The Challenge of Democracy:,
15th Edition

Kenneth Janda, Jeffrey M. Berry, Jerry Goldman, Deborah Schildkraut, Paul Manna

ISBN-13: 9780357794555
Copyright 2024 | Published
400 pages | List Price: USD $187.95

Thoroughly updated through the 2022 elections, Janda/Berry/Goldman/Schildkraut/Manna's THE CHALLENGE OF DEMOCRACY: AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IN GLOBAL POLITICS, Enhanced 15th Edition explores how the clash of values surrounding freedom, order and equality characterize U.S. politics. The authors illustrate tensions between majoritarian and pluralist views of democracy across the political landscape, examine how U.S. political institutions and outputs compare to those in other countries and highlight the fragility of American democracy.


1. Freedom, Order, or Equality?
2. Majoritarian or Pluralist Democracy?
3. The Constitution.
4. Federalism.
5. Public Opinion and Political Socialization.
6. The Media.
7. Participation and Voting.
8. Political Parties.
9. Nominations, Elections, and Campaigns.
10. Interest Groups.
11. Congress.
12. The Presidency.
13. The Bureaucracy.
14. The Courts.
15. Order and Civil Liberties.
16. Equality and Civil Rights.
17. Economic Policy.
18. Policymaking and Domestic Policy.

  • Kenneth Janda

    Kenneth Janda is the Payson S. Wild Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Northwestern University. He has published extensively in comparative party politics, research methodology and early use of computer technology in political science, for which he received awards from EDUCOM and support from Apple. His American Political Science Association awards include the Samuel Eldersveld Lifetime Achievement Award for his studies of party politics (2000) and the Frank J. Goodnow Award for distinguished service to the profession and the association (2009). Dr. Janda and fellow author Dr. Jerry Goldman shared APSA technology awards in 1992 for the IDEAlog computer program and in 2005 for the IDEAlog website. His most recent books are A TALE OF TWO PARTIES; LIVING AMONGST DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS SINCE 1952 (2021) and THE REPUBLICAN EVOLUTION: FROM GOVERNING PARTY TO ANTIGOVERNMENT PARTY, 1860-2020 (2022).

  • Jeffrey M. Berry

    Jeffrey M. Berry is the John Richard Skuse Professor of Political Science at Tufts University. In addition to the American Political Science Association's Samuel Eldersveld Lifetime Achievement Award (2009), Dr. Berry received APSA "best book" awards for THE REBIRTH OF URBAN DEMOCRACY (1994), A VOICE FOR NONPROFITS (2004) and LOBBYING AND POLITICAL CHANGE (2009) as well as an award from the Policy Studies Organization for THE NEW LIBERALISM (1999). His most recent book is THE OUTRAGE INDUSTRY: POLITICAL OPINION MEDIA AND THE NEW INCIVILITY (with Sarah Sobieraj). Following undergraduate work at the University of California, Berkeley, he completed his doctorate at Johns Hopkins University.

  • Jerry Goldman

    Jerry Goldman is professor emeritus of political science at Northwestern University. He is the 2010 recipient of the first American Political Science Association/CQ Press Award for Teaching Innovation in Political Science and has received many other awards, including the American Bar Association's Silver Gavel for increasing the public's understanding of the law, the EDUCOM Medal and the Roman & Littlefield Prize for Teaching Innovation. In 2012, Dr. Goldman made the Fastcase 50: "the 50 most interesting, provocative and courageous leaders in the world of law, scholarship and legal technology". Through the Oyez multimedia Supreme Court archive project at, he has brought the U.S. Supreme Court closer to everyone. Following undergraduate work at Brooklyn College, he completed his Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University.

  • Deborah Schildkraut

    Deborah J. Schildkraut is professor of political science at Tufts University. She is the author of STATES OF BELONGING: IMMIGRATION POLITICS, ATTITUDES, AND INCLUSION (2021), AMERICANISM IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY: PUBLIC OPINION IN THE AGE OF IMMIGRATION (2011), PRESS "ONE" FOR ENGLISH: LANGUAGE POLICY, PUBLIC OPINION, AND AMERICAN IDENTITY (2005) and several research articles. Her research focuses on the implications of the changing ethnic composition of the United States on public opinion in a variety of domains. Professor Schildkraut has received awards from the American Political Science Association for the best book published in the field of political psychology (2012) and for the best paper presented in the field of elections, public opinion and voting behavior (2009). In addition, she has served on the Board of Overseers for the American National Election Study and as a reviewer for the National Science Foundation. Following undergraduate work at Tufts University, she completed her Ph.D. at Princeton University.

