Industrial Electricity,
10th Edition

Michael E. Brumbach

ISBN-13: 9780357451298
Copyright 2022 | Published
624 pages | List Price: USD $250.95

INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICITY, Tenth Edition, presents the essentials of electrical theory in a clear, current, logical manner to help you master both fundamental concepts and more advanced subjects relevant to the field of industrial electricity. Coverage begins with foundational topics like safety, electrical symbols and drawings, current, voltage, resistance and power, while subsequent chapters introduce Ohm’s Law; series, parallel and combination circuits; and resistive and reactive circuits. The text also includes thorough discussion of advanced subjects such as test equipment, rotating machinery, motor controls, transformers, electronic drives and PLCs, as well as practical information on key real-world applications of electrical theory, including installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. The Tenth Edition features more than 800 illustrations and photos--now presented in vibrant, full color for a more visually engaging learning experience--to help explain key concepts and bring both theory and practice to life.


1. Safety.
2. Language of Electricity.
3. Electrical Fundamentals.
4. Test Equipment.
5. Basic Resistive Electrical Circuits.
6. Magnets and Magnetism.
7. Alternating Current.
8. Reactive Circuits and Power Factor.
9. Conductor Types and Sizes.
10. Electrical Installation.
11. Transformers and Distribution.
12. DC Machines.
13. AC Machines.
14. Control and Controlled Devices.
15. Motor Control Circuits.
16. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs).
17. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).
18. Lighting.

  • Michael E. Brumbach

    Michael E. Brumbach is the retired (after 28 years of service) associate dean of the Industrial and Engineering Technologies Division at York Technical College in Rock Hill, South Carolina. He holds an associate degree in electronics technology. In addition to this book, Mr. Brumbach has co-authored ELECTRONIC VARIABLE SPEED DRIVES and INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE.

  • The text's hundreds of photos and illustrations are now presented in vibrant full color, providing a more visually engaging experience that enhances teaching and learning.

  • A new chapter dedicated to safety introduces safe work practices and emphasizes their integral importance for professional success.

  • An expanded chapter on test equipment features new and updated information, including coverage of additional test equipment students are likely to encounter as they begin their careers.

  • Additional information on LED lighting is included in the chapter on lighting, providing a useful introduction to this increasingly common and important technology.

  • The author has restructured the text to organize chapters in a more logical sequence, allowing for coverage of topics in a natural order to help students learn effectively.

  • This comprehensive guide provides a complete learning experience for the entry-level industrial electrical maintenance technician, covering a range of material that often requires several texts elsewhere, so students can focus their efforts and save money.

  • This trusted text provides comprehensive coverage of fundamental theory, practical applications and common equipment and technology, including installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, test equipment, wiring methods and conductor types and sizes.

  • The author draws on decades of expertise as an educator and author to present even complex material using a simple, logical and practical approach that aids learning and enhances understanding.

  • Ideal for aspiring and experienced professionals alike, this practical text provides electrical maintenance technicians with an excellent reference for quick answers to address both common problems and unusual challenges.

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