Today’s Technician: Automotive Engine Repair & Rebuilding, Classroom Manual and Shop Manual,
7th Edition

Chris Hadfield, Randy Nussler

ISBN-13: 9780357618462
Copyright 2025 | Not Yet Published (2024-06-28)
768 pages | List Price: USD $137.95

Hadfield/Nussler/Levan's TODAY'S TECHNICIAN: AUTOMOTIVE ENGINE REPAIR & REBUILDING, CLASSROOM MANUAL AND SHOP MANUAL, 7th Edition, delivers the theory and skills needed to repair and service modern automotive engines as a professional, and prepares you for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification exam. The text covers engine construction and operation, intake and exhaust systems engine repair and the basics of rebuilding. The authors provide valuable, forward-looking industry insights on topics such as advances in hybrid technology, factors affecting engine performance and design and function of modern engine components. The text includes extensive updates to reflect the latest ASE Education Foundation standards, new information on current industry trends and developments, additional drawings and photos and a variety of electronic learning tools.


Classroom Manual.
1. Automotive Engines.
2. Engine Repair and Rebuilding Industry.
3. Theory of Engine Operation.
4. Engine Operating Systems.
5. Factors Affecting Engine Performance.
6. Engine Materials, Fasteners, Gaskets, and Seals.
7. Intake and Exhaust Systems.
8. Engine Configurations, Mounts, and Remanufactured Engines.
9. Cylinder Heads.
10. Camshafts and Valve Trains.
11. Timing Mechanisms.
12. Engine Block Construction.
13. Pistons, Rings, Connecting Rods, and Bearings.
14. Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles.
Shop Manual.
1. Safety and Shop Practices.
2. Engine Rebuilding Tools and Skills.
3. Basic Testing, Initial Inspection, and Service Procedures.
4. Diagnosing and Servicing Engine Operating Systems.
5. Diagnosing Engine Performance Concerns.
6. Repair and Replacement of Engine Fasteners, Gaskets, and Seals.
7. Intake and Exhaust System Diagnosis and Service.
8. Engine Removal, Engine Swap, and Engine Installation.
9. Cylinder Head Disassemble, Inspection, and Service.
10. Valve Train Service.
11. Timing Mechanism Service.
12. Inspecting, Disassembling, and Servicing the Cylinder Block Assembly.
13. Short Block Component Service and Engine Assembly.
14. Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicle Service.

  • Chris Hadfield

    Christopher Hadfield is director the Minnesota Transportation Center of Excellence. Previous to this appointment, he was dean of career and technical education in Brainerd, Minnesota, capping a decade of experience as an automotive technology instructor at secondary and post-secondary schools, including stints as department chair and program coordinator.

  • Randy Nussler

    Randy Nussler began teaching in 2003, has taught in all eight ASE automotive areas at post-secondary schools, and recently began teaching at the secondary level. Before teaching, Randy was an automotive technician for 18 years, working for a Nissan and Subaru dealership, an independent import service center, and a Goodyear store. He has an Associate of Science degree in automotive technology from New England Institute of Technology and has worked for Cengage as an automotive subject matter expert writer and reviewer on over two dozen projects. He is ASE Master, L1 Advanced Engine Performance, and A9 Light Vehicle Diesel Engines Certified and is a member and treasurer of the North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT). In 2011 he received the Delmar-Cengage Jack Erjavec Innovative Instructor Award, and in 2014 he was named ASE Instructor of the Year by Gates Tools for Schools.

  • Images throughout the title are updated to bring the book to today’s standards.

  • Content throughout the title is updated to help understand today’s modern engines.

  • A realistic ASE practice exam, included in the Shop Manual, provides excellent preparation for success on the Engine Repair certification test.

  • Chapters deliver key information and reinforce important skills related to engine system and component maintenance, diagnosis and repair, providing a thorough grounding in essential knowledge required for a successful automotive career.

  • Showcasing engines, components and tools in remarkable detail, this comprehensive text offers an in-depth introduction to today’s automotive shops, giving readers a finely tuned understanding of the industry.

  • Practical information on hybrid vehicles, including service precautions and procedures, emphasizes real-world, on-the-job issues to prepare readers for the automotive shop of tomorrow.

  • A straightforward writing style and appealing page layouts make information easy to follow and consistent with the Today’s Technician series. In addition, complex systems are broken into easier-to-understand explanations, and standard industry terms and vernacular are explained in the text, making content accessible even for readers new to the field.

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