Technician's Guide to Programmable Controllers,
7th Edition

Terry Borden, Richard A. Cox

ISBN-13: 9780357622490
Copyright 2023 | Published
480 pages | List Price: USD $218.95

Practical and up-to-date, TECHNICIAN'S GUIDE TO PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLERS, Seventh Edition, provides you with the most comprehensive introduction to programmable logic controllers (PLCs) available on the market today. Written by professionals with experience in industrial automation, the text covers each topic in a way that makes even complex material easy to understand and apply, while all-new color figures, step-by-step programming information and detailed examples provide valuable practical insights. Theory, hardware, instructions, programming, installation, startup and troubleshooting are discussed in detail, and programming examples using PLC instructions from the text help you understand the various instructions and how they can be used to create simple yet effective control logic solutions for today's world. This thorough guide will give you a solid understanding of PLC and industrial automation fundamentals, helping you prepare for success in the classroom and your future career.


1. What is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)?
2. Numbering Systems.
3. Understanding the Input/Output (I/O) Section.
4. Processor Unit.
5. Memory Organization.
6. Understanding and Using Ladder Diagrams.
7. Relay Type Instructions.
8. Programming a PLC.
9. Programming Considerations.
10. Program Control & Miscellanies Instructions.
11. Programming Timers.
12. Programming Counters.
13. Data Manipulation.
14. Math Functions.
15. Array Type Instructions.
16. Sequencers.
17. Process Control Signals, Scaling, and PID Instructions.
18. Function Block Diagram and Structured Text Programming.
19. Sequential Function Chart Programming.
20. Understanding Communication Networks.
21. Start-Up and Troubleshooting.
22. Programming Examples.

  • Terry Borden

    Terry R. Borden is owner of Adept Consulting in Ione, Washington, and recently retired from Seattle City Light as Operations Manager of a 1,000-MW hydroelectric project in Northeast Washington. Mr. Borden is a former member of the Electrical Maintenance and Automation Department at Spokane Community College in Spokane, Washington. He holds a degree in industrial automation and robotics, worked as a control engineer and was a partner in Applied Solutions, LLC, prior to accepting his position at Spokane Community College.

  • Richard A. Cox

    Richard A. Cox is the executive director of COXCO Training and Consulting in Spokane, Washington, and is a retired member of the Electrical/Robotics Department at Spokane Community College. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of the State of New York and a Master of Science degree from Eastern Washington University, and he is a retired member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 73.

  • This text has been completely updated with all-new color figures and examples, as well as current information on the latest hardware and software in the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix family of PLCs.

  • Step-by-step programming examples and instructions help readers gain confidence in using Connected Components Workbench and Studio 5000 software by Rockwell Automation, Inc., as well as communicating with, downloading and monitoring Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLCs.

  • The chapter on Process Control and PID has been expanded to include analog I/O configuration examples, giving readers exposure to these important concepts.

  • This comprehensive guide provides a thorough introduction to programmable logic controllers in a way that is easy to follow and understand, with PLC fundamentals--including hardware, configuration and programming--reinforced throughout the text.

  • The text reflects the authors' deep understanding of the challenges of learning PLCs and the knowledge necessary for success as an entry-level technician. In addition, a natural progression of chapter content and visually engaging design help readers quickly grasp the fundamentals required to understand and maintain modern PLC systems.

  • Introductory Chapters on topics such as "Sequential Function Chart Programming," "Function Block Programming" and "Structured Text Programming" give readers a well-rounded understanding of the various PLC programming languages they may encounter as working professionals.

  • A chapter dedicated to PLC programming examples encourages application of key concepts by giving readers exposure to samples of realistic PLC programming code and logic incorporating instructions covered in the text.

  • Numerous and varied troubleshooting techniques provide a valuable complement to round out the text's all-inclusive introduction to PLC installation, programming and maintenance.

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