Using QuickBooks® Online for Accounting 2023,
6th Edition

Glenn Owen

ISBN-13: 9780357722213
Copyright 2023 | Published
288 pages | List Price: USD $229.95

Master QuickBooks® Online Accountant (QBOA) at your own pace with the unique self-directed learning approach in Owen's QUICKBOOKS® ONLINE FOR ACCOUNTING, 6E. This edition focuses exclusively on QBOA, allowing you to refine skills while reviewing your understanding of financial accounting, reporting and analysis tools. You learn how accounting information is created and used to make key decisions. Updates introduce the latest features of QBOA, including the ability to create more than one company. New instructions provide even more convenient access to your work through a student portal. Easy-to-follow instructions, real examples and manageable assignments reinforce accounting skills as you practice using the QBOA application. You learn how to set up QBOA to record business events; generate financial statements and reports; and communicate critical information to business owners, investors and creditors. Strengthen skills you will use for business success, no matter what your future plans, with this valuable resource.


1. An Introduction to QuickBooks Online Using the Sample Company.
2. An Overview of QuickBooks Online Using a Case Assigned by your Instructor.
3. Setting Up a New Company: Establishing a Chart of Accounts, Beginning Balances, Customers, Vendors, and Products/Services.
4. Recording Operating Activities: Sales and Cash Receipts.
5. Recording Operating Activities: Purchases and Cash Payments.
6. Recording Investing and Financing Activities.
7. Recording Payroll.
8. Establishing Budgets and Preparing Bank Reconciliations.
9. Analysis and Recording of Adjusting Entries.
10. Preparing Financial Statements and Reports.

  • Glenn Owen

    Glenn Owen, B.A., C.P.A., recently retired from Allan Hancock College. As part of the accounting and business faculty, he guided students to an understanding of accounting and information systems for 21 years. Mr. Owen is also a retired lecturer from the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he taught accounting and information systems courses from 1980 to 2011. His professional experience includes five years at Deloitte & Touche. He also held vice president of finance positions at Westpac Resources, Inc. and Expertelligence, Inc. An acclaimed and well-respected author, Mr. Owen is well known for his QuickBooks® texts, which offer self-paced, case-based instruction on the use of this popular commercial accounting application. His innovative teaching style emphasizes the decision maker’s perspective and encourages students to think creatively. Mr. Owen's graduate studies in educational psychology and his 40 years of business experience yield a balanced blend of theory and practice that permeates and strengthens all of his books.

  • QUICKBOOKS® ONLINE ACCOUNTANT (QBOA) NOW LETS USERS CREATE MULTIPLE COMPANIES. Intuit® and QBOA have expanded capabilities to offer you and your students more flexibility and convenience. While prior versions of QBOA limited users to creating only one company, this version gives you and your students the opportunity to create multiple companies. In addition, this edition offers a more streamlined access QBOA.

  • NEW INSTRUCTIONS DEMONSTRATE HOW TO EASILY ACCESS INTUIT®’S EDUCATOR PORTAL AND STUDENT PORTAL. Using this convenient Educator Portal, you can now easily create classes, add students to your classes and invite students to solve up to four cases provided in this edition. You are able to assign more than one chapter case (from Chs. 3-10) as well as comprehensive cases. In addition, you can assign an additional, different case as an exam problem.

  • SAVE GRADING TIME WITH COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS IN THE INSTRUCTOR'S MANUAL. The instructor resources with this edition save you time in grading and enable you to easily track and report student outcomes. You can also ensure student comprehension with complete solutions in the instructor’s manual for each chapter's case.

  • SELF-PACED APPROACH MAKES THIS BOOK AN IDEAL ADDITION TO ANY ACCOUNTING COURSE. You can easily add this edition as a supplement to your accounting course. This edition's simple-to-follow instructions, examples and manageable assignments require little, if any, in-class instruction. Self-guided and self-paced instruction allows your students to progress logically through the book's real-life case examples and assignments.

  • CLEAR LEARNING OUTCOMES GUIDE BOTH STUDY AND INSTRUCTION IN EACH CHAPTER. Every chapter begins with a list of expected learning outcomes followed by step-by-step explanations of how users can achieve those outcomes. In most chapters the explanations depict a sample company created by Intuit®. Using this company, each chapter clearly demonstrates how to capture and report various operating, investing and financing activities of a business in QuickBooks® Online Accountant (QBOA). End-of-chapter questions and a case study follow to reinforce these explanations.

  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED END-OF-CHAPTER QUESTIONS STRENGTHEN COMPREHENSION. Meaningful, yet challenging, questions at the end of each chapter help readers review key concepts and processes explained within the chapter. A matching section ensures that students understand the chapter's important terms and definitions.

  • INTERESTING STUDENT CASES PROVIDE QBOA HANDS-ON PRACTICE WORKING WITH KEY CONCEPTS. Each case study provides important information and guides students through working with QuickBooks® Online Accountant (QBOA) to add data to their company files. As students advance, the cases build upon information from previous chapters’ cases. To ensure comprehension, students must complete all previous cases before moving ahead.

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