CompTIA A+ Guide to Information Technology Technical Support,
11th Edition

Jean Andrews, Joy Shelton, Nicholas Pierce

ISBN-13: 9780357674161
Copyright 2023 | Published
1164 pages | List Price: USD $187.95

Using a step-by-step, highly visual approach, Andrews/Dark Shelton/Pierce's bestselling COMPTIA A+ GUIDE TO IT TECHNICAL SUPPORT, 11th edition, teaches you how to work with users as well as install, maintain, troubleshoot and network computer hardware and software. Ensuring you are well prepared for 220-1101 and 220-1102 certification exams, each module covers core and advanced topics while emphasizing practical application of the most current technology, techniques and industry standards. You will study the latest hardware, security, Active Directory, operational procedures, basics of scripting, virtualization, cloud computing, mobile devices, Windows 10, macOS and Linux. Digital lab manuals, live virtual machine labs, simulations, auto-graded quizzes and interactive activities provide additional preparation for the certification exam -- and your role as an IT support technician or administrator.


Module 1. Taking a Computer Apart and Putting It Back Together.
Module 2. All About Motherboards.
Module 3. Supporting Processors and Upgrading Memory.
Module 4. Power Supplies and Troubleshooting Computer Problems.
Module 5. Hard Drives and Other Storage Devices.
Module 6. Supporting I/O Devices.
Module 7. Networking Fundamentals.
Module 8. Network Infrastructure and Cloud Computing.
Module 9. Supporting Mobile Devices.
Module 10. Supporting Printers.
Module 11. The Complex World of IT Professionals.
Module 12. Installing Windows.
Module 13. Maintaining Windows.
Module 14. Troubleshooting Windows After Startup.
Module 15. Troubleshooting Windows Startup.
Module 16. Security Strategies.
Module 17. Securing and Sharing Windows Resources.
Module 18. Mobile Device Security.
Module 19. Network Security and Troubleshooting.
Module 20. Supporting MacOS.
Module 21. Linux and Scripting.
Appendix A. Safety Procedures and Environmental Concerns.
Appendix B. Entry Points for Windows Startup Processes.
Appendix C. CompTIA A+ Acronyms.

  • Jean Andrews

    Jean Andrews has more than 30 years of experience in the computer industry as well as more than 13 years of teaching in the college classroom. She has worked in a variety of businesses where she's designed, written, and supported application software. She has also managed a computer repair help desk and handled troubleshooting for wide area networks. Ms. Andrews has written numerous books on software, hardware and the Internet. In addition to this bestselling A+ GUIDE TO IT TECHNICAL SUPPORT, she's written the A+ GUIDE TO HARDWARE: MANAGING, MAINTAINING AND TROUBLESHOOTING. She lives in north Georgia.

  • Joy Shelton

    Joy Dark Shelton has worked in the IT field as a help-desk technician providing first-level support for a company with presence in 29 states. She has also worked as a second-tier technician in healthcare IT and as an operations specialist designing support protocols and structures, where her CompTIA A+ and HIT certifications have been particularly useful. As an instructor, Ms. Shelton has taught online IT and has taught English as a second language in the United States and South America. She has helped write several successful technical textbooks with Ms. Andrews. Ms. Shelton lives in northwest Georgia with her two daughters and pet Doberman.

  • Nicholas Pierce

    With more than 17 years’ experience troubleshooting and managing Information Systems for the Department of Defense and public sector, Nick Pierce teaches undergraduate through graduate level courses in the mid-Atlantic region. His experience in helpdesk operations along with troubleshooting global networks and RF communication systems, allows him to bring real world scenarios and experiences to the classroom. He regularly maintains his industry certifications and educates others in their pursuit of the same credentials. Nick lives in southeast Virginia

  • HELPING LEARNERS PERSONALLY CONNECT WITH KEY CONTENT, all-new Reflection Activities encourage students to consider how current technologies integrate into their own lives and careers and then share and collaborate with fellow students about their learning experiences.

  • THE ADDITION OF THREE NEW MODULES -- up to 21 from 18 in the prior edition -- enables each to be more focused on single topics. For example, content on supporting printers is now in a separate module, and content on macOS has its own module.

  • A NEW STREAMLINED FORMAT divides the text into Core 1 modules and Core 2 modules instead of mixing modules as in previous editions. Modules 1-10 are solely based on the Core 1 exam, while modules 11-21 are solely based on the Core 2 exam.

  • REALISTIC HARDWARE SIMULATIONS IN MINDTAP provide invaluable virtual learning experiences. Engaging, memorable photographs saturate each hardware simulation, clarifying concepts and surrounding learners with a more authentic virtual learning environment that encourages learning by doing.

  • IN-DEPTH QUESTIONS AND CLEAR PRESENTATION thoroughly prepare students for A+ exams. Extensive scenario-based questions and meaningful context provide learners with additional opportunities to prepare for A+ exams.

  • UNIQUE A+ TABLE OF CONTENTS offers a quick reference to key exam topics, enabling readers to immediately find content relevant to the CompTIA A+ exams.

  • SPECIAL ICONS AND SPECIFIC FEATURES highlight content for CompTIA A+ exams, making it easy for students to identify concepts covered on the CompTIA A+ 220-1101 and 220-1102 certification exams and more effectively focus their study efforts.

  • VISUALLY RICH LEARNING TOOLS AND FEATURES throughout help students master key material. Reinforcing the authors' bestselling learn-by-doing approach, these engaging features include Applying Concepts, Key Terms, Thinking Critically, Hands-On Projects, and Real Problems, Real Solutions.

  • STUDENTS CAN MAXIMIZE THEIR STUDY TIME THROUGH MINDTAP'S VIRTUAL PRACTICE, including customizable pre- and post-exams with questions written in the style of the CompTIA A+ certification exams; auto-graded module assessments; simulated labs for hardware and software skills; videos; and live virtual machine labs for software skills.

  • MINDTAP ONLINE COURSE OFFERS VIRTUAL PRACTICE including: a pre and post CompTIA A+ customizable, practice exam, module assessments, simulated labs for hardware and software skills, videos and virtual machine labs for software skills--all auto-graded

  • LEARNING TOOLS AND LEARNING FEATURES HELP STUDENTS MASTER KEY MATERIAL. This edition offers a wealth of visually rich learning resources and features to reinforce the authors' best-selling learn-by-doing approach. These include Applying Concepts, Key Terms, Thinking Critically, Hands-On Projects and Real Problems, Real Solutions features.

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