Java Programming,
10th Edition

Joyce Farrell

ISBN-13: 9780357673423
Copyright 2023 | Published
896 pages | List Price: USD $250.95

Discover the power of Java for developing applications today with the engaging, hands-on approach in Farrell's JAVA PROGRAMMING, 10th edition. Even if you're a first-time programmer, JAVA PROGRAMMING can show you step-by-step how to quickly start developing useful programs, all while mastering the basic principles of structured and object-oriented programming. Up-to-date, reader-friendly explanations and meaningful programming and collaboration exercises emphasize business applications, while useful debugging exercises and contemporary case problems further expand your understanding. Offering anywhere, anytime learning, MindTap equips you with an additional online learning platform, interactive learning tools and auto-graded coding labs for practicing and expanding your skills.


1. Creating Java Programs.
2. Using Data.
3. Using Methods.
4. Using Classes and Objects.
5. Making Decisions.
6. Looping.
7. Characters, Strings, and the StringBuilder.
8. Arrays.
9. Inheritance and Interfaces.
10. Exception Handling.
11. File Input and Output.
12. Recursion.
13. Collections and Generics.
14. Introduction to Swing Components.
Appendix A. Working with the Java Platform.
Appendix B. Data Representation.
Appendix C. Formatting Output.
Appendix D. Generating Random Numbers.
Appendix E. Javadoc.
Appendix F. Java FX.

  • Joyce Farrell

    Joyce Farrell has authored several popular programming textbooks, including books on Programming Logic and Design, Java, C#, and C++. Her books are recognized for their clear, direct writing style and effective presentation. A well-respected instructor, Ms. Farrell has taught Computer Information Systems at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois; the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; and McHenry County College in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

  • NEW TABLE OF CONTENTS WITH CLEAR LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Ensuring thorough coverage and direct attention to vital points of learning, each chapter begins with a list of well-defined objectives, enabling you and your students to efficiently review the topics presented in the chapter at a glance.

  • JAVA UPDATES: All programs have been tested using JAVA 16. In addition, updated instructions on searching for Java help avoid using specific URLs since new Java versions are now being released twice a year.

  • ALL-NEW CHAPTER ON RECURSION: Offering detailed instruction, Chapter 12 presents techniques for solving mathematical problems, manipulating strings and creating visual patterns using recursion.

  • ALL-NEW CHAPTER ON COLLECTIONS AND GENERICS: Chapter 13's comprehensive coverage includes the Collection and List interfaces, the ArrayList and LinkedList classes, Iterators as well as generic classes and methods.

  • YOU DO IT: Step-by-step exercises in every chapter help students create multiple working programs that emphasize the logic a programmer uses in choosing statements to include. These sections provide a means for students to achieve success on their own -- even those in online or distance learning classes.

  • FULL PROGRAM FILES: Every complete program shown in this edition is included in an easily accessed digital file. Students can run and modify programs to experiment with the programming language, and instructors can easily execute programs in class without extensive typing or testing of program examples.

  • INFORMATIVE FIGURES CLARIFY KEY CONCEPTS: Found in every chapter, Code Figures -- frequently 25 lines or less -- illustrate one concept at a time. All Java keywords appear in color to differentiate them from program-created identifiers. Callouts identify and highlight important code statements, while abundant screen captures show exactly how program output appears.

  • "TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE" INTERACTIVE REVIEW: After each section, intriguing short quizzes provide two true statements and one false statement about the preceding section of text. These true-false mini-quizzes offer immediate feedback to students as they read, without "giving away" answers to end-of-chapter multiple-choice and programming problem questions. This allows you the flexibility to use the end-of-chapter exercises as assignments or test questions, if desired.

  • HANDS-ON LEARNING: Review Questions, Programming Exercises, Game Zone, Debugging Exercises and Case Problems keep readers involved in learning. The author provides a wide variety of programming experiences designed to both engage and challenge readers at the end of each chapter.

  • LISTS OF KEY TERMS: Providing a quick-reference study tool, a list of covered key terms is included in each chapter. Full definitions for the terms are provided in the glossary.

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