Automotive Technician Certification Test Preparation Manual A-Series,
5th Edition

Cengage Cengage

ISBN-13: 9780357644607
Copyright 2021 | Published
934 pages | List Price: USD $102.95

One of the most trusted test preparation guides in the industry, AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATION TEST PREPARATION MANUAL A-SERIES, 5th Edition, will help to prepare users for the A1-A8 and L1 ASE certification exams. The guide is highly effective in covering need-to-know information to help users pass their exams. Each section starts with a complete overview of the ASE Tasks for that specific system. Next, each section includes ASE Style practice exams to test your knowledge on these critical ASE Tasks. Finally, each section ends an explanation of answers and ASE Task remediation. The end result: is a powerful test preparation tool, filled with updated task list theory, practice tests, and abundant, demonstrative graphics, which will arm users with the knowledge they need to master the ASE certification exams.


1. The History and Purpose of ASE
2. Overview and Introduction
3. Types of Questions on an ASE Exam
4. Engine Repair
5. Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
6. Manual Drive Trains and Axles
7. Suspension and Steering
8. Brakes
9. Electrical/Electronic Systems
10. Heating and Air Conditioning
11. Engine Performance
12. Advanced Engine Performance
13. Glossary

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  • Practice questions match the latest ASE task lists to give users an accurate expectation of the content they will be required to know.

  • Answers to practice test questions and helpful analyses at the end of each section provide users with faster access to accurate information.

  • Question remediation to ASE Tasks to assist user with identifying opportunities to fill knowledge gaps/

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