The Psychology of Women and Gender,
8th Edition

Margaret W. Matlin, Rebecca D. Foushée

ISBN-13: 9780357658178
Copyright 2023 | Published
640 pages | List Price: USD $300.95

Examine the psychology behind women and gender with the engaging narrative and latest research in Matlin/Foushee's best-selling THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WOMEN AND GENDER, 8E. This well-written comprehensive introduction is known for its balanced scholarship, readability and inclusion of intersectional and LGBTQIA+ perspectives. The authors demonstrate a genuine interest in and understanding of you, the reader. This edition's captivating presentation uses direct quotes and empirical research from multiple academic disciplines to accurately depict today's gendered experiences. Updates incorporate research from 2020 or later as this edition examines topics that are central to women's lives but are often not addressed by other authors. Complete chapters discuss childhood, adolescence, aging, love relationships, motherhood, physical and mental health. Material also explores economic issues, social class, ethnic and gender diversity, pregnancy and retirement for women.


1. Introduction.
2. Gender Stereotypes and Other Gender Biases.
3. Infancy and Childhood.
4. Adolescence.
5. Gender Comparisons in Cognitive Abilities and Attitudes About Achievements.
6. Gender Comparisons in Social and Personality Characteristics.
7. Gender and Work.
8. Love Relationships.
9. Sexuality.
10. Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood.
11. Gender and Physical Health.
12. Gender and Mental Health.
13. Gender and Victimization.
14. Gender and Older Adulthood.
15. Moving Onward.

  • Margaret W. Matlin

    Margaret Matlin currently holds the title of Distinguished Teaching Professor of Psychology Emerita at SUNY Geneseo, where she taught courses addressing the psychology of women for 39 years. Dr. Matlin has been honored with several major teaching awards, including the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, the American Psychological Association Teaching of Psychology Award for four-year institutions, the American Psychological Foundation's Distinguished Teaching in Psychology Award and the Society for the Psychology of Women's Heritage Award for lifetime contributions to the teaching of the psychology of women.

  • Rebecca D. Foushée

    Rebecca D. Foushée earned her PhD from Virginia Tech. For the past 24 years, she has taught courses in Developmental Psychology and the Psychology of Women and Gender at The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Fontbonne University, Washington University in St. Louis, and Lindenwood University, where she currently holds the title of Professor of Psychology. Dr. Foushée has received several research and teaching awards throughout her career, including the APA Division 6 Frank A. Beach Award in 1997 and an APA Dissertation Award in 1998, the Joan Goostree Stevens Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2006, the Emerson Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2006, the Lindenwood University Professor of the Year Award in 2018, and the NCAA Roars Excellence in Teaching Award in 2020.

  • NEW CHAPTER LEARNING OBJECTIVES DEFINE LEARNING OUTCOMES. These learning objectives help students organize their review and study. The learning objectives are also helpful for you, the instructor, as you direct student attention to key topics.

  • NEW "DID YOU KNOW?" CHAPTER OPENERS PIQUE STUDENTS’ INTEREST. These engaging sections at the beginning of each chapter present current topics to give students an intriguing glimpse into the chapter's upcoming content and encourage further reading.

  • UPDATED EXAMPLES AND TERMINOLOGY EMPHASIZE DIVERSITY, INCLUSION AND EQUALITY. The authors have carefully reviewed all aspects of this edition, including all terms and examples, to ensure this edition reflects gender diversity, inclusion and equity among people of all genders and sexualities.

  • NEW ANCILLARY MATERIALS FOCUSED ON ACTIVE LEARNING. This edition includes supplemental support to assist you in capturing attention and engaging all members of your class. An interactive eBook is available in addition to online testing resources that save you time in grading and class preparation.

  • THIS EDITION INTEGRATES THE LATEST RESEARCH ON THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WOMEN AND GENDER. New and revised materials present the most up-to-date findings from the field. While a few classic studies appear to form a foundation for learning, most of the citations throughout this edition are from 2000 or later.

  • INFORMAL DEMONSTRATIONS ENCOURAGE ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT. This edition encourages students to not only learn the material, but to also act upon the information they learn. Updated materials also clarify the procedures to embark upon crucial research studies.

  • ENGAGING NARRATIVE FOCUSES ON THE PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF WOMEN’S LIVES. This edition also addresses the lives of gender and sexual minorities, both internally and externally, rather than focusing on gender differences based on outdated gender binary perspectives.

  • THIS EDITION PRESENTS FOUR IMPORTANT THEMES. The narrative examines how psychological gender differences are typically small and inconsistent and how people react differently to men and women. The book also discusses how cisgender and transgender women, as well as people who identify as sexual minorities, are less visible than cisgender, heterosexual men in many important areas. The authors also explore how women vary widely from one another.

  • PROVEN, CONSISTENT PEDAGOGICAL FEATURES ENCOURAGE ACTIVE LEARNING. An outline of each chapter's structure, learning objectives and "Did You Know" opening features prompt interest and foreshadow upcoming issues in each chapter. Key terms are immediately defined when introduced and are also listed at the end of the chapter for review. End-of-chapter review questions encourage students to clarify and synthesize concepts, while recommended readings suggest additional resources for exploring chapter topics in greater detail.

  • THIS EDITION'S ORGANIZATION COMBINES BOTH A LIFESPAN APPROACH AND A TOPICAL APPROACH. The authors use a writing style that is clear and interesting, engaging readers with numerous examples as well as fascinating quotes in which people describe their own experiences.

  • The text's organization combines a lifespan approach and a topical approach with a writing style that is clear and interesting, engaging readers with many examples and quotations in which women describe their own experiences.

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