Physics for Scientists and Engineers, AP® Edition, 10th Student Edition,
10th Edition

Raymond A. Serway

ISBN-13: 9780357872673
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Taking an integrative approach, Serway/Jewett's PHYSICS FOR SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS, Tenth Edition, AP® Edition, seamlessly aligns critical physics content with both in-class group problem-solving and online homework that features targeted feedback and tutorials. The program is now more student-friendly than ever, introducing new context-rich exercises, Think-Pair-Share problems and effective educational pedagogy. It incorporates new AP®-specific review material to support the latest AP® Physics C course requirements. The art program and detailed examples compliment the concise language and meticulous instruction that Raymond A. Serway and John W. Jewett, Jr. are renowned for. In addition, the digital learning platform, WebAssign, empowers teachers and students with an optimal solution for homework and assessment, enhancing student success and teacher convenience.


1. Physics and Measurement.
AP® Unit 1 Study Guide.
2. Motion in One Dimension.
3. Vectors.
4. Motion in Two Dimensions.
AP® Unit 2 Study Guide.
5. The Laws of Motion.
6. Circular Motion and Other Applications of Newton's Laws.
AP® Unit 3 Study Guide.
7. Energy of a System.
8. Conservation of Energy.
AP® Unit 4 Study Guide.
9. Linear Momentum and Collisions.
AP® Unit 5 Study Guide.
10. Rotation of a Rigid Object About a Fixed Axis.
AP® Unit 6 Study Guide.
11. Angular Momentum.
12. Static Equilibrium and Elasticity.
13. Universal Gravitation.
14. Fluid Mechanics.
AP® Unit 7 Study Guide.
15. Oscillatory Motion.
16. Wave Motion.
17. Superposition and Standing Waves.
18. Temperature.
19. The First Law of Thermodynamics.
20. The Kinetic Theory of Gases.
21. Heat Engines, Entropy, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
AP® Unit 8 Study Guide.
22. Electric Fields.
23. Continuous Charge Distributions and Gauss's Law.
AP® Unit 9 Study Guide.
24. Electric Potential.
AP® Unit 10 Study Guide.
25. Capacitance and Dielectrics.
AP® Unit 11 Study Guide.
26. Current and Resistance.
27. Direct-Current Circuits.
AP® Unit 12 Study Guide.
28. Magnetic Fields.
29. Sources of the Magnetic Field.
AP® Unit 13 Study Guide.
30. Faraday's Law.
31. Inductance.
32. Alternating-Current Circuits.
33. Electromagnetic Waves.
34. The Nature of Light and the Principles of Ray Optics.
35. Image Formation.
36. Wave Optics.
37. Diffraction Patterns and Polarization.
38. Relativity.
AP® Physics C: Mechanics Practice Exam.
AP® Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism Practice Exam.
A. Tables.
B. Mathematics Review.
C. Periodic Table of the Elements.
D. SI Units.
Answers to Quick Quizzes and Odd-Numbered Problems.

  • Raymond A. Serway

    Raymond A. Serway is Professor Emeritus at James Madison University. He earned his doctorate at Illinois Institute of Technology. Among his accolades, he received an honorary doctorate degree from his alma mater, Utica College, the 1990 Madison Scholar Award at James Madison University (where he taught for 17 years), the 1977 Distinguished Teaching Award at Clarkson University and the 1985 Alumni Achievement Award from Utica College. As a Guest Scientist at the IBM Research Laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland, Dr. Serway worked with K. Alex Müller, who shared the 1987 Nobel Prize in Physics. He also was a visiting scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, where he collaborated with his mentor and friend, the late Sam Marshall. In addition to this text, Dr. Serway is the co-author of COLLEGE PHYSICS, Eleventh Edition; PRINCIPLES OF PHYSICS, Fifth Edition; ESSENTIALS OF COLLEGE PHYSICS; MODERN PHYSICS, Third Edition; and the high school textbook PHYSICS, published by Holt McDougal. He has published more than 40 research papers in the field of condensed matter physics and has given more than 60 presentations at professional meetings.

  • This latest edition offers the latest AP® Correlations for both the Physics C: Mechanics and Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism course curricula.

  • Enjoy new AP® Unit Study Guides for each of the 13 AP® Physics C course units, including AP®-style review questions.

  • This latest edition features AP® Practice Exams, one for each of the Physics C: Mechanics and Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism courses.

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