Programming With Microsoft Visual Basic 2019/2022,
9th Edition

Diane Zak

ISBN-13: 9780357674000
Copyright 2023 | Published
960 pages | List Price: USD $250.95

With PROGRAMMING WITH MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC 2019/2022 by bestselling technology author Diane Zak, even readers with no prior programming experience can quickly learn how to effectively plan and create interactive Visual Basic 2019/2022 applications. A dynamic visual presentation, timely examples, step-by-step tutorials and practical exercises addressing a variety of learning styles make this the ideal introduction to programming. Through hands-on applications in a real-world setting, you will master the fundamentals of effective programming while working through Visual Basic 2019/2022's latest features. In addition to planning and creating your own Windows applications, you will learn about graphical user interface design skills, object-oriented programming concepts and planning tools such as Planning Charts, pseudocode and flowcharts. Also available: MindTap online learning platform.


1. An Introduction to Visual Studio 2019/2022 and Visual Basic.
2. Planning Applications and Designing Interfaces.
3. Coding with Variables, Named Constants, and Calculations.
4. The Selection Structure.
5. The Repetition Structure.
6. Sub and Function Procedures.
7. String Manipulation.
8. Arrays.
9. Sequential Access Files and Menus.
10. Classes and Objects.
11. SQL Server Databases.
12. Database Queries with SQL.
13. Web Applications.
Appendix A: GUI Design Guidelines.
Appendix B: Additional Topics.
Appendix C: Finding and Fixing Program Errors.
Appendix D: Visual Basic 2019/2022 Cheat Sheet.
Appendix E: Case Projects.

  • Diane Zak

    Prolific author and respected professional Diane Zak continues to provide an inspiring and uncomplicated learning experience for students through her widely popular programming books. Recognized for their unique, readable and friendly style, Zak's books reflect her knowledge of student needs and extensive understanding of computer programming and its use in business today, enabling her to carefully craft each with the modern student in mind. She has taught at various computer training centers and most recently served as a professor at College of DuPage in Illinois. Zak holds Bachelor of Science degrees in both computer information systems and accounting as well as a Master of Arts in adult and continuing education.

  • "FOCUS ON THE CONCEPTS" READINGS INTRODUCE NEW INFORMATION. These readings include tutorial-style steps and are followed by "Apply the Concepts" features that encourage students to further their mastery of the material by considering real-world applications.

  • NEW AND UPDATED APPLICATIONS AND EXAMPLES HIGHLIGHT THE LATEST VISUAL BASIC 2019 and 2022. Applications and examples in every chapter provide critical hands-on practice working with the latest version of Visual Basic. All exercises in the Ninth Edition are either new or thoroughly revised to reinforce the latest concepts and developments specific to Visual Basic 2019/2022.

  • NEW SCREENSHOTS CLARIFY CONTENT WHILE REFLECTING THE NEW VISUAL STUDIO 2017 ENVIRONMENT. Helpful, vibrant images throughout the text provide students with an up-to-date visual learning experience.

  • FULLY REFRESHED EXERCISES EMPHASIZE KEY PROGRAMMING SKILLS. Focused practice at the end of each chapter offers students hands-on opportunities to practice programming skills using Visual Basic 2019/2022.

  • UNIQUE "CHEAT SHEET" APPENDIX PROVIDES QUICK REFERENCE FOR STUDENTS. Helping students maximize their study time, Appendix D -- The "Cheat Sheet" appendix -- summarizes the most important concepts covered in each chapter, such as the syntax of statements, methods and other critical aspects of Visual Basics 2019/2022.

  • CASE PROJECTS APPENDIX REINFORCES PRACTICAL APPLICATION IN TODAY'S BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT. Appendix E, Case Projects, ties together the concepts from one or more chapters to help students see the big picture.

  • GUI DESIGN APPENDIX PROVIDES ADDITIONAL HELPFUL REFERENCE SOURCE. Appendix B summarizes the guidelines covered in each chapter in one convenient place for handy reference.

  • "START HERE" ARROWS DIRECT STUDENTS TO THE BEGINNING POINT IN EACH SET OF STEPS. These arrows allow students to quickly locate the beginning of the tutorial steps sections in the book.

  • COVERAGE OF BREAKPOINTS AND STEPPING THROUGH CODE EQUIPS READERS WITH STRONG PROGRAMMING SKILLS. Students gain a thorough understanding of how to set breakpoints and step through code as powerful tools for effectively debugging programs.

  • VISUALLY APPEALING PRESENTATION KEEPS READERS FOCUSED ON KEY CONCEPTS AND SKILLS. This edition's functional page design adds excitement while visually guiding students as they master today's Visual Basic concepts and skills.

  • INTERESTING, VARIED EXERCISES KEEP PRACTICE ENGAGING AND MOTIVATING FOR TODAY'S STUDENTS. Exercises are clearly differentiated as Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced for your convenience in making class assignments. Students can also refine their ski

  • MINDTAP® DIGITAL LEARNING SOLUTION HELPS TRANSFORM STUDENTS INTO CRITICAL THINKERS. Now available with this text, MindTap® offers additional practice, visualizations, assessments, and a full eReader with unique author-narrated videos.

  • MINI-QUIZZES ENABLE STUDENTS TO TEST THEIR KNOWLEDGE. Included at various points within each chapter, Mini-Quizzes help readers determine if they have mastered the material already covered before continuing with the chapter. Answers for each Mini-Quiz are conveniently located below the questions.

  • "ON YOUR OWN" EXERCISES EXTEND STUDENTS' PERSONAL LEARNING EXPERIENCES. These interesting exercises give students the opportunity to create their own unique applications using the concepts covered in the chapter. Exercises include some minimum requirements.

  • "FIX IT" EXERCISES SHARPEN SKILLS THROUGH TROUBLESHOOTING PRACTICE. With these exercises, students locate and correct the errors in existing applications -- strengthening their skills and confidence.

  • AVAILABLE WITH MINDTAP. Save time on prep with MindTap's preloaded, organized course materials. Teach more efficiently with interactive multimedia, assignments, quizzes and more, while also equipping your students with the power to read, listen and study on their phones -- so they can learn on their terms.

  • EFFECTIVE "YOU DO IT" BOXES ENSURE COMPREHENSION AS STUDENTS PROGRESS. Strategically placed in each chapter, "You Do It" activity boxes test students' knowledge and check their mastery of key concepts throughout each lesson.

  • INTERESTING, VARIED EXERCISES KEEP PRACTICE ENGAGING AND MOTIVATING FOR TODAY'S LEARNERS. In addition, exercises are clearly differentiated as Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced for your convenience in making class assignments.

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