Learning and Behavior,
8th Edition

Paul Chance, Ellen Furlong

ISBN-13: 9780357658116
Copyright 2023 | Published
464 pages | List Price: USD $177.95

Examine learning through an evolutionary lens as Chance/Furlong's LEARNING AND BEHAVIOR, 8E demonstrates how learning has evolved as a biological mechanism to aid in survival. This clear, engaging presentation embraces a scientific approach to studying behavior with updated content, numerous learning features and current examples to capture your interest and strengthen your understanding. Timely research demonstrates the relevance of what you are studying as you examine concepts such as "nature via nurture" and the co-dependency of ontogeny and phylogeny. New learning objectives direct your attention to important concepts for study and review while helpful Concept Checks ensure you understand concepts before progressing. In addition, all content corresponds with the latest 7th Edition of the APA Publication Manual. Trust this book's unique approach as you master concepts behind learning, behavior and change and apply this to everyday life.


1. Introduction: Learning to Change.
2. The Study of Learning and Behavior.
3. Pavlovian Conditioning.
4. Pavlovian Applications.
5. Operant Learning: Reinforcement.
6. Reinforcement: Beyond Habit.
7. Schedules of Reinforcement.
8. Operant Learning: Punishment.
9. Operant Applications.
10. Observational Learning.
11. Generalization, Discrimination, and Stimulus Control.
12. Forgetting.
13. The Limits of Learning.

  • Paul Chance

    Dr. Paul Chance received his Ph.D. in psychology from Utah State University. In addition to teaching at Salisbury University in Maryland, Dr. Chance has served as an adjunct instructor at the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. He started his career as a school teacher, teaching grades 7-9, before moving to the college level. Dr. Chance has also worked as Book Review Editor for Psychology Today magazine. He is a senior fellow of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies and a member of the Association for Science in Autism Treatment advisory board.

  • Ellen Furlong

    Dr. Ellen Furlong earned her Ph.D. in psychology at the Ohio State University. An animal cognition scholar and animal welfare advocate, Dr. Furlong is the author of several scholarly and popular press articles on animal cognition and behavior. Her research focuses on evolutionary origins of human and animal cognition, origins of decision-making, and number cognition. She joined the faculty at Illinois Wesleyan University (IWU) in 2013 where she teaches courses on animal behavior, perception, cognition, and research methods. She also directs the IWU Dog Scientists, a research group that explores cognition in dogs and zoo animals.

  • NEW LEARNING OBJECTIVES DIRECT STUDENT ATTENTION TO KEY INFORMATION. These helpful learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter and every reading section help clarify, organize and focus the content as students read and review. These useful learning aids guide students in fully understanding the material.

  • UPDATES AND REVISIONS CORRESPOND TO THE LATEST APA GUIDELINES. All revisions throughout this edition reflect the latest 7th Edition of the APA Publication Manual. Content transitions from passive to active voice and incorporates more inclusive language to create a more engaging reading experience for students and exemplify strong writing practices in action.

  • CURRENT EXAMPLES AND TIMELY RESEARCH DEMONSTRATE EVERYDAY RELEVANCE. The authors have carefully updated examples throughout this edition and integrated the latest research to clearly showcase key topics and how they apply and remain relevant to everyday personal and professional life.

  • REVISED CONCEPT CHECKS AND END-OF-CHAPTER QUESTIONS HELP ENSURE UNDERSTANDING. Strategically placed Concept Checks and updated Questions at the end of each chapter let students test their own understanding and review important concepts. All learning aids align with assessment writing best practices.

  • THIS EDITION EMPHASIZES "NATURE VIA NUTURE" RATHER THAN "NATURE VERSUS NURTURE." In addition to this approach, this edition clearly discusses the co-dependency of ontogeny and phylogeny.

  • ENGAGING CONTENT DISCUSSES EVOLVED MODIFIABILITY, BEHAVIOR AND CHANGE. This edition highlights how learning serves as a biological mechanism (evolved modifiability) by which individuals cope with change and how changes in behavior arise from biological and environmental events. In addition, the text demonstrates why the natural science approach is the proven best way to study behavior.

  • THE AUTHORS PRESENT AND CLARIFY THE RESCORLA-WAGNER MODEL. This edition's discussion is among the clearest available today as the authors carefully introduce this model that students often struggle to understand.

  • Chance makes the points that learning serves as a biological mechanism (evolved modifiability) by which individuals cope with change, that changes in behavior arise from biological and environmental events, and that the natural science approach has proven the best way to study behavior.

  • Students find the book’s discussion on the Rescorla-Wagner model, a model that they often struggle to understand, among the clearest available today.

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