Adobe® Photoshop Creative Cloud Revealed, 2nd Edition,
2nd Edition

Chris Botello

ISBN-13: 9780357635872
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Adobe® Photoshop Creative Cloud Revealed, 2nd Edition encourages students to creatively examine topics and themes to design meaningful projects that have impact. Photoshop introductory through advanced tools are used to find creative solutions and using imagery as a stepping stone to bigger conversations. The REVEALED Series extends step-by-step software instruction to creative problem-solving for real-world impact with more projects than any other Adobe curriculum. Through our exclusive partnership with National Geographic, students create unique and meaningful projects inspired by National Geographic storytellers with a focus on how design principles create meaningful compositions, layouts, and infographics, all while meeting most recent Adobe Professional Certification requirements. This updated series includes professional examples of photographs, infographics, and visually impactful layouts from National Geographic® Magazine. Students will connect concepts with real-world projects with featured interviews National Geographic Explorers, Designers and Creatives for a revered, professional perspective. Flexible for a variety of digital devices, these texts include instruction for ipad users as well as desktop/mac machines.


Photoshop Table of Contents
Unit 1: Explore Fundamental Principles
1. Get Started with Photoshop
2. Paint, Select, and Move Pixels
NG Feature: Alison Wright
3. Work with Layers
4. Work with Type and Gradients
NG Unit Project: Rubén Salgado Escudero
Unit 2: Adjust and Manipulate Images and Files
5. Employ Adjustment Layers
6. Design with Essential Blending Modes and Filters
NG Feature: Gabriele Galimberti
7. Investigate Production Tricks and Techniques
8. Distort and Liquify Images
NG Unit Project: Anand Varma
Unit 3: Master Complex Constructions and Techniques
9. Create Special Effects with Type
10. Enhance and Retouch Images
NG Feature: Prasenjeet Yadav
11. Design with Multiple Images
12. Work with Shapes, Paths, and Vector Graphics
NG Unit Project: Jen Guyton
Unit 4: Unify Advanced Skills
13. Produce Graphics for the Web
14. Create Complex Special Effects
NG Feature: Nadia Shira Cohen
NG Unit Project: Robbie Shone

BONUS Online Modules (only available with MindTap)
- Ipad for Photoshop
-Adobe Certified Professional Prep Guide

  • Chris Botello

    Chris Botello began his career in New York City as the associate print production manager for Premiere magazine. He designed movie posters for Miramax Films and served as the art director for Microsoft’s launch of As a professional graphic designer, Chris worked on first-run movie and television campaigns for NBC-Universal, Warner Bros. Studios, and numerous key art ad agencies in Los Angeles. He is the author of the Revealed Series books on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign, and he is the co-author of YouTube for Dummies. Since 2010, Chris has dedicated his career to teaching and working with kids. Chris lives in Los Angeles, where he teaches computer graphics at Sierra Canyon School. He uses his own books as the text for his classes.

  • An Up-to-Date Digital Solution: MindTap includes the full interactive eBook, annotation & study tools, auto-graded assessment and data analytics. Designed for in-person, hybrid, or distance learning models, MindTap for Adobe courses will also include: ACP Certification Prep Guide with review content for the 5 Exam Domains as well as auto-graded content and task-based questions, and a Career Readiness Module for Arts, A/V Technology & Communications with key content and soft skills students need to understand to be successful in creative careers.

  • Unit Projects Encourage Storytelling with Experience from National Geographic Explorers and Creatives: -Writing Projects give graphic arts students a chance to become master storytellers by analyzing the intentional, key elements of photographs, layouts, and infographics created by National Geographic Professionals that help tell a story. -Design Projects allow students to get hands-on practice telling their own stories about the same theme or topic exemplified in the writing projects by investigating with their own research and building a new composition, layout or infographic. -Portfolio Projects allow students to build a composition from scratch as they research their interests and incorporate more advanced Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign tasks from the current unit. Each Portfolio Project includes a theme related to the techniques or advanced skills used in the National Geographic Writing project.

  • Each unit reading offers hands-on, step-by-step project instruction as new software tools are introduced.

  • Assessment Projects in each chapter are shorter versions of the unit projects that can be used for mid-unit assessment.

  • Auto-Graded Assessment in the online solution, MindTap offers end-of-chapter quizzes to assess technical skills and anticipate student success on Adobe certification success.

  • Tips call out enrichments to tie the task at hand with a design principle or reminder to help students with the task at hand.

  • Hardcover, Landscape Design of print textbooks are built to fit easily next to a computer station in you lab and remain open as students work through step-by-step instruction.

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