Human Development,
9th Edition

Robert V. Kail, John C. Cavanaugh

ISBN-13: 9780357657959
Copyright 2023 | Published
720 pages | List Price: USD $300.95

Gain a strong understanding of the issues, forces and outcomes that shape individuals into the people they become as you study the captivating content in Kail/Cavanaugh's HUMAN DEVELOPMENT: A LIFE-SPAN VIEW, 9E. This comprehensive, yet succinct, narrative offers a rich description of all life-span stages, tracing development from conception through late life. The authors use real-life examples to help you understand the relevance of the latest research as well as controversial topics and emergent trends. Updates explore the pandemic from a developmental perspective and examine issues such as the differences in emerging and established adulthood, the development of transgender children and advancements in holistic interventions for dementia. You gain the foundation in important theories and research to critically interpret developmental information throughout your career. MindTap digital resources are also available to strengthen your understanding.


1. The Study of Human Development.
2. Biological Foundations: Heredity, Prenatal Development, and Birth.
3. Tools for Exploring the World: Physical, Perceptual, and Motor Development.
4. The Emergence of Thought and Language: Cognitive Development in Infancy and Early Childhood.
5. Entering the Social World: Socioemotional Development in Infancy and Early Childhood.
6. Off to School: Cognitive and Physical Development in Middle Childhood.
7. Expanding Social Horizons: Socioemotional Development in Middle Childhood.
8. Rites of Passage: Physical and Cognitive Development in Adolescence.
9. Moving Into the Adult Social World: Socioemotional Development in Adolescence.
10. Emerging and Established Adulthood: Physical, Cognitive, and Personality Development.
11. Being Connected: Relationships in Emerging, Established, and Middle Adulthood.
12. Working and Relaxing.
13. Making It in Midlife: The Biopsychosocial Challenges of Middle Adulthood.
14. The Personal Context of Later Life: Physical, Cognitive, and Mental Health Issues.
15. Social Aspects of Later Life: Psychosocial, Retirement, Relationship, and Societal Issues.
16. The Final Passage: Dying and Bereavement.

  • Robert V. Kail

    Robert V. Kail is visiting professor of psychology at the University of Michigan and distinguished professor emeritus of psychological sciences at Purdue University. His undergraduate degree is from Ohio Wesleyan University and his Ph.D. is from the University of Michigan. Dr. Kail served as editor of both Child Development Perspectives and Psychological Science. He received the McCandless Young Scientist Award from the American Psychological Association, was named the Distinguished Sesquicentennial Alumnus in Psychology by Ohio Wesleyan University and is a fellow of the Association for Psychological Science. Dr. Kail has also written CHILDREN AND THEIR DEVELOPMENT and SCIENTIFIC WRITING FOR PSYCHOLOGY.

  • John C. Cavanaugh

    John C. Cavanaugh is senior consultant for Pathseekers II Inc. and the former president and CEO of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. His research interests focus on gerontology concerning family caregiving and the role of beliefs in older adults' cognitive performance. In addition to this text, he co-authored HUMAN DEVELOPMENT: A LIFE SPAN VIEW, 9th edition, with Rob Kail. Dr. Cavanaugh is a fellow of the American Psychological Association, the Association for Psychological Science and the Gerontological Society of America as well as a past president of the Adult Development and Aging Division (Division 20) of the APA. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Delaware and his Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame.

  • INSIGHTFUL NEW DISCUSSION EXAMINES THE DEVELOPMENTAL SIDE OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. New coverage discusses how and why the COVID-19 pandemic affected diverse groups differently as the authors encourage readers to view the COVID-19 pandemic from a developmental perspective.

  • NEW FEATURES AND CHAPTER DISCUSSIONS EXPLORE DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION. The authors dive deeper into the various aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion in today's global societies.

  • NEW COVERAGE ADDRESSES TRANSGENDER AND FAMILY ISSUES. New content discusses the early development of transgender children and reviews developments concerning transgender athletes and families headed by same-sex parents.

  • NEW INSIGHTS DELVE INTO CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES WITHIN PARENTING TODAY. The authors present the perils of parental praise, examine cultural differences in the impact of parenting on math achievement and study the socialization of ethnic-racial identity.

  • NEW EMPHASIS HIGHLIGHTS HOW RESEARCH LEADS TO EVIDENCE-BASED INTERVENTION PROGRAMS. Students learn how these programs, backed by supporting research, can foster children’s language and reading skills as well as prevent child maltreatment and dating violence.

  • NEW CONTENT CLEARLY DIFFERENTIATES EMERGING AND ESTABLISHED ADULTHOOD. New materials review the different forces and various issues that are prominent in each stage of adulthood.

  • EXCITING NEW NEUROSCIENCE AND BIOPHYSIOLOGICAL RESEARCH EXPLAINS ASPECTS OF MIDLIFE. Updated content presents the latest scientific developments and breakthroughs that have led to unique insights into the midlife phase of life.

  • NEW CONTENT EXAMINES HOLISTIC INTERVENTIONS FOR DEMENTIA. This edition discusses new advancements in merging holistic interventions for dementia that are based on the individuals' strengths, rather than their deficiencies.

  • ENGAGING SPECIAL FEATURES DIRECT STUDENT ATTENTION TO MEANINGFUL CONTENT. Unique special learning features, including "Spotlight on Research," "Real People," "Diverse Perspectives: What Do You Think?" and "Linking Research to Life," set this edition apart. These features are woven seamlessly, yet distinctively, into the narrative rather than being separated from the flow of the chapter in boxes.

  • EACH "SPOTLIGHT ON RESEARCH" FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS A SPECIFIC STUDY DISCUSSED IN THIS EDITION. These features provide greater detail to help students better understand the science and scope of life-span development.

  • "REAL PEOPLE: APPLYING HUMAN DEVELOPMENT" PRESENTS ACTUAL EXAMPLES FROM REAL INDIVIDUALS. These captivating stories illustrate how a development issue manifests within the life of an actual person.

  • "DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES: WHAT DO YOU THINK?" CHALLENGES STUDENTS IN CRITICAL THINKING. These features ask students to critically consider current social and developmental issues.

  • "LINKING RESEARCH TO LIFE" EMPASIZES THE RELEVANCE AND IMPORTANCE OF WHAT STUDENTS ARE LEARNING. These practical features highlight how professionals use human development research to inform and create public policy.

  • UNIQUE MODIFIED CHRONOLOGICAL TREATMENT REDUCES REDUNDANCY AND PROVIDES AN INTEGRATED LIFE-SPAN APPROACH. The authors skillfully emphasize an integrated biopsychosocial model of human development over the course of the life span. This chronological organization leads to a briefer, 16-chapter narrative that is more manageable for your one-semester course.

  • PROVEN STUDENT-FOCUSED LEARNING AIDS IN EACH SECTION HELP ENSURE COMPRHENSION. Every section includes learning objectives, a vignette, one or more "Think About It" questions in the margin to encourage critical thinking and end-of-section "Test Yourself" questions that reinforce key messages. To make assignments easier for you and to help readers visually organize the material, major units within each chapter are numbered.

  • CHAPTER LEARNING AIDS FURTHER REINFORCE UNDERSTANDING AND PROVIDE TOOLS FOR REVIEW. Each chapter begins with overall chapter learning objectives, provides a bulleted chapter-ending summary that is organized by key questions within each major section and highlights a list of key terms with corresponding page references.

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