Reading Keys,
5th Edition

Laraine E. Flemming

ISBN-13: 9780357794272
Copyright 2024 | Published
592 pages | List Price: USD $111.95

READING KEYS offers a comprehensive introduction to reading skills by providing clear explanations followed by concrete examples to help students thoroughly understand reading concepts. Students will enjoy engaging excerpts that include timely topics such as the benefits and drawbacks of using technology programs like ChatGPT to facilitate reading comprehension.


1. Getting into a Textbook State of Mind.
2. More on Words and Meanings.
3. Understanding Sentence Relationships.
4. Identifying Topics, Main Ideas, and Topic Sentences.
5. Working Together: Topic Sentences and Supporting Details.
6. Drawing Inferences About Implied Main Ideas.
7. Recognizing Patterns of Organization.
8. Mixing and Matching Organizational Patterns.
9. Analyzing Arguments.
10. Combining Your Skills.

  • Laraine E. Flemming

    After receiving her B.S. at Southern Connecticut State University, where she was certified as a teacher of secondary reading, Laraine Flemming went on to earn an M.A. in English literature at Boston College and a Ph.D. in American literature at the State University of New York in Buffalo. During her career, Flemming has taught students from elementary to graduate school covering subjects as varied as reading and writing, American literature, time management, speed reading, and study skills. She began writing textbooks while working as Director of the Reading and Writing Center at Dean Junior College. In need of a reading textbook that had lots of exercises combined with genuinely thought-provoking readings, Flemming decided to write her own. You can contact Laraine Flemming by emailing her at or by visiting her website at

  • This latest edition provides twice the number of textbook readings, allowing students to effectively apply their acquired knowledge to college assignments.

  • This updated version offers more excerpts and revised explanations to guide students on how to go about drawing logical conclusions and inferences.

  • The study method SQ3R has evolved into the contemporary SQ4R, which prompts students to draw upon personal experiences as a way of enhancing and enriching their reading process.

  • This enhanced version introduces foundational writing skills such as the "Two-Step Topic Sentence", which teaches students how to combine elements from two sentences into one concise and impactful statement.

  • The 5th edition includes topics and excerpts students are excited to read! Instructors will appreciate fresh and timely passages that peak student interest such as Spring festivals around the world, the profound influence of Latin rhythms on American Music, the remarkable intelligence of crows, the underlying corruption fueling the opioid crisis and complex challenges posed by invasive species.

  • Students will enjoy timely, relevant, and engaging reading resources and material. For example, students will learn how to leverage ChatGPT as a writing resource without getting mired by its potential limitations or restrictions to effective learning.

  • The extended use of Vocabulary Notes enables students to master new words with ease. In addition to the vital skill of identifying the main idea, expanding vocabulary plays an important role in every reading classroom. Students will enjoy interacting with a "Ten Words for Your Vocabulary" feature presented in each chapter to help them develop a proficient and extensive academic vocabulary.

  • Thorough explanations and concrete examples of abstract topics motivate students to apply newly acquired reading skills, strategies and techniques.

  • The thoughtfully structured lesson plans provide students with a gradual progression of instruction, starting with general study reading strategies (Chapter 1) and progressing to defining words based on context and word parts (Chapter 2). As the lessons unfold, students receive step-by-step explanations on how to identify topics and main ideas, make inferences and recognize patterns of organization. As students progress through these foundational stages, they are prepared to explore more advanced skills such as writing summaries and analyzing arguments.

  • Following each explanation of a topic or skill, students are presented with a “Reading Skills” summary that provides students a chance to review their newly acquired learnings before they move onto engaging exercises that offer immediate hands-on practice.

  • End-of-chapter elements include a final "Rounding Up the Keys" chapter review, a "Ten Words for Your Academic Vocabulary" list and quiz, an extended "Digging Deeper" reading selection that provides hands-on practice of new skills and 5-8 tests that measure students' mastery of the concepts presented in each chapter.

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