Introduction to Business Law,
7th Edition

Jeffrey F. Beatty, Susan S. Samuelson, Patricia Abril

ISBN-13: 9780357717189
Copyright 2023 | Published
704 pages | List Price: USD $291.95

Discover the business law text you’ll enjoy reading with Beatty/Samuelson/Abril's INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS LAW, 7E. Students like you explain that this is the best text they have ever read and they had no idea law could be so interesting. This book uses conversational writing to explain complex topics and emerging legal trends in easy-to-understand language. With 75 years of combined teaching experience, these award-winning authors know how to clearly explain topics and keep your interest. Because the authors actually practiced law before they became teachers, they also describe how theories of law work in everyday business practice. This edition is packed with current examples and real-life scenarios relevant to daily life – from marijuana contracts and the research behind executive compensation to the impact of Covid-19 and #MeToo in the workplace. MindTap and Infuse digital resources help clarify concepts with interactive cases and learning tools.


1. Introduction to Law.
2. Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.
3. International Law.
4. Constitutional, Statutory, Administrative, and Common Law.
5. Dispute Resolution.
6. Crime.
7. Intentional Torts and Business Torts.
8. Negligence, Strict Liability, and Product Liability.
9. Privacy and Internet Law.
10. Forming a Contract.
11. Requirements for a Contract.
12. Performance of a Contract.
13. Practical Contracts.
14. Sales.
15. Negotiable Instruments.
16. Secured Transactions.
17. Agency.
18. Employment and Labor Law.
19. Employment Discrimination.
20. Starting a Business: LLCs and Other Options.
21. Corporations.
22. Bankruptcy.
23. Securities and Antitrust.
24. Consumer Protection.
25. Environmental Law.
26. Accountants’ Liability.
27. Intellectual Property.
28. Real Property and Landlord–Tenant Law.
29. Personal Property and Bailment.
30. Estate Planning.
31. Insurance.
Appendix A: The Constitution of the U.S.
Appendix B: The Uniform Commercial Code.

  • Jeffrey F. Beatty

    Jeffrey F. Beatty earned his B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and J.D. from Boston University. He has practiced law at Greater Boston Legal Services, where he has represented indigent clients. Professor Beatty has earned The Metcalf Cup and Prize, Boston University’s highest teaching award. In addition to his legal research and writings, Professor Beatty has written both plays and television scripts that have been performed in Boston, London and Amsterdam.

  • Susan S. Samuelson

    Susan S. Samuelson earned her A.B. and J.D. from Harvard University. She has practiced corporate law with Choate, Hall and Stewart. Professor Samuelson has earned the Broderick Prize for excellence in teaching at the Questrom School. A highly respected legal professional, she has written numerous articles on legal issues for scholarly and popular journals, including the American Business Law Journal, Ohio State Law Journal, Boston University Law Review, Harvard Journal on Legislation, National Law Journal, Sloan Management Review, Inc. Magazine and Boston Magazine.

  • Patricia Abril

    Patricia Sánchez Abril earned her B.A. from Duke University and J.D. from Harvard Law School. She has practiced law with Hunton & Williams, LLP as well as Greenberg Traurig, LLP. Professor Abril has been awarded the Academy of Legal Studies in Business, Distinguished Junior Faculty Award and Outstanding Proceedings, the Hoeber Memorial Award for Excellence in Research and the University of Miami Faculty Senate Outstanding Teaching Award. Professor Abril’s research has appeared in numerous professional and scholarly journals, such as the American Business Law Journal, Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, Florida Law Review, Houston Law Review, Wake Forest Law Review and Columbia Business Law Journal.

  • NEW TOPICS OF KEY INTEREST NOW APPEAR THROUGHOUT THIS EDITION. The authors use today’s most current legal topics and timely cases to illustrate legal principles in practice and demonstrate how law can be interesting. This edition is packed with contemporary examples and real-life scenarios that are relevant to students -- from marijuana contracts to the impact of Covid-19 and #MeToo in the workplace.

  • THOROUGHLY REVIEWED INSTRUCTOR SUPPLEMENTS NOW OFFER SIGNFICANT IMPROVEMENTS. Digital and traditional resources save you time in class preparation and grading in this edition’s comprehensive support package, which includes new Cengage MindTap and Infuse digital resources.

  • "YOU BE THE JUDGE" CASES PROVIDE BOTH FACTS AND ARGUMENTS FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE CASE. These engaging, contemporary cases, which appear in each chapter, present both sides – from the plaintiff and the defendant. The cases initially omit the court’s final decisions in order to encourage class discussion and allow your students to think through the problems themselves.

  • EXAM STRATEGY AND EXAM REVIEW FEATURES HELP STUDENTS EFFICIENTLY PREPARE FOR TESTING AND EVALUATIONS. Comprehension study tools at the end of each chapter help your students check their progress and review their understanding of concepts for exam success. Exam Strategy features present a question, teach students how to analyze the problem and then provide the answer. In Exam Reviews students check their comprehension as they practice legal principles. Answers to the odd-numbered problems appear in an appendix.

  • THE BOOK’S SIGNATURE STUDENT-FRIENDLY WRITING STYLE PUTS LEGAL CONCEPTS INTO REAL-LIFE CONTEXT. The authors use familiar real-world scenarios and a conversational tone throughout the book to engage readers and help students gain a thorough understanding of material.

  • MINDTAP AND CENGAGE INFUSE ONLINE DIGITAL RESOURCES SUPPORT STUDENT LEARNING. With MindTap, your students will learn how the law plays out in their everyday lives and how they can identify legal issues in their future careers. Whiteboard videos clarify and build on concepts from the book. Cengage Infuse for Business Law is the first-of-its-kind digital learning platform that leverages your Learning Management System (LMS) for simple course set up, intuitive management tools and auto-grading.

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