Introduction to Health Care Finance and Accounting,
2nd Edition

Carlene Harrison, William P. Harrison, Carol Taylor

ISBN-13: 9780357622049
Copyright 2024 | Published
288 pages | List Price: USD $124.95

Gain a thorough understanding of the business side of health care with the practical approach in Harrison/Harrison/Taylor's INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH CARE FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING, 2E. This health care finance book is specifically designed for readers with little or no accounting or finance background. The latest discussions detail cost reimbursement programs, economic factors driving the rising costs of medical services and health care reform -- from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 through future trends. Health care-related examples show you the importance of what you're learning as you study the basics of health care accounting and finance, from accounting fundamentals, operating the cash drawer and bank reconciliation through more complex issues of cash management, budgeting and variance analysis and revenue cycle management. Engaging case scenarios, helpful learning features and optional MindTap digital further reinforce what you learn.


1. The Environment of Healthcare Finance
2. Paying for Health Care
3.. The Rising Costs of Medical Service and Healthcare Reform.
4. Basic Accounting Concepts.
5. Accounting and the Financial Management Process
6. The Balance Sheet.
7. The Income Statement.
8. Budgets.
9. Cash Management.
10. Investing, Borrowing, and the Time Value of Money
11. Revenue Cycle Management.
12. Managing Financial Risk.
13. Financial Management of Health Information Technology

  • Carlene Harrison

    Carlene Harrison is dean of the School of Allied Health at Hodges University, where she has overall responsibility for degree programs in health administration, health studies, medical assisting and health information technology. She has been a faculty member at Hodges since 1992. Prior to becoming a full-time educator in 2000, she worked for more than twenty years as a healthcare administrator. Employed primarily in the outpatient setting, she worked with for-profit, not-for-profit, and public health organizations. She has written five successful health care books. Dr. Harrison earned her doctorate from Argosy University, with dissertation research in the field of improving critical thinking in adult learners.

  • William P. Harrison

    William Harrison's 30-year career in finance includes service as finance director for a variety of municipalities throughout the country. Additionally, he spent time as an auditor for the state of Colorado where he was assigned to audit the finances of various healthcare agencies.

  • Carol Taylor

    Carol Taylor is the program director for the health care management program at Ultimate Medical Academy, where she has the responsibility of managing faculty, program objectives and overall student success. She has been at Ultimate Medical Academy for four years. She has been working in higher education since 1997 and has taught online courses related to communication, business and psychology for Kaplan University/ Purdue University Global for more than sixteen years. She has experience in health care consulting, hospital surgical units, dental organizations, mental health treatment facilities and teaching in a residential setting. She obtained a master’s in human resource management, a master’s in marriage and family therapy and a master’s in public health. She also holds an executive juris doctorate in health law.

  • CLEAR INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING DEMONSTRATES THE IMPORTANCE OF THESE SKILLS IN HEALTH CARE. Accounting can be challenging for students to master. This edition shows how accounting skills assist in real professional situations and various health care careers. This approach is designed to increase the motivation to learn as students see the value and use of accounting concepts in their future health care careers.

  • NEW COMPREHENSION CHECK EXERCISES REINORCE NEW CONTENT TO ENSURE COMPREHENSION. This helpful feature appears after each presentation of a new concept to encourage students to check their understanding and apply their new skills. Students immediately practice working with new accounting-related term or skills. This further reinforces what they've just learned.

  • KEY EQUATIONS APPEAR AS PART OF COMPREHENSION CHECKS. Students find key equations right when they need them to ensure they are using the correct formula when working out problems.

  • COMPREHENSIVE CONTENT OVERVIEWS THE FINANCIAL SIDE OF HEALTH CARE. This all-inclusive, entry-level text combines an overview of the current American health care system with an introduction to basic accounting concepts and helpful financial tools.

  • EXTENSIVE COVERAGE PRESENTS BOTH BASIC AND MORE ADVANCED CONCEPTS. This edition is ideal for beginners learning the basics of health care finance. However, the book also progresses to more complex concepts for learners who are ready to master more advanced skills.

  • INTERESTING CASE STUDIES DEMONSTRATE REAL FINANCIAL ISSUES IN HEALTH CARE TODAY. These current case studies address a variety of relevant challenges and situations facing today's health care providers. The case studies demonstrate accounting and finance concepts at work within real health care practices.

  • KNOWLEDGE CHECK ACTIVITIES REINFORCE UNDERSTANDING OF KEY CONCEPTS OR PRINCIPLES. Your students complete helpful Knowledge Checks immediately after mastering key concepts or principles. These activities provide opportunities to put into practice the skills that they've just learned.

  • CURRENT CONTENT DETAILS IMPORTANT LEGISLATION, DEVELOPMENTS AND TRENDS. This edition discusses the benefits and impacts of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 through today's most recent health care advancements and trends. Your students learn from the most up-to-date coverage of influential legislation.

  • THOROUGH COVERAGE OF ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT PREPARES STUDENTS TO SUCCEED. This edition's accounting section provides a solid background in double entry accounting and building the balance sheet and income statement. In addition, the financial management section provides real-life case studies in budgeting and variance analysis, cash management, money and banking and revenue cycle management.

  • BROAD COVERAGE AND EXAMPLES PREPARE STUDENTS TO WORK IN ALL AREAS OF HEALTH CARE. This edition not only emphasizes the hospital environment, but content and examples also address a variety of other providers, such as physicians, dentists and the insurance industry. Timely material even reviews today's promising health care careers.

  • CAREFULLY SELECTED CONTENT FOCUSES ON AREAS STUDENTS WILL MOST LIKELY ENCOUNTER IN THEIR HEALTH CARE CAREERS. This edition highlights the skills most often needed in today's health care work environments. These include accounting and financial skills such as financial and cost accounting, ratio analysis, rate setting, strategic planning, working capital management, the time value of money and budgets.

  • COMPLETE ONLINE INSTRUCTOR RESOURCES SAVE TIME IN CLASS PREPARATION AND PRESENTATION. This edition provides an updated online Instructor’s Manual with chapter answer keys and suggested quizzing. This edition also includes 300 PowerPoint® slides that cover every chapter as well as a 1,500-question test bank.

  • COMPREHENSIVE GLOSSARY PROVIDES QUICK REFERENCE. A helpful glossary of financial, accounting and health care terms appears at the end of this edition and is useful for student review and ongoing reference.

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