Understanding Current Procedural Terminology and HCPCS Coding Systems: 2023 Edition,
10th Edition

Mary Jo Bowie

ISBN-13: 9780357764305
Copyright 2024 | Published
544 pages | List Price: USD $137.95

Master today's most current 2023 CPT® and HCPCS diagnostic and procedural coding as well as the latest guidelines from federal agencies, Medicare and the American Medical Association (AMA) with Bowie's UNDERSTANDING CURRENT PROCEDURAL TERMINOLOGY AND HCPCS CODING SYSTEMS, 2023 Edition. This trusted and comprehensive resource is updated annually to ensure you learn the most current code sets and understand key developments in the field as you prepare for certification exams and work in today's medical environment. New case studies and expanded coding assignments draw from real-world professional experiences for meaningful practice, while carefully illustrated procedures and current, interesting examples--including situations from COVID-19--help you perfect procedural coding skills for all medical specialties. In addition, hands-on practice with MindTap's digital learning tools can further prepare you for procedural coding success.


1. Introduction to Current Procedural Terminology.
2. Modifiers.
3. Evaluation and Management.
4. Anesthesia.
5. Surgery and the Integumentary System.
6. Musculoskeletal System.
7. Respiratory System.
8. Cardiovascular System.
9. Hemic and Lymphatic Systems.
10. Mediastinum and Diaphragm.
11. Digestive System.
12. Urinary System.
13. Male Genital System.
14. Female Genital System.
15. Maternity Care and Delivery.
16. Endocrine System.
17. Nervous System.
18. Eye and Ocular Adnexa.
19. Auditory System and Operating Microscope.
20. Radiology.
21. Pathology And Laboratory.
22. Medicine.
23. HCPCS Codes.
Appendix I: Billing Forms.
Appendix II: Surgical Positions.
Appendix III: Abdominopelvic Divisions.
Appendix IV: 1997 Documentation Guidelines for Evaluation and Management Services.
Appendix V: 2017 Anesthesia Code Base Units.
Appendix VI: Locality-Adjusted Anesthesia Conversion Factors as a Result of the CY 2017 Final Rule.
Appendix VII: Case Studies.

  • Mary Jo Bowie

    Mary Jo Bowie, M.S., B.S., A.A.S., R.H.I.A., R.H.I.T., is the owner of Health Information Professional Services in Binghamton, New York, which provides consulting services for all aspects of health information management. Previously, she served as director of the Health Information Management and Medical Coding program at Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner, Massachusetts. Widely respected in the field, Ms. Bowie has consulted with health facilities for more than 35 years, has conducted national training seminars on coding and health information management topics and regularly speaks at regional and national professional events. In addition to creating content for Cengage, Ms. Bowie develops instructional content for ICD-10-CM/PCS, CPT®/HCPCS and health data courses. She also teaches a variety of health information technology courses and is an active member of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). In addition, she is a registered health information administrator, an accredited health information technician and an AHIMA ICD-10-CM/PCS-approved trainer. Her education credentials include associate, bachelor's and master's degrees.

  • The text is updated each year to thoroughly explain the most recent guidelines and any relevant changes for new evaluation and management coding. The current edition reflects guidelines effective January 2023, including the 2023 CPT® and HCPCS procedural coding, as well as the other precise guidelines established by federal agencies, Medicare and the American Medical Association (AMA).

  • For the 2023 Edition, the author has added numerous new, focused coding assignments, expanding on the text's wealth of helpful practice opportunities. Exercises are accompanied by clear explanations and detailed information on relevant coding to equip your students for career success.

  • This practical resource provides detailed information on the most recent procedural coding to prepare your students for success on the job. Depending on your course needs and personal preferences, you can use this versatile text on its own, or as an ideal companion to Bowie's UNDERSTANDING ICD-10-CM AND ICD-10-PCS: A WORKTEXT. This edition can also complement the content found in any CPT® or HCPCS Level II manual.

  • An ideal resource for courses and careers in a variety of professional disciplines, this comprehensive text includes detailed information on the CPT® procedural coding system. The 2023 Edition can prepare students for successful careers in health information management or health information technology, including positions as a medical office assistant, coding and reimbursement specialist, health insurance specialist or other specialized role.

  • Numerous, proven learning features in each chapter help to enhance readings, capture students' interest and guide their study for effective comprehension. Chapter outlines, learning objectives, key terms, timely coding examples, notes, tables, Internet links, summaries, exercises and coding assignments integrate seamlessly to keep students focused and engaged throughout your course.

  • Unmatched accuracy makes this text a trusted, timely resource. The author has painstakingly updated content to reflect CPT®-4 codes, align to 2023 industry standards and make this comprehensive learning solution a reliable resource for both novices and professionals in medical coding.

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