Business Marketing Management,
13th Edition

Michael D. Hutt, Thomas W. Speh, Douglas Hoffman

ISBN-13: 9780357718230
Copyright 2024 | Published
352 pages | List Price: USD $312.95

Gain an understanding of the most recent industry trends and today's dynamic B2B market with Hutt/Speh/Hoffman's BUSINESS MARKETING MANAGEMENT: B2B, 13E. This edition ties concepts to real-world decision making and to best practices. New content emphasizes an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) framework, while new discussions highlight developments such as the innovation flywheel and the new standard in marketing -- omnichannel strategy. You review similarities and differences between consumer goods and B2B marketing. Revised content focuses on market analysis, organizational buying behavior, relationship management and marketing strategies to reach organizational customers. A new digital playbook and expanded content on smart, connected products also explore how digital-first engagement preferences of B2B buyers are transforming customer relationship processes. MindTap digital resources are available to reinforce your understanding of key marketing strategies.


1. A Business Marketing Perspective.
2. Organizational Buying Behavior.
3. Customer Relationship Management Strategies for Business Markets.
4. Segmenting the Business Market and Estimating Segment Demand.
5. Business Marketing Planning: Strategic Perspectives.
6. ESG and Business Marketing Strategies for Global Markets.
7. Managing Products for Business Markets.
8. Managing Innovation and New Industrial Product Development.
9. Managing Services for Business Markets.
10. Managing Business Marketing Channels: The Omnichannel Imperative.
11. Supply Chain Management.
12. Pricing Strategies for Business Markets.
13. Marketing Communications and the Customer Decision Journey.
14. B2B Sales Strategies for Digital-First Buyers.
15. Marketing Performance Measurement.

  • Michael D. Hutt

    Michael D. Hutt (PhD, Michigan State University) is the Ford Motor Company Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Marketing at the W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University. He has also held faculty positions at Miami University (Ohio) and the University of Vermont.Dr. Hutt’s teaching and research interests are concentrated in the areas of business-to-business marketing and strategic marketing. His current research centers on the marketing-finance interface, particularly the application of financial portfolio theory to customer management. Dr. Hutt’s research has been published in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, MIT Sloan Management Review, Journal of Retailing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and other scholarly journals. He is also the co-author of Macro Marketing (John Wiley & Sons) and contributing author of Marketing: Best Practices (South-Western).

  • Thomas W. Speh

    Thomas W. Speh, PhD, is Professor of Marketing Emeritus and former Associate Dean at the Farmer School of Business, Miami University (Ohio). Dr. Speh earned his PhD from Michigan State University. Prior to his tenure at Miami, Dr. Speh taught at the University of Alabama.Dr. Speh has been a regular participant in professional marketing and logistics meetings and has published articles in a number of academic and professional journals, including the Journal of Marketing, Sloan Management Review, Harvard Business Review, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Sciences, Journal of Business Logistics, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Purchasing and Materials Management, and Industrial Marketing Management. He was the recipient of the Beta Gamma Sigma Distinguished Faculty award for excellence in teaching at Miami University’s School of Business and of the Miami University Alumni Association’s Effective Educator award.Dr. Speh has been active in both the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) and the Council of Logistics Management (CLM). He has served as president of WERC and as president of the CLM. Dr. Speh has been a consultant on strategy issues to such organizations as Xerox, Procter & Gamble, Burlington Northern Railroad, Sara Lee, J. M. Smucker Co., and Millenium Petrochemicals, Inc.

  • Douglas Hoffman

    K. Douglas Hoffman (D.B.A., University of Kentucky) is a professor of marketing and University Distinguished Teaching Scholar at Colorado State University. Dr. Hoffman’s teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate levels spans more than thirty years. He has held tenure track positions at Colorado State University, University of North Carolina at Wilmington and Mississippi State University. In addition, Dr. Hoffman has taught as a visiting professor at Helsinki School of Business and Economics (Helsinki, Finland); the Institute of Industrial Policy Studies (Seoul, South Korea); Thammasat University (Bangkok, Thailand); Cornell-Nanyang Technological University (Singapore); and the Foreign Trade University (Hanoi, Vietnam). Dr. Hoffman is an accomplished teaching and research scholar in the areas of services marketing and marketing management. He is a former editor of Marketing Education Review. His current research and consulting activities are primarily in the areas of sales/service interface, customer service/satisfaction, service failure and recovery and marketing education. Dr. Hoffman has consulted on marketing strategy issues for firms such as HP Inc., State Farm and Frontier Airlines.

  • NEW CONTENT EMPHASIZES THE ESG -- ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE -- FRAMEWORK: Students learn how a strong and proactive ESG proposition in today's business marketing firm resonates well with stakeholders, from supply chain partners to company employees.

  • NEW MATERIAL PROVIDES INSIGHTS INTO SUPPLY CHAIN RESILIENCE: This timely treatment of specific strategies that business marketing companies can implement demonstrates to students how successful organizations can increase supply chain resilience and adjust to unexpected environmental events.

  • NEW DISCUSSION HIGHLIGHTS OMNICHANNEL -- THE NEW STANDARD IN MARKETING: This new, comprehensive discussion explores how top-performing B2B firms allow customers to seamlessly use online, mobile, social and offline physical channels across the customer decision journey.

  • NEW EMPHASIS ON MARKETING EXCELLENCE PREPARES STUDENTS FOR SUCCESS: This new content thoroughly examines how managers understand and exercise marketing excellence in practice and how investors evaluate the market excellence that a firm demonstrates.

  • NEW CONTENT INTRODUCES THE INNOVATION FLYWHEEL: Students learn how today's digital leaders power innovation by building knowledge, generating insights, running experiments and introducing new offerings. The authors even provide a helpful digital playbook for B2B strategists.

  • EXPANDED DISCUSSION DESCRIBES SMART, CONNECTED PRODUCTS: This timely, additional content describes the way in which a new class of smart, connected products, such as the "Internet of things" is transforming competition. Students also examine what this means for marketing strategy in the future.

  • NEW AND REVISED LEARNING AIDS HELP STUDENTS MAXIMIZE THEIR STUDY TIME. Each chapter provides an overview, highlights key concepts and includes several carefully chosen examples of contemporary business marketing in practice to assist students in meaningful review. In addition, every chapter includes a cogent summary and a set of proactive discussion questions.

  • THIS EDITION EMPHASIZES RELATIONSHIP MARKETING STRATEGIES. This text offers expansive coverage of the drivers of relationship marketing effectiveness. Students also study the financial impact of relationship marketing programs.

  • STEP-BY-STEP PLANS GUIDE STUDENTS IN ESTABLISHING A PROFITABLE B2B BRAND. This edition draws from the authors' extensive experience to outline specific steps for building and managing a valuable and successful B2B brand in today's competitive business environment.

  • A TIMELY AND RICHLY-ILLUSTRATED DISCUSSION HIGHLIGHTS BEST PRACTICES. Students gain insights into the best practices and proven methods for tailoring marketing communications and selling strategies across the customer decision journey.

  • CLEAR PRESENTATIONS INTRODUCE SPECIFIC METRICS. Students learn how to use metrics effectively to measure the impact of marketing strategy decisions on firm performance.

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