Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism,
8th Edition

Sareen S. Gropper, Jack L. Smith, Timothy P. Carr

ISBN-13: 9780357449813
Copyright 2022 | Published
608 pages | List Price: USD $250.95

Prepare for your career in Nutrition with ADVANCED NUTRITION AND HUMAN METABOLISM. You'll find even the most complex metabolic processes and concepts easy to understand as the authors equip you with a solid understanding of: digestion absorption, and metabolism of fat, protein, and carbohydrates; The structures and functions of water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins; the functions of water and minerals in the body; and nutrient food sources, recommended intakes, deficiency and toxicity.


1. The Cell: A Microcosm of Life.
2. The Digestive System: Mechanism for Nourishing the Body.
3. Carbohydrates.
4. Fiber.
5. Lipids.
6. Protein.
7. Integration and Regulation of Metabolism and the Impact of Exercise.
8. Energy Expenditure, Body Composition and Healthy Weight.
9. The Water-Soluble Vitamins.
10. The Fat-Soluble Vitamins.
11. Major Minerals.
12. Water and Electrolytes.
13. Essential Trace and Ultratrace Minerals.
14. Nonessential Trace and Ultratrace Minerals.

  • Sareen S. Gropper

    Sareen Gropper is a professor with the College of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University; she also has a secondary appointment with the University’s College of Medicine. Dr. Gropper is a Registered Dietitian and has expertise in nutrient metabolism as well as medical nutrition.

  • Jack L. Smith

    Jack Smith was Professor and Chair of the nutrition department at the University of Delaware; he is now retired. Metabolism is his area of expertise.

  • Timothy P. Carr

    Timothy Carr is a Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences and Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His area of expertise is nutrient metabolism in health and disease.

  • Brand new or redrawn FULL-COLOR art throughout the book clarifies concepts and engages students.

  • Expanded discussions on key biochemical topics, as well as, additional discussions on the impact of clinical conditions on nutrient metabolism and needs, reflect the latest research and current practice.

  • New tables include information on the vitamin contents of foods, as well as, overview tables that identify common manifestations of vitamin deficiencies.

  • Two all-new, end-of-chapter, cutting-edge "Perspectives" incorporate the latest research and pique student interest.

  • New chapter-opening Learning Objectives alert students to what they need to know after completing the chapter.

  • New figures have been added and many existing illustrations have been updated to more clearly and accurately represent important structures and processes.

  • Student learning aids include chapter outlines and summaries, a thorough index and a glossary.

  • Presenting topics to students in a systematic, logical manner, the text's cells-to-systems approach focuses on normal nutrition and physiological function in humans.

  • Figures present key concepts in a straightforward manner that helps students visualize biochemical and physiological events.

  • Tables present topics in an organized manner to help students summarize the material for future reference.

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