Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion,
9th Edition

Angeline Close Scheinbaum, Thomas O'Guinn, Richard J. Semenik

ISBN-13: 9780357721407
Copyright 2023 | Published
448 pages | List Price: USD $312.95

Gain an understanding of advertising and brand strategy from an integrated marketing, advertising and business perspective with Close Scheinbaum/O’Guinn/Semenik's popular ADVERTISING AND INTEGRATED BRAND PROMOTION, 9E. Updates bring strategy to life in today's digital and mobile society as new content addresses industry shifts, such as pandemic-prompted changes in consumer behavior and e-commerce, influencer marketing, celebrity endorsements and streaming content. New examples highlight contemporary ads and current forms of branding and marketing for well-known brands like Target, Chanel, Amazon, Southwest, Netflix, Disney, ESPN, Apple, TikTok, Instagram, Adidas and Nike. You examine concepts in the context of advertising practice as you follow the processes of an advertising agency. Leading theory and practice keeps content relevant and applicable whether you are pursing business, marketing communication or advertising. MindTap digital resources further strengthen understanding.


1. The World of Advertising and IBP.
2. The Structure of the Advertising Industry: Advertisers, Advertising Agencies, and Support Organizations.
3. The History of Advertising and Brand Promotion.
4. Social, Ethical, and Regulatory Aspects of Advertising and Promotion.
5. Advertising, Integrated Brand Promotion, and Consumer Behavior.
6. Market Segmentation, Positioning, and the Value Proposition.
7. Advertising Research.
8. Planning Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion.
9. Managing Creativity in Advertising and IBP.
10. Creative Message Strategy.
11. Executing the Creative.
12. Media Planning Essentials.
13. Media Planning: Newspapers, Magazines, Television, and Radio.
14. Media Planning: Advertising and IBP in Digital, Social, & Mobile Media.
15. Sales Promotion, Point-of-Purchase Advertising, and Support Media.
16. Event Sponsorship, Product Placements, and Branded Entertainment.
17. Integrating Direct Marketing and Personal Selling.
18. Public Relations, Influencer Marketing, and Corporate Advertising.

  • Angeline Close Scheinbaum

    Dr. Angeline Close Scheinbaum is the Dan Duncan Professor of Sports Marketing and associate professor of marketing in the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business at Clemson University. Her research interest is in the areas of online consumer behavior and sponsorship/event marketing, specifically how consumers' experiences at sponsored events influence attitudes and consumer behavior. Her research explains e-commerce behaviors and motivations as well as how to engage consumers with events, how to uncover drivers of effective sponsorships, how entertainment impacts affect events/purchase intention toward sponsors, what the role of sponsor-event congruity is and why consumers may resist events. Dr. Close Scheinbaum also researches consumers' experiences with electronic marketplaces in social media and e-commerce. She has edited three scholarly books and authored more than thirty-five peer-reviewed journal articles. They have appeared in rigorous journals such as the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Advances in Consumer Research, Journal of Advertising Research and Journal of Business Research. Her research has also been featured on CBS and in the New York Times, Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and Forbes. Dr. Close Scheinbaum brings industry experience as a contributor to research projects for Dodge, Ford, Cingular, AT&T, Fashion Show Mall, Suzuki, Tour de GA, Road Atlanta, Lexus, Shell, Volkswagen and the United States Tennis Association. Prior to joining Clemson, she was a tenured associate professor at The University of Texas at Austin. Her education is in both advertising and marketing at the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication and the Terry College of Business. Raised in Georgia, Dr. Close Scheinbaum has gained global experience while studying abroad in Spain and France.

  • Thomas O'Guinn

    Dr. Thomas Clayton O’Guinn is a professor of marketing and the Irwin Maier Distinguished Chair in business. He received his Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Austin. Prior to coming to Wisconsin, he was at The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Dr. O’Guinn’s research is broadly sociological. His work is often near the intersection of sociology and social psychology, or micro-sociology. Among his most notable works are several multi-method pieces, including survey data, content analysis and ethnography. His work is sociologically and theoretical substantive. The work began with studies of special groups of consumers, such as Mexican-American immigrants, then moved to those consumers who used consumption in a compulsive manner and then transitioned to how various strata were affected by television viewing in terms of their beliefs about others, or economic and consumption norms. Dr. O'Guinn co-founded (along with then doctoral student, Albert Muniz, Jr.) a research stream on consumption and brand-centered communities. More recently, Dr. O'Guinn's work explores social strata, particularly social class, as it relates to the use and value of physical space within commercial settings, and the value of objects and services delivered with them. He is also currently working on social class and consumption within new American urban neighborhoods, institutional responses by marketers to social disruption and a sociological model of brands.

