Learning About Immigration Law,
4th Edition

Constantinos E Scaros

ISBN-13: 9780357767542
Copyright 2024 | Published
496 pages | List Price: USD $124.95

LEARNING ABOUT IMMIGRATION LAW, Fourth Edition, is the most up-to-date immigration law text available, accounting for all of the extensive legal changes since September 11, 2001. In addition to detailed coverage of the essential knowledge, processes and tools legal professionals need to master immigration law, the text includes numerous real-life examples to make the material come alive for readers. The new edition features updated information on recent trends and developments, advice on discussing controversial immigration-related issues and a valuable guide to studying for the U.S. citizenship exam. Despite its comprehensive content, this trusted text is reader-friendly and engaging, making it approachable whether you're a legal professional or someone with no formal knowledge of the law who simply wants to help a friend, neighbor or family member with questions or concerns about immigration law. The author assumes no previous knowledge, drawing on his decades of professional experience to deliver an accessible, practical instruction manual on modern immigration law.


1. Talking about Immigration in and out of the Classroom.
2. Immigration Law and Policy.
3. Nonimmigrants.
4. Immigrants: Relative-Based.
5. Immigrations: Employment-Based.
6. Other Types of LPR Status.
7. American Citizenship.
8. Inadmissibility and Removal.
9. Refugees and Asylum.
10. Tips for the Immigration Legal Professional.

  • Constantinos E Scaros

    Constantinos E. Scaros has taught, practiced and written about immigration law for several decades. An attorney, law professor and author, he has also served as an educator and administrator in the areas of history, political science, journalism and college success. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science, a doctorate in law and a master’s degree and a doctorate in history.

  • The Fourth Edition contains updated information on recent immigration laws, including key policies established during the Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations.

  • A new introductory chapter focuses on how to discuss immigration, immigration law and related issues both within and outside of the classroom. In addition, the author includes helpful advice on teaching controversial immigration issues throughout the text.

  • Each chapter includes numerous review questions and hypothetical scenarios designed to assess readers' knowledge and deepen their understanding of immigration law.

  • The text includes American Citizenship Preparation guidelines with practice questions, providing a useful, practical resource for anyone considering an application for citizenship.

  • Drawing on his extensive experience in the field, the author includes a variety of tips and insights intended specifically for legal professionals interested in immigration law.

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