Business Communication and Character,
11th Edition

Amy Newman

ISBN-13: 9780357718131
Copyright 2023 | Published
576 pages | List Price: USD $312.95

Discover how your communication conveys your character -- or who you are as a person -- as you learn to make effective written and oral communication choices in your professional and personal life. Master your own natural, conversational style to earn trust and respect, to differentiate yourself in your career, or to gather funding. This edition addresses today's most important business communication concepts as new self-reflection questions help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself to better communicate and reach personal and professional goals. A new communication model emphasizes character check, audience analysis, message and medium (CAM) within in-person, online or social media communication. Intriguing examples from real companies illustrate principles at work. You also learn to communicate within a team, resolve conflict and maximize the latest communication and collaboration technology tools. MindTap digital tools help you further refine your communication skills.


Part 1: Communicating Character and Building Business Relationships.
1. Business Communication and Character.
2. Team and Interpersonal Communication.
3. Communicating Across Differences.
Part 2: Developing Your Business Writing Skills.
4. Writing and Designing.
5. Improving Your Writing Style.
Part 3: Crafting Written Messages.
6. Neutral and Positive Messages.
7. Persuasive Messages.
8. Bad-News Messages.
Part 4: Preparing Data and Writing Reports.
9. Managing and Visualizing Data.
10. Writing Reports.
Part 5: Developing and Delivering Presentations and Visuals.
11. Developing Presentations and Visuals.
12. Delivering Presentations.
Part 6: Presenting Yourself for Employment.
13. Writing for the Job Search.
14. Interviewing and Landing the Job.

  • Amy Newman

    Amy Newman is a member of the faculty of management communication (emerita) at the Cornell University SC Johnson College of Business in the School of Hotel Administration and the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. As a senior lecturer for 17 years, she taught courses in business writing, oral communication, persuasive communication, corporate and crisis communication and organizational behavior. Ms. Newman also served as the faculty director of Grand Challenges @Dyson, a community-engaged learning curriculum. Ms. Newman was also an adjunct instructor at Ithaca College; Milano, The New School for Management and Urban Policy in New York City; and eCornell, where she taught classes online. She has won several awards for excellence in teaching and student advising and received grants to develop technology-based learning solutions. She also developed several online courses for working professionals through eCornell. Prior to joining Cornell, Ms. Newman spent 20 years working for large companies, such as Canon, Reuters and Scholastic. Internally, she held senior-level management positions in human resources and leadership development. As an external consultant, she worked to improve communication and employee performance in hospitality, technology, education, publishing, financial services and entertainment companies. A graduate of Cornell University and Milano, Ms. Newman is also author of BUILDING LEADERSHIP CHARACTER and several editions of BUSINESS COMMUNICATION: IN PERSON, IN PRINT, ONLINE. Since 2010, she has maintained a blog of news stories about business communication and character at

  • UPDATED FOCUS ON CHARACTER ENGAGES STUDENTS AND DEEPENS LEARNING. Adding a character lens encourages students to think more critically about their communication choices. This fresh perspective helps students develop not only as business communicators, but also as individuals. This edition's new communication model -- character check, audience analysis, message and medium (CAM) -- offers an effective teaching tool. Examples from real companies illustrate how it works.

  • TODAY'S LATEST PRACTICAL ADVICE PROVIDES TOOLS FOR WORKING ACROSS DIFFERENCES. This edition challenges students to shift their mindset when working with others instead of avoiding tough interpersonal situations. This edition's increased emphasis on teamwork and team communication encourages students to work through conflict and tackle difficult conversations. Armed with a greater understanding of themselves, students learn to reduce their blanket judgments of others by developing curiosity and demonstrating humility.

  • CURRENT CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS BUSINESS COMMUNICATION THAT IS REALISTIC FOR TODAY. Students learn to find their own natural voice in speaking and writing. As today's work environments become less formal, students learn how to adopt a conversational style while sounding credible, confident and authentic.

  • EXPANDED COVERAGE OF ONLINE TECHNOLOGIES PREPARES STUDENTS FOR REMOTE WORK. Students learn how to lead meetings and present online. By learning about the newest technologies, students transition seamlessly from in-person to video presentations. Students also learn how to improve team project outcomes with better online collaboration.

  • NEW STRATEGIES FOR COMPLEX EMPLOYMENT SITUATIONS GIVE STUDENTS AN ADVANTAGE IN THE JOB SEARCH. Beyond the basics of written and oral communication, this edition gives students confidence to follow up effectively on job searches, handle rejection and negotiate salary offers. Students also learn how to best manage their online reputation after learning how employers evaluate their online presence.

  • NEW REFLECTION EXERCISES REINFORCE LEARNING. These new Reflection Exercises serve as ready assignments for students to consider how chapter concepts connect to their own lives. By focusing on personal applications of the content, students engage with your course material as they learn to become better communicators in a variety of business contexts.

  • TIMELY, RELEVANT INSTRUCTOR BLOG KEEPS YOUR COURSE UP TO DATE. With this author's help you can continue to keep your course both relevant and engaging by covering the latest development during class or within homework assignments. An invaluable instructor blog at describes relevant news stories and connects recent company examples to topics within each chapter.

  • STUDENTS LEARN TO MAXIMIZE COMMUNICATION TOOLS FOR INCREASED INTERACTIVITY. You can help your students reduce public speaking anxiety with an online tool that describes strategies to use before, during and after presentations (available at Your students can also complete a communication planning template and explore two additional cases: a customer complaint situation and an email simulation (at

  • MINDTAP ONLINE RESOURCES PROVIDE ENGAGING, INTERACTIVE CONTENT. MindTap online resources are thoughtfully organized into a learning path that includes readings, activities and assessments that ensure your students are building communication skills for career success. Integrated resources like Aplia assignments, Bongo video exercises and ample communication skills practice prepare students to become effective communicators in a modern workplace (at

  • REAL COMPANY EXAMPLES ILLUSTRATE THE IMPORTANCE OF WHAT STUDENTS ARE LEARNING. Engaging, current examples throughout each chapter provide relevance and stimulate interest. In addition, chapter openers highlight stories that demonstrate communication successes and failures. These stories serve as examples for applying the character check, audience analysis, message and medium (CAM) communication model.

  • VARIED, INTERESTING EXERCISES PROVIDE ESSENTIAL PRACTICE. End-of-chapter exercises offer many practical application options for you to assign to your students, including longer assignments for homework and shorter in-class activities. Exercises encourage students to reflect on their communication and character development and enable students to strengthen their business communication skills.

  • "TOPICS OF INTEREST" MARGIN NOTES IDENTIFY HIGHLY RELEVANT BUSINESS COMMUNICATION ISSUES. Icons in the margins of this edition signal discussions of communication technologies, international communication, ethics in communication, character and emotional intelligence content integrated throughout the book. In addition, students answer related Reflection questions or end-of-chapter exercises.

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