The U.S. Congress,
2nd Edition

Lauren Cohen Bell

ISBN-13: 9780357660263
Copyright 2023 | Published
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Learn by doing with Bell's THE U.S. CONGRESS: A SIMULATION FOR STUDENTS, Second Edition, where you step into the role of House of Representatives member and engage in role-playing activities to understand the inner workings of Capitol Hill. As you join a political party, write legislation, craft strategies to shepherd legislation through committee hearings, participate in floor debates and report back to your constituents at home, you experience Congress through a range of intellectual, emotional, political and strategic connection points. Applying class readings to your simulation role-playing brings chapter concepts to life, and working through real-world challenges gives you unique insight into the role of Congress in the American political system.


Simulation Goals. The Congress Then and Now.
The Textbook Legislative Process. Unorthodox Lawmaking.
Who Are the Members of the Current Congress? Simulation Assignment 1: Selecting a Member of Congress. Where Can I Find Information About Members of Congress? Simulation Assignment 2: Member Profile. How Members Organize Themselves. Party Caucuses. Simulation Exercise: Party Caucuses. Writing Legislation. Simulation Assignment 3: Writing Legislation. Simulation Assignment 4: Dear Colleague Letter. Simulation Assignment 5: Bill Justification. Simulation Assignment 6: Adding Cosponsors. Committees. Simulation Exercise: Committee Meetings. Simulation Exercise: Second Party Caucuses. Floor Debate and Voting. Communicating with Constituents. Simulation Assignment 7: Constituency Newsletter. Conclusion. Member Selection Sheet. Member Profile Worksheet. Legislation Worksheet. Cosponsor Form. Rules Committee Worksheet (Optional). Floor Debate Worksheet.
Biographies/Autobiographies of Members of Congress. Books About How Congress Works. Scholarly Books About the Congress and the Legislative Process.
Appendix I: Sample Bills/Resolutions.
Appendix II: Sample Dear Colleague Letters.
Appendix III: Getting a Job or Internship in the Congress.

  • Lauren Cohen Bell

    Lauren C. Bell is professor of political science and dean of academic affairs at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia. She is a former American Political Science Association Congressional Fellow on the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary and a former Supreme Court Fellow at the U.S. Sentencing Commission in Washington, D.C. In addition to THE U.S. CONGRESS: A SIMULATION FOR STUDENTS, Dr. Bell is the author of FILIBUSTERING IN THE U.S. SENATE (2011) and WARRING FACTIONS: INTEREST GROUPS, MONEY, AND THE NEW POLITICS OF SENATE CONFIRMATION (2002) as well as co-author of SLINGSHOT: THE DEFEAT OF ERIC CANTOR (2015) and PERSPECTIVES ON POLITICAL COMMUNICATION: A CASE APPROACH (2008). She has written and co-authored articles in several law reviews and peer-reviewed journals, including the JOURNAL OF POLITICS, POLITICAL RESEARCH QUARTERLY, THE JOURNAL OF LEGISLATIVE STUDIES, THE JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION RESEARCH AND THEORY, JUDICATURE, THE WAYNE LAW REVIEW, and the New York State Bar Association’s GOVERNMENT, LAW, & POLICY JOURNAL. Previously, she served on the editorial board of JUSTICE SYSTEM JOURNAL. Dr. Bell and her work also have appeared in or been cited by THE NEW YORK TIMES,, THE WASHINGTON POST, ROLL CALL, THE NATIONAL JOURNAL, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Bloomberg Law,, Politifact, Foreign, Wisconsin Public Radio, Share Radio (London), the Canadian Press, the London School of Economics and Political Science’s American Politics and Policy Blog and THE RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Wooster (Ohio) and Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center at The University of Oklahoma.

  • One of the first simulations on the market, Bell's THE U.S. CONGRESS: A SIMULATION FOR STUDENTS now offers a fully updated Second Edition packed with contemporary examples and data to help students gain a thorough understanding of the changing nature of the U.S. Congress.

  • A wealth of clearly structured, prewritten activities and assignments enables instructors to pick and choose only the specific exercises they want in order to meet their unique course goals and formats.

  • Offering ultimate flexibility, this simulation is easily adaptable to a wide range of course lengths, settings and sizes.

  • Delivering up-to-date, comprehensive coverage, the Second Edition's self-contained approach makes it ideal as a stand-alone text or as a supplemental course resource.

  • By engaging in the text's active learning pedagogy, students take responsibility for their own learning — and course success.

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