Illustrated Series® Collection, Microsoft® 365® & Office® 2021 Introductory,
1st Edition

David W. Beskeen, Carol M. Cram, Jennifer Duffy, Lisa Friedrichsen, Lynn Wermers

ISBN-13: 9780357674925
Copyright 2023 | Published
448 pages | List Price: USD $225.95

Including the latest Microsoft 365 features and enhanced support for Mac users, Cengage's Illustrated Series® Collection, Microsoft® 365® & Office® 2021 Introductory, 1st edition, helps you quickly master the nuances of Microsoft® Office. Its concise, student-friendly approach uses a proven two-page layout that allows you to work through an entire task without turning the page. Each module begins with a brief overview of the principles covered while large, full-color screen images illustrate what you see on your computer. Module Learning Objectives are mapped to Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification objectives, and module scenarios are based on Burning Glass market insights data -- helping you sharpen the critical skills you need for real-world success. In addition, MindTap and SAM (Skills Assessment Manager) online resources help maximize your study time -- and results.


Module 1: Creating Documents with Word.
Module 2: Editing and Formatting Documents.
Module 3: Formatting Text and Graphics.
Module 1: Getting Started with Excel.
Module 2: Formatting a Worksheet.
Module 3: Analyzing Data Using Formulas.
Module 4: Working with Charts.
Module 1: Integrating Word and Excel.
Module 1: Getting Started with Access.
Module 2: Building Tables and Relationships.
Module 3: Creating Queries.
Module 4: Working with Forms and Reports.
Module 2: Integrating Word, Excel and Access.
Module 1: Creating a Presentation in PowerPoint.
Module 2: Modifying a Presentation.
Module 3: Inserting Objects into a Presentation.
Module 3: Integrating Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.

  • David W. Beskeen

    David W. Beskeen has authored or co-authored over 65 successful computer books since 1992, including more than 40 educational titles for Course Technology and Cengage. He has guided readers in mastering PowerPoint®, Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Windows®, LiveMotion and other leading proprietary software packages. An expert in applied technology, Beskeen has extensive teaching and consulting experience in today's computer technology.

  • Carol M. Cram

    Carol M. Cram is the author of more than 35 textbooks on computer applications, business communications and Internet-related subjects. Ms. Cram was also a long-time faculty member at Capilano College in North Vancouver, where she served as the Convenor of the Executive Support Program and the Program Consultant for Business and Computers in Continuing Education as well as instructor of business and computer-related courses.

  • Jennifer Duffy


  • Lisa Friedrichsen

    Lisa Friedrichsen is a professor at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas, where she teaches database and web development classes. She also has written several prominent Access, Office and web-related textbooks. Friedrichsen spent a decade at IBM Corp. before becoming a consultant, author and college professor. Combining her extensive industry experience with her passion for teaching, she creates clear, practical presentations. She earned a B.S. in engineering from Iowa State University and an MBA from Drake University.

  • Lynn Wermers

    Lynn Wermers is a professor in the computer science department at North Shore Community College in Massachusetts, where she teaches IT, data management, data analysis and web development courses. She also teaches part time in the math department for the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University. Wermers has authored numerous leading books focusing on Excel for Cengage.

  • Microsoft Teams coverage is now expanded to include three digital modules available in MindTap, authored by Corinne Hoisington.

  • Thoroughly updated coverage reflects Microsoft 365 and Office 2021 features including the new modern commenting experience that enables the user to display comments in contextual view or in the Comments pane. Other feature updates include the Immersive Reader in Word, XLOOKUP, PowerBI and the Analyze Data button in Excel, along with Microsoft's updated search feature and Backstage view.

  • Introductory Textbook Projects have been redesigned to ensure successful completion by Mac users.

  • New Embracing Change modules in MindTap help students successfully navigate through Microsoft 365's continual software changes. Each module includes accessibility features, application-specific tips, a Microsoft ribbon and toolbar visual overview, plus review and discussion questions.

  • The Illustrated Series' concise, user-friendly approach to learning Microsoft Office uses a proven two-page layout that enables students to focus on discrete Office skills as they complete the module reading.

  • Part of the Illustrated Microsoft Office 365 Collection, this title provides access to a complete digital library of content spanning computer concepts, operating systems (for Windows and Mac) and the Microsoft Office Suite -- all for one price including low-cost rental options. Learn more about Cengage Unlimited at

  • Helping learners maximize their study time, Module Learning Objectives are mapped to the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam. Users of MindTap Collections and SAM also have access to exam preparation materials and the option to purchase a discounted MOS exam voucher.

  • By carefully examining the context for their projects, students understand the "why" behind each step in the process, which increases their motivation to learn.

  • Quick tips offer just-in-time assistance for readers as they work through their project steps.

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.

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