Android Boot Camp for Developers Using Java®: A Guide to Creating Your First Android Apps,
4th Edition

Corinne Hoisington

ISBN-13: 9780357881231
Copyright 2024 | Published
448 pages | List Price: USD $151.95

Gain a strong foundation in Java® programming with the confidence and technical skills to build working mobile applications when you use ANDROID BOOT CAMP FOR DEVELOPERS USING JAVA®: A GUIDE TO CREATING YOUR FIRST ANDROID APPS, 4E. Written by an award-winning technology author, this book provides a thorough introduction to Java® with an emphasis on creating effective mobile applications. This book is ideal whether you have some programming experience or are brand new to Java® and the Android Studio. The book’s hands-on tutorial approach offers step-by-step instruction and numerous screen shots to guide you through tasks. Practical callouts, industry tips, and a variety of cases and assignments reinforce your understanding of programming logic and Java® tools for Android. Instruction is relevant for today and focused on programming principles for the future. Become a competitive programmer equipped to meet the growing demand for mobile apps with this engaging text.


1. Voila! Meeting the Android Using Android Studio.
2. Simplify! The Android Studio User Interface.
3. Engage! Android User Input, Variables, and Operations.
4. Explore! Icons and Decision Making Controls.
5. Investigate! Android Lists, Arrays, and Web Browsers.
6. Jam! Implementing Audio in Android Apps.
7. Reveal! Displaying Pictures in a GridView.
8. Design! Using a DatePicker on a Tablet.
9. Customize! Navigating with Tabs on a Tablet App.
10. Move! Creating Animation and Graphics.
11. Discover! Persistent Data.
12. Finale! Publishing your Android App.

  • Corinne Hoisington

    Corinne Hoisington is a full-time professor of information systems technology at Central Virginia Community College in Lynchburg, Virginia, with more than 25 years of teaching experience. She travels over 200,000 miles a year delivering keynote addