The Law of Contracts and the Uniform Commercial Code,
4th Edition

Pamela Tepper

ISBN-13: 9780357453025
Copyright 2022 | Published
624 pages | List Price: USD $250.95

Learn to work with all of the important features of common law contracts as well as Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code with Tepper's THE LAW OF CONTRACTS AND THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE, 4E. This understandable approach reduces contract law to its basic components with examples that build upon one another. Updated, real cases demonstrate how to apply concepts, while a unique fact pattern in each chapter highlights how contracts and concepts impact daily lives, often with unusual results. Clear learning objectives, chapter summaries and reviews, and a running glossary help you fully grasp this complex area of law. This edition offers a unique emphasis on contract situations that may be familiar to you from the internet and social media. Intriguing examples and updated exercises reinforce the practical application of contracts not found in most legal texts. Optional MindTap digital resources are also available to further strengthen your understanding.


1. Contract Law: A General Introduction
2. Contract Basics: An Overview.
3. Formation of a Contraction: Offer and Acceptance.
4. Consideration: The Value for the Promise.
5. Mutual Assent of the Parties.
6. Capacity: The Ability to Contract.
7. Legality in Contracts.
8. Proper Form of the Contract: The Writing.
9. Performance and Discharge of the Contract.
10. Remedies in Contract Law.
11. Third Party Contracts.
12. Sales: Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code.
13. Performance Under Article 2: Seller and Buyer Duties.
14. Title, Risk of Loss, and Warranties.
15. Seller and Buyer Remedies.
16. Contracts and the Internet: Something Borrowed, Something New.
17. Drafting a Contract: The Essentials.
18. Drafting a Contract: Specific Provisions.
19. Analyzing a Contracts Problem: Putting Theory into Practice.

  • Pamela Tepper

    Pamela R. Tepper is the solicitor general of the Virgin Islands. She manages the Solicitor General Division of the Virgin Islands Department of Justice, which focuses on appeals, contracts, habeas corpus challenges and employment issues. Previously she served as the deputy solicitor general of this department, where she managed the section's contracts, appeals and special projects. From 2000 to 2008, Tepper was vice president of legal affairs and general counsel at the Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center in St. Croix, Virgin Islands. For more than 20 years, she has taught in several paralegal programs, including the Southeastern Paralegal Institute and Southern Methodist University programs in Dallas, Texas; The University of Texas, Arlington; and the University of the Virgin Islands. In addition to this textbook, Tepper has authored THE LAW OF CONTRACTS AND THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE, BASIC LEGAL WRITING FOR PARALEGALS, LEGAL RESEARCH AND WRITING and TEXAS LEGAL RESEARCH. Tepper earned a B.A. from Hamilton College and her J.D. at New England Law in Boston, Massachusetts. She is licensed to practice law in Texas and the Virgin Islands. She also practices in the Virgin Islands District Court and Federal Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

  • NEW AND ENHANCED EXERCISES THROUGHOUT THIS EDITION STRENGTHEN UNDERSTANDING. The unique, practical orientation of this legal text is strengthened with the numerous, current exercises that demonstrate the importance and relevance of what students are learning.

  • NEW AND CURRENT CASES FEATURE MANY OF THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN CONTRACT LAW TODAY. Students gain behind-the-scenes insights into contract law as new cases in many chapters emphasize the current changes and decisions related to contract law.

  • NEW MATERIAL HIGHLIGHTS MANY OF THE MOST CURRENT TRENDS IN CONTRACT LAW TODAY. This intriguing section, "Trending Now in Contracts," draws from today's actual headlines and high-profile or celebrity cases to feature new and current trends in the area of contract law.

  • ADDITIONAL INTERNET EXERCISES GUIDE STUDENTS IN WORKING WITH THE LATEST ONLINE TOOLS. This edition includes new and updated internet exercises, called "Cybercises," that provide extra, meaningful practice in working with critical legal online resources.

  • UPDATES EMPHASIZE TODAY'S ELECTRONIC AND ONLINE LEGAL ISSUES. Updated sections throughout this edition highlight even more of today's legal challenges related to electronics and online based issues.

  • UNIQUE, UNDERSTANDABLE PRESENTATION OFFERS A COMPREHENSIVE OVERVIEW. The author uses an approachable style to introduce and explain today's law of contracts and UCC sales in a manner that students can relate to and grasp.

  • EMPHASIS ON REAL AND PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS HIGHLIGHTS THE IMPORTANCE OF WHAT STUDENTS ARE LEARNING. In addition to carefully introducing today's law of contracts, the author emphasizes areas of practical, real substance that demonstrate why the book's subject is critical to daily lives.

  • COMPREHENSIVE, ACCESSIBLE COVERAGE PREPARES FUTURE PARALEGALS FOR SUCCESS. This edition provides a complete introduction to both common law contracts and the Uniform Commercial Code, Article 2, in order to thoroughly prepare readers for careers as paralegals.

  • INTERNET EXERCISES DEMONSTRATE WHERE AND HOW TO FIND CONTRACT AND OTHER KEY LEGAL INFORMATION. Students learn how to use the internet most effectively to locate sample contracts, templates and forms as well as other general online resources needed on the job. Carefully crafted internet exercises also teach students where to look for information in future jobs when paid sites, such as LEXIS and WESTLAW, are not available.

  • SPECIFIC CHAPTERS GUIDE STUDENTS IN DRAFTING AND ANALYZING CONTRACTS. Two chapters (Chs. 17, 18) are devoted to drafting contracts, while the final chapter (Ch. 19) offers a roadmap to analyzing problems within a contract. This emphasis on drafting and identifying problems is unique to this book.

  • PROVEN LEARNING AND STUDY AIDS HELP STUDENTS MASTER THIS COMPLEX AREA OF LAW. This edition offers updated learning aids, including learning objectives, chapter summaries, review questions, exercises and a running glossary to help readers fully grasp this complex area of the law.

  • PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OFFER REAL INSIGHTS INTO WHAT'S INVOLVED IN WORKING WITH CONTRACTS. The author has integrated meaning practical applications throughout this edition to demonstrate the challenges, rewards and realities of working with contracts today.

  • NUMEROUS CASES AND EXAMPLES BRING CONTRACT LAW TO LIFE FOR READERS. The latest cases and recognizable examples capture attention, help students master key concepts and highlight the importance of contract law to in real life.

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