Digital Marketing Foundations and Strategy,
5th Edition

Debra Zahay, Lauren Labrecque, Brooke Reavey, Mary Lou Roberts

ISBN-13: 9780357720738
Copyright 2024 | Published
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Zahay/Labrecque/Reavey/Roberts' DIGITAL MARKETING FOUNDATIONS AND STRATEGY, 5th EDITION provides students with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing. Using strategy concepts as its foundation helps students to easily translate material from other marketing and business courses into the practice of digital marketing. Chapters combine marketing theory and conceptual frameworks to provide students with a foundational understanding of digital marketing issue. DIGITAL MARKETING FOUNDATIONS AND STRATEGY FIFTH EDITION includes relevant updates on the impact of the COVID pandemic as well as trends in account-based marketing and Google algorithm updates. Regal and regulatory issues as well as AI and marketing automation are integrated throughout the text.


1. The Digital Marketing Landscape.
2. The Supply Chain Becomes a Value Ecosystem.
3. Business Models and Strategies.
4. Supporting the Digital Customer Journey.
5. Measuring and Evaluating Digital Marketing Programs.
6. Building an Effective Online Presence Through Web and Mobile.
7. Search Engine Marketing.
8. Paid Search and Social Advertising.
9. Social Media Marketing as a Cornerstone of Strategy.
10. Display and Mobile Advertising for Customer Acquisition.
11. Email Marketing to Build Consumer and Business Relationships.
12. Content Marketing.
13. Demand Generation and Conversion in B2B Markets.
14. Customer Relationship Development and Retention Marketing.
Appendix: The Digital Marketing Plan –- Project Guidance.

  • Debra Zahay

    Debra Zahay is a full professor of marketing and director of the digital marketing and analytics master of science degree program at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. She has overseen the inclusion of digital marketing and analytics in the undergraduate and graduate curriculums. She holds her Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Illinois. Dr. Zahay researches how firms can facilitate customer relationships, particularly using customer information effectively. She has published extensively in marketing journals throughout the United States and Europe. She has served as a vice president on the executive board of the Chicago American Marketing Association. She has also served on the board of the Marketing EDGE organization, the editorial board of the Journal of Marketing Analytics and the board for Industrial Marketing Management. She was editor-in-chief of the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing from 2012-2017, guiding the explosive growth and expanding influence of that journal.

  • Lauren Labrecque

    Dr. Lauren Labrecque is an associate professor of marketing and the marketing area coordinator at the University of Rhode Island. Her primary research interests include sensory marketing (focus on color) and digital marketing (including digital empowerment, consumer privacy, social media engagement, and parasocial interactions). Her research has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals, including Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Psychology & Marketing and Marketing Letters. She currently serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Interactive Marketing, Journal of Business Research and Psychology & Marketing. Dr. Labrecque earned her Ph.D. in marketing (business administration) from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

  • Brooke Reavey

    Dr. Brooke Reavey is a Fulbright Scholar and associate professor of marketing at the Brennan School of Business, Dominican University. Her work has been published in scholarly outlets such as the International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Marketing Education and Marketing Education Review, among others. Brooke's academic work focuses on the intersection between digital marketing and market research. She serves in leadership roles within the AMA, Chicago Chapter and the Insights Association, North Central Chapter. Dr. Reavey earned her Ph.D. in marketing from Drexel University.

  • Mary Lou Roberts

    Mary Lou Roberts was professor emeritus of management and marketing at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. She taught marketing and related course for more than 20 years. She earned her Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Michigan. She served as senior author of DIRECT MARKETING MANAGEMENT as well as co-author of this book. She published extensively in marketing journals in the United States and Europe. In 1997, her article "Expanding the Role of the Direct Marketing Database" was included in the Journal of Direct Marketing Best of the Decade Ten Year Retrospective. She was an active member of many professional organizations and served on a number of local and national boards, including the American Marketing Association, Mass Audubon and the Advisory Board of Professional Organizations of the U.S. Department of the Census. Dr. Roberts passed in January of 2020, leaving a significant gap in today's marketing and management educational profession.

  • The updated title better reflects current market terminology. The first chapter introduces digital marketing using a definition that emphasizes the interactivity and engagement that is present in successful digital marketing.

  • Grounded in strategy concepts, the content makes it easy for students to translate material from other marketing and business courses into the practice of digital marketing.

  • Direct marketing strategies are integrated throughout DIGITAL MARKETING FOUNDATIONS AND STRATEGY rather than in a separate chapter in order to connect the direct marketing roots of digital marketing. This change makes it easy for students to apply direct marketing concepts to practices.

  • The concepts of conversion and call to action in particular are used throughout DIGITAL MARKETING FOUNDATIONS AND STRATEGY. Students see how these concepts are relevant in search, web design and email marketing in particular.

  • A new appendix with tips and strategies for running a class project, often the capstone of a digital marketing course, is included. The outdated GOMC Appendix is removed. The new appendix covers issues of finding a real-life client as well as for a "client" that is a public company or NGO with readily available information.

  • This text provides a context for the study of digital marketing in marketing strategy and the value ecosystem. Rather than focusing solely on technology, students must consider who the customer is and how they might respond best to digital marketing efforts.

  • Information technology concepts are presented in a way that are easy to grasp: Students must understand the basics of the underlying technology that supports Internet marketing. This text makes rather complex IT concepts understandable to the student who has only the required MIS basics.

  • Digital marketing is presented throughout as a global phenomenon because the Internet is a world without walls. Global material and examples are used throughout DIGITAL MARKETING FOUNDATIONS AND STRATEGY and integrated into the subject matter.

  • Digital Marketing Exercises give students an opportunity to explore the topics and discussions in the chapter in the real-life setting of the Internet.

  • Numerous screen captures from the Internet showcase real-world and timely examples of concepts from DIGITAL MARKETING FOUNDATIONS AND STRATEGY.

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