Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair,
3rd Edition

Rob Thompson

ISBN-13: 9780357766620
Copyright 2024 | Published
864 pages | List Price: USD $75.95

Delivering complete coverage of ASE Education Foundation’s Maintenance & Light Repair (MLR) program standards, this accessible, practical resource features material spanning the entire MLR task list, as well as many supplemental tasks entry-level technicians need to master. In addition to being thoroughly updated to align to the ASE Education Foundation 2022 Maintenance & Light Repair (MLR) program standards, the Third Edition features color-coded safety information for easy reference, new content on advanced drive assistance systems (ADAS) and updated layouts and imagery to make content more appealing for today’s visual learners. With an engaging writing style and abundant illustrations, this reader-friendly text makes even complex material easier to understand. Proven learning features are integrated into every chapter, including Word Walls highlighting key technical and industry terms and ASE review questions to help you prepare for professional certification exams. Giving you a solid grounding in both automotive competencies and academic and lifelong learning skills like math, science and communication, AUTOMOTIVE MAINTENANCE & LIGHT REPAIR, Third Edition, is the perfect choice to prepare you for classroom and career success.


1. Introduction to the Automotive Industry.
2. Safety.
3. Shop Orientation.
4. Basic Technician Skills.
5. Wheels, Tires and Wheel Bearings.
6. Suspension System Principles.
7. Suspension System Service.
8. Steering System Principles.
9. Steering System Service.
10. Brake System Principles.
11. Brake System Service.
12. Drum Brake System Principles.
13. Drum Brake System Inspection and Service.
14. Disc Brake System Principles.
15. Disc Brake System Inspection and Service.
16. Antilock Brakes, Vehicle Stability Control and Power Assist.
17. Electrical/Electronic System Principles.
18. Basic Electrical/Electronic System Service.
19. Starting and Charging System Principles.
20. Starting and Charging System Service.
21. Lighting and Electrical Accessories.
22. Engine Performance Principles.
23. Engine Mechanical Testing and Service.
24. Engine Performance Service.
25. Drivetrains and Transmissions.
26. Heating and Air Conditioning.
27. Vehicle Maintenance.

  • Rob Thompson

    Rob Thompson has been teaching high school automotive technology since 1995. He currently teaches 11th- and 12th-grade students in an ASE Education Foundation-accredited maintenance and light repair (MLR) program. His teaching career began in 1994 as an adjunct faculty member at Columbus State Community College. Since 2007, Thompson has worked on numerous projects for Cengage Learning and is the author of AUTOMOTIVE MAINTENANCE & LIGHT REPAIR. He has also served on the board and is a past president of the North American Council of Automotive Teachers.

  • The Third Edition features completely updated content to align to the ASE Education Foundation 2022 Maintenance & Light Repair (MLR) program standards. However, many tasks removed from the MLR task list remain in the text to provide enriched learning opportunities for students.

  • Important safety and service information in the text is now color-coded, making it easier to find this essential material and encouraging a stronger emphasis on safety.

  • Word Wall features included in every chapter showcase important technical terms and key concepts that entry-level technicians need to know.

  • The author has updated information related to advanced drive assistance systems (ADAS), and onboard network operation and service has been included where applicable.

  • Updated artwork and graphics throughout the text help clarify and reinforce key chapter content, making material easier to master for today’s visual learners.

  • An updated visual approach includes refreshed design elements such as new bullet point styles, providing a more appealing reading experience.

  • The text features detailed coverage of the ASE Education Foundation's MLR task list, delivering a highly practical learning experience focused on helping students master MLR tasks and attain professional success.

  • In addition to essential industry and technical knowledge, the text emphasizes key academic and professional skills such as math, science, effective communication, strong work ethic and dedication to lifelong learning.

  • Each chapter includes useful features to reinforce learning, including review questions to assess understanding and deepen comprehension, as well as activities to help students hone expertise in key tools, components and systems.

  • Numerous supplemental resources are available to enhance classroom instruction, including customizable PowerPoint® presentations, an instructor’s guide with answer key, an extensive library of images from the text, a Cognero® test bank and correlations to NATEF tasks.

  • Lab worksheets in the accompanying workbook promote mastery of essential ASE Education Foundation tasks through practical, hands-on activities designed to help students apply what they have learned to real-world scenarios.

  • Written by an experienced instructor who has taught high school automotive courses for more than two decades, the text features a clear, engaging writing style and extensive photographs and illustrations, making the material readily accessible for students of all backgrounds.

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