain a set of true or false questions provide readers with a preview of the chapter’s contents. Answers are also provided.

  • A new “Make Every Bite Count” feature helps learners recognize healthy foods that can boost their intake of essential nutrients, providing a healthy nudge to add certain nutrient-dense foods/food groups (e.g. Berries, Leafy Greens, Yogurt, Whole grains, Nuts and Seeds) to the diet and explains why this step is beneficial, based on research. The goal is that by the end of the semester, the readers will be motivated to try more nutrient-dense foods and gain health benefits from doing so.

  • A new “Try This” feature gives readers a chance to practice what they have learned. For example, Chapter 1 shows the steps for determining the number of calories consumed from the grams of carbohydrate, fat, and protein in a food.

  • New “Summary Guides” for each of the vitamins and minerals studied in Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 provide a snapshot of each nutrient’s chief roles in the body, recommended intake, and deficiency and toxicity symptoms. Each nutrient’s best food sources are showcased by beautiful new food photography images and a listing of sample foods.

  • "Eat Well, Be Well" features encourage students to make good health and diet a priority, providing practical tips they can apply now as well as sustain throughout their lives. Topics include "Never Say Diet" and ”Make Over Your Plate--Reshaping Your Protein Choices for Health."

  • “Nutrition Action” features are magazine-style essays on current topics that address topics such as fast food, smart snacking, food allergies, dietary supplements and medicinal herbs, diet and blood pressure, and aging well with physical activity. They reflect the latest issues in the field. For example, “Carbohydrates—Friend or Foe?” helps consumers choose healthful carbohydrates while making sense of the carbohydrate debate.

  • Reader-friendly "Spotlight" features use a question-and-answer format to tie current research directly to chapter topics and encourage critical thinking, often by addressing concerns many students have about nutrition, such as common digestive problems, food choices and the environment, and the pros and cons of using supplements to enhance athletic performance.

  • A "Scorecard" quiz in each chapter invites students to compare their own knowledge and behavior to proven nutritional principles and guidelines for healthy eating--equipping them with insight they can personalize and immediately put into practice. Topics include "Rate Your Fats and Health IQ," "Healthy Weight" and "Estimate Your Protein Intake."

  • "The Savvy Diner" features offer food-selection and preparation suggestions for healthy eating and reinforce recommendations made in the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Topics include buying healthy foods on a limited budget, incorporating whole grains into the diet, maintaining healthy weight goals when eating out, and an eating pattern for longevity.

  • "Eat Well, Be Well" features encourage students to make good health and diet a priority, providing practical tips they can apply now as well as sustain throughout their lives. Topics include "Never Say Diet" and ”Make Over Your Plate--Reshaping Your Protein Choices for Health."

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