Legal Ethics,
4th Edition

Kent Kauffman, Erin Rybicki

ISBN-13: 9780357620540
Copyright 2023 | Published
496 pages | List Price: USD $124.95

Equipping you with a solid grasp of the ethical rules that apply in the legal setting, Kauffman/Rybicki's LEGAL ETHICS, 4th edition, is a user-friendly guide to the most important aspects of professional responsibility facing students and new graduates today. Important case law and critical concepts are presented within the context of how legal ethics can impact your role in the legal field. The text is packed with real-world examples of lawyer and non-lawyer instances of misconduct, current and classic case law, discussions of famous (and infamous) people and up-to-date stats on the paralegal job market and compensation. Access to Justice features illustrate how the legal field is moving toward an inclusive approach, while Communication is Key features offer tips for communicating effectively across a variety of platforms.


1. Legal Ethics: The Essentials for Professional Responsibility.
2. Paralegals and Their Profession.
3. The Unauthorized Practice of Law.
4. Confidentiality.
5. Conflicts of Interest.
6. Advertising and Solicitation.
7. Legal Services and Fees.
8. Ethics and Legal Practice.

  • Kent Kauffman

    Kent Kauffman is an assistant professor of business law at Indiana University -- Purdue University Fort Wayne. Licensed to practice law in Indiana, he is a member of the American Bar Association and Indiana State Bar Association. In addition, he has been listed in "Who's Who Among America's Teachers" many times. Kauffman graduated from Temple University and The Dickinson School of Law of the Pennsylvania State University.

  • Erin Rybicki

    Erin Elizabeth Rybicki is an associate professor of business law and legal studies at Mercer County Community College. A licensed attorney with over a decade of experience in full-time college teaching, she is an experienced ABA-approved program director and a member of the National Business Education Association. Her research focuses on the business of the global theme park industry and business ethics. Professor Rybicki's greatest career joy comes from teaching and helping students reach their academic and career goals. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Rowan University, and master's in education from Widener University Graduate School of Education and a Juris Doctor degree from Delaware Law School. She is expected to receive a Doctor of Business Administration from Thomas Edison State University of New Jersey in spring 2022.

  • NEW STUDY TOOLS: New Chapter Outlines and Chapter Highlights emphasize key terms and introduce and summarize important concepts -- helping students maximize their study time and course success.

  • POINTS TO PONDER & ENGAGING CHAPTER QUESTIONS: Giving instructors complete flexibility, all-new questions can be assigned as homework or adapted for online discussion prompts. Points to Ponder questions challenge students to solidify their understanding of key chapter concepts and include jurisdiction-based research tasks and practical legal assignments. Also in every chapter, hypothetical scenario-based Chapter Questions present students with practical considerations for ethics in real-world business and legal practice.

  • TRENDS AND EMERGING LAW: Riveting discussions of new and emerging concepts include competing perspectives on the movement to independently license paralegals, increased efforts to expand access to justice and emerging changes to the legal profession. Students also explore how trends in advertising, law blogs, law firm web sites, social media marketing and business communications may be impacted by the rules of legal ethics.

  • UP-TO-DATE CAREER DATA: Coverage of the paralegal job market and compensation includes updated data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and key paralegal organizations.

  • CAREER READINESS: Each chapter infuses career-focused information into the lessons and questions that challenge students to consider how the rules of legal ethics apply to their intended career paths and equip them with practical pointers. In addition, real-world examples and prominent news events spotlight areas of caution and recommended best practices. Chapters emphasize NALA, NFPA and ABA approaches to legal ethics.

  • COMMUNICATION IS KEY: Legal employers place a priority on a candidate's ability to communicate effectively across a variety of platforms. Included in every chapter, Communication is Key features provide practical examples that show new legal professionals how to navigate the legal field. Features include ethical considerations for updating law firm social media and websites, verbal communication with clients and examples effectively demonstrating the paralegal's role in business communications.

  • ACCESS TO JUSTICE: In every chapter, Access to Justice features illustrate how the legal field is moving toward an accessible and inclusive approach to legal representation. Features include the use of legal technicians to increase client representation, accuracy in legal advertising and opportunities for paralegal volunteer legal work.

  • REAL-WORLD APPLICATION: Dozens of real-life examples of lawyer and non-lawyer misbehaviors bring ethics rules to life, while current and classic case law helps students see how courts interpret and apply the ethics rules to lawyers and their non-lawyer employees.

  • ENGAGING STUDENTS: Each chapter features questions designed to challenge students with real-world scenarios, requiring them to analyze hypothetical situations that mirror current ethical considerations for paralegals, lawyers and support staff working in business and legal practice.

  • CASE LAW: Current and well-established case law in each chapter includes Opinions to the Bar and Ethics Board decisions. In addition, students are provided with a user-friendly guide to case briefs and a template for briefing cases in the Appendix.

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