  • Paul Manna

    Paul Manna is the Isabelle and Jerome E. Hyman Distinguished University Professor of Government at William & Mary, where he also is director of the Public Policy Program. His work focuses on American politics, policy implementation, federalism, bureaucracy and research methods. Dr. Manna is the author of SCHOOL'S IN: FEDERALISM AND THE NATIONAL EDUCATION AGENDA (2006) and COLLISION COURSE: FEDERAL EDUCATION POLICY MEETS STATE AND LOCAL REALITIES (2011) as well as co-editor of EDUCATION GOVERNANCE FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY: OVERCOMING THE STRUCTURAL BARRIERS TO SCHOOL REFORM (2013). His public-facing scholarship includes partnering with The Wallace Foundation along with state governments and universities, local school districts and nongovernmental organizations to help develop excellent school principals across the U.S. states. After graduating with his B.A. in political science from Northwestern University, he taught social studies in his hometown public high school before earning his M.A. and Ph.D. in political science from the University of Wisconsin.

  • Thoroughly updated, the Enhanced 15th Edition addresses the COVID-19 pandemic, the impeachment of President Trump, immigration reform, gun control and much more. A new section details the unprecedented role played by a defeated presidential candidate -- as party leader -- in endorsing party hopefuls in the 2022 congressional primary elections.

  • Ensuring students thoroughly engage with key concepts, the authors weave real-world issues throughout the text's enduring themes. The text includes coverage of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy, debates about health care reform, the impact of social media on political activity and democratic discourse, gun control, immigration politics, education policy, campaign finance and more.

  • Continued emphasis on the tensions between pluralist and majoritarian visions of democracy. The authors use these models to illustrate the dynamics of the American political system, including rising partisanship in Congress, the ways in wich public opinion does (or does not) shape public polity, and the influence of money on a range of political processes.

  • Continuing the text's emphasis on the "Freedom, Order or Equality" theme, a feature in each chapter highlights the tensions among these values and their connection to chapter concepts. These features offer insight into diversity in Congress; ideology as an identity versus ideology as a set of policy preferences; how presidents evoke freedom, order and equality in the State of the Union; state judicial elections; and much more.

  • Maximizing study time, clearly defined learning outcomes are tightly integrated into each chapter to increase student comprehension and preparedness. Major chapter topics are organized around the numbered outcomes. Chapter summaries and review questions are correlated to the outcomes, which are reiterated in the summary and end-of-chapter quiz.

  • MindTap for THE CHALLENGE OF DEMOCRACY, Enhanced 15th Edition, delivers an immersive, outcomes-driven online learning experience. In addition to a dynamic eBook that brings the printed text to life, a variety of assignable, auto-graded activities enable students to flex their critical thinking muscles while soaking in key concepts. Learners are encouraged to read with close attention, write persuasively with logic, interpret data, consider and articulate their own positions on key course topics and much more. Integration with your learning management system allows you to easily export grades and access analytics.

  • Each chapter opens with the text's signature "#ChallengeAccepted" feature asking students to consider a current topic related to the concepts being discussed. Each "challenge" ends with a critical-thinking question that deepens student engagement with the themes developed in the vignette. An accompanying challenge in MindTap helps students dive deeper into chapter concepts.

  • Every vignette and feature throughout the text ends with critical-thinking questions that prompt students to fully consider the implications of the topic at hand. In addition, updates to statistics, data and related art help students sharpen data analysis skills.

  • More engaging than ever, the Enhanced 15th Edition is packed with new art. All images are numbered to enhance navigation in both the print and digital versions of the text. Questions added to images and figures in every chapter provide additional opportunities for critical thinking.

  • Completely revised, Chapter 13 "The Bureaucracy" more effectively connects with contemporary scholarship and more explicitly relates the work of bureaucracy to key themes such as representation and the politics of policy implementation.

  • A "Global Politics" feature in every chapter places political issues in their international context. Examples include press freedoms around the world, impeachment of national leaders, judicial selection and the representation of women in legislatures.

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