New Perspectives Collection, Microsoft® 365® & Excel® 2021 Comprehensive,
1st Edition

Patrick Carey

ISBN-13: 9780357672228
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Using a unique in-depth, case-based approach, Cengage's NEW PERSPECTIVES COLLECTION, MICROSOFT® 365® & EXCEL® 2021 COMPREHENSIVE helps you prepare for the Microsoft® Office® Specialist (MOS) certification exam -- and success in your future career. As you apply Microsoft® Office® skills to real-world business scenarios based on Burning Glass market insights, you will sharpen your critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Professional tips and insights incorporated throughout provide context and relevancy to real-world practice, while ProSkills Boxes help strengthen your employability skills, including written and verbal communication. The text also offers updated coverage of Microsoft® 365® features as well as enhanced support for Mac users. In addition, MindTap and up-to-date SAM (Skills Assessment Manager) online resources provide interactive study tools to help maximize your study time -- and results.


Module 1: Getting Started With Excel: Tracking Miscellaneous Expenses for a Conference.
Module 2: Formatting Workbook Text and Data: Creating a Sales Report.
Module 3: Performing Calculations With Formulas and Functions: Staffing a Call Center.
Module 4: Analyzing and Charting Financial Data: Preparing an Investment Report.
Module 5: Generating Reports From Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks: Summarizing Profit and Loss Statements.
Module 6: Managing Data With Data Tools: Analyzing Employment Data.
Module 7: Summarizing Data With PivotTables: Preparing A Social Media Marketing Report.
Module 8: Performing What-If Analyses: Maximizing Profits With the Right Product Mix.
Module 9: Exploring Financial Tools and Functions: Analyzing.
Module 10: Analyzing Data With Business Intelligence Tools: Presenting Sales and Revenue Data.
Module 11: Exploring PivotTable Design: Summarizing Sales and Revenue Data.
Module 12: Developing an Excel Application: Creating a Data Entry App.

  • Patrick Carey

    A leading textbook author, lecturer and instructor, Patrick Carey has authored or co-authored more than 40 popular academic and trade texts for the academic market. He has taught and written about a wide range of topics, including website design, JavaScript programming, Microsoft Office and Excel, statistics, data analysis and mathematics. Mr. Carey received his M.S. in biostatistics from the University of Wisconsin, where he worked as a researcher designing and analyzing clinical studies. Today, he splits his time between Wisconsin and Colorado, and when he is not writing, he can be found hiking and cycling.

  • Thoroughly updated coverage reflects Microsoft® 365® and Office® 2021 features including the new modern commenting experience that enables the user to display comments in contextual view or in the Comments pane. Other feature updates include the immersive reader in Word, XLOOKUP, PowerBI and the analyze data button in Excel, along with Microsoft's updated search feature and backstage view.

  • Introductory Textbook Projects have been redesigned to ensure successful completion by Mac users.

  • Using a case-based pedagogy built around realistic business scenarios, the NEW PERSPECTIVES COLLECTION's signature critical-thinking, problem-solving approach is the ideal way to prepare students to transcend point-and-click skills and take advantage of all that Microsoft® 365® has to offer.

  • Part of the NEW PERSPECTIVES MICROSOFT® 365® COLLECTION, this title provides access to a complete digital library of content spanning computer concepts, operating systems (for Windows and Mac) and the Microsoft® Office® Suite -- all for one price including low-cost rental options. Learn more about Cengage Unlimited at

  • Helping learners maximize their study time, Module Learning Objectives are mapped to the Microsoft® Office® Specialist (MOS) exam. Users of MindTap Collections and SAM also have access to exam preparation materials and the option to purchase a discounted MOS exam voucher.

  • By carefully examining the context for their projects, students understand the "why" behind each step in the process, which increases their motivation to learn.

  • ProSkills Boxes help students strengthen their employability skills, including written and verbal communication, problem-solving, decision-making and teamwork.

  • Trouble call-outs offer practical tips and insight to help readers avoid common errors.

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