  • Richard J. Semenik

    Richard J. Semenik, Ph. D., is Professor of Marketing and former Dean of the College of Business at Montana State University-Bozeman, as well as founder and Executive Director of the College's Center for Entrepreneurship for the New West. Before coming to Montana State, Rich served as head of the Marketing Department at the Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah and Associate Dean for Research. He also has co-founded two companies. With expertise in marketing strategy, advertising, and branding, he has given numerous speeches and seminars across the United States, as well as in Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Mexico, Germany, France, Belgium, and Scotland. He also has been a visiting research scholar at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and a visiting scholar at Anahuac Universidad in Mexico City, Mexico. His research has appeared in the Journal of Advertising, Journal of Consumer Research, and Journal of International Advertising, as well as the proceedings of the American Marketing Association and Association for Consumer Research conferences. He has consulted with major corporations, advertising agencies, and early stage start-up companies including IBM, Premier Resorts International, SFX Entertainment, the Van Gogh Museum (Netherlands), American Investment Bank,, InfoGears, Scientific Materials, and LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals. Professor Semenik also served on the National Board of Directors of the American Advertising Museum and the Industry Relations Board of the American Academy of Advertising. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan, an MBA from Michigan State University, and a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University.

  • NEW CONTENT ADDRESSES MAJOR INDUSTRY SHIFTS FROM A MODERN PERSPECTIVE. New coverage explores pandemic-related changes in consumer behavior and shifts to e-commerce or mobile commerce as well as the move from traditional ad agencies to boutique or consultancy firms. In addition, students review influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements, today's era of streaming content, the privacy and data ethics revolution, sport and sponsorship-linked marketing as a form of branding, social media and the mobile way of life.

  • UNIQUE FOCUS KEEPS CONTENT RELEVANT FOR BUSINESS, COMMUNICATION OR ADVERTISING SCHOOLS. As this edition emphasizes brand integration and all aspects of the marketing toolkit, the authors apply their diverse professional experiences to clearly demonstrate how content applies to communication, advertising and business. Updates focus on the significance of content in all areas, while addressing the creative aspect of advertising, the strategy aspect and account planning.

  • FLEXIBLE CONTENT IS IDEAL FOR INTRODUCTORY TO UPPER-LEVEL COURSES. This edition provides timely insights and a depth of content that fits a variety of course requirements, from introduction to advertising or marketing principles courses to upper-level classes in advertising strategy, Integrated marketing communications, brand strategy or promotions.

  • CONTENT IS PRESENTED WITHIN A LARGER MARKETING AND BUSINESS CONTEXT. The authors focus on critical aspects of advertising as part of the larger field of marketing and integrated marketing communications. With this perspective students are able to personalize the information and explore applications for their individual professional needs.

  • UPDATES AND REVISIONS REFLECT TOP SCHOLARSHIP FROM LEADING JOURNALS. This edition identifies theories, trends and insights in the field supported by reliable research in publications such as the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research and the Journal of Consumer Research as well as modern practitioner outlets.

  • TIME-SAVING INSTRUCTOR RESOURCES HELP CREATE A POWERFUL COURSE WITH REDUCED PREPARATION TIME. Proven and updated MindTap digital resources, PowerPoint® slides, test banks and a helpful instructor manual make this course as simple as "plug-and-play," which is ideal for instructors who need to reduce class preparation time because of research demands. You can also easily customize and adapt all pre-developed course content to your specific class or student needs.

  • NUMEROUS, EXTENSIVE BRAND EXAMPLES DEMONSTRATE CONCEPTS FROM THIS EDITION AT WORK IN THE REAL WORLD. This edition provides 18 timely and engaging "Integrated Brand Promotion in Action" examples that clearly illustrate how top brands are implementing the key strategies presented throughout this edition. Students see the details of success and potential challenges in these meaningful examples.

  • POPULAR APPROACH PROVIDES WINNING CONTENT BASED ON TWO DECADES OF POSITIVE REVIEWS FROM STUDENTS AND INSTRUCTORS. The authors have created an appealing, relevant approach that has improved upon more than two decades of established success. This edition continues to receive rave reviews from faculty and students. As a result, you can trust that this edition provides meaningful content that your students will enjoy, appreciate and rate highly in evaluations.

  • BALANCED PERSPECTIVE TAKES HONEST, OBJECTIVE LOOK AT THE POSITIVES AND NEGATIVES IN ADVERTISING BRAND PROMOTION TODAY. The author team applies their extensive professional experience to present a balanced perspective throughout this edition. Updates provide both positive and more critical examinations of the current fields of marketing and advertising, giving readers an accurate, objective understanding of the challenges and opportunities for success.

  • CONTENT OFFERS FIRM FOUNDATIONS IN BOTH PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY FOR WELL BALANCED PRESENTATION. The authors have carefully established content with foundations in psychology, using a cognitive lens, as well as sociology, using a cultural lens. While many similar books focus on one or the other, this edition introduces both the cultural knowledge and skills useful in marketing and well as the cognitive responses to advertising and branding.

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