Tort Law,
7th Edition

J. Stanley Edwards, Traci Cull

ISBN-13: 9780357454800
Copyright 2023 | Published
608 pages | List Price: USD $225.95

Prepare for a successful career as a paralegal with the key concepts and practical principles of tort law clearly presented in Edwards/Cull's TORT LAW, 7E. Interesting, updated content presents the latest legal developments while current cases demonstrate tort concepts applied in today's real world. Realistic situations in this edition are designed to help you further hone your legal understanding and skills. Internet references throughout the text also introduce the latest digital tools and guide you to reliable sources of legal information. This edition's proven learning features, such as "Tort Teasers," show you how to carefully consider variables in a case and potential resolutions. In addition, "Practice Pointers" and "Practical Ponderables" highlight skills such as drafting pleadings, preparing medical authorization requests, documenting damages, drafting jury instructions and assembling trial exhibits to equip you for a rewarding paralegal career.


1. Overview of Tort Law.
2. Overview of a Tort Case.
3. Intentional Torts.
4. Negligence: Duty.
5. Negligence: Breach of Duty.
6. Negligence: Causation.
7. Negligence: Damages.
8. Negligence: Defenses.
9. Malpractice.
10. Misrepresentation, Nuisance, and Other Torts.
11. Strict Liability.
12. Product Liability.
13. Defamation and Related Torts.
14. Vicarious Liability.
15. Joint Liability.
16. Tort Reform.
17. Automobile Insurance.
18. Bad Faith.
19. Workers' Compensation.
Appendix A: Suggested Responses to "Putting It into Practice" Exercises and Answers to Practice Exams.
Appendix B: Interviewing.
Appendix C: Overview of Insurance.

  • J. Stanley Edwards

    J. Stanley Edwards has been an Arizona attorney since 1975. Although he started out as a patent attorney, he has been a general practitioner for all but two of those years. He has co-authored five textbooks on paralegal studies with his late wife, Dr. Linda Edwards. He was a judge pro tem in the civil division of the Maricopa County Superior Court, now called family court. In addition, he is a certified arbitrator in the District Court of Arizona. He has also practiced before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and is an inactive member of the State Bar of Colorado.

  • Traci Cull

    Traci Cull has been an Indiana attorney since 1996. She began in real estate law, but has primarily focused on writing and teaching for the last twenty years. She has taught in multiple programs and at multiple higher education institutes in areas of paralegal law, criminal law, business and ethics. She has also advised for many online programs and served on development committees and as a paralegal advisor to students through the years. She has developed a multitude of material and classes on compliance, legal textbook supplementals, bar exam review questions and teaching online lessons. She loves instructional and course design as well as subject matter authoring of all legal subjects. She is a licensed mediator and compassionate trust leader, and she particularly enjoys teaching about alternative dispute resolution.

  • UPDATED CASES DEPICT CONCEPTS AT WORK IN ACTUAL CONTEMPORARY SITUATIONS. Engaging, current cases demonstrate how tort concepts and principles are applied in the real world today.

  • THE LATEST INTERNET REFERENCES CONNECT STUDENTS WITH CURRENT RESOURCES AND TOOLS. This edition provides a wealth of updated online references to ensure that your students are familiar with the most up-to-date tools and information from reliable sources.

  • REVISIONS AND MODERN CONTENT INTRODUCE THE MOST RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN TORT LAW. Discussions throughout this edition are revised to present the latest developments in tort law as well as neutrality in application.

  • PRACTICAL LEARNING FEATURES, EXERCISES AND REVIEW ENSURE STUDENTS UNDERSTANDING. Carefully crafted "Putting It into Practice" learning features, interactive exercises, review questions and practice exams require your students to apply key concepts while testing their understanding of key principles.

  • "TORT TEASERS" CHALLENGE STUDENTS TO MORE CLOSELY EXAMINE ALL ASPECTS OF A CASE AND ITS RESOLUTION. This thought-provoking learning feature prompts students to study the variables of a case and consider a variety of potential resolutions.

  • "PRACTICE POINTERS" AND "PRACTICAL PONDERABLES" INTRODUCE USEFUL SKILLS. These engaging features introduce students to critical paralegal skills such as drafting pleadings, documenting damages, drafting jury instructions, and assembling trial exhibits. Students actually view and draft documents, which is invaluable hands-on preparation for when they become working paralegals.

  • "LOCAL LINKS," "INTERNET INQUIRES" AND "NET NEWS" CONNECT STUDENTS WITH LOCAL RULES AND BROADER DIGITAL RESOURCES. "Local Links" examine practices unique to specific jurisdictions while "Internet Inquires" and "Net News" familiarize students with useful online legal resources and information about tort law. Students also become adept at searching the law for their own state and become more proficient in quickly finding pertinent information.

  • EXTENSIVE PRACTICE EXAM IN EVERY CHAPTER HELPS STUDENTS GAUGE THEIR UNDERSTANDING. These practice exams enable students to check their comprehension and tackle actual course exams with confidence. Answers to this edition's more than 1,000 practice exams questions appear in Appendix A.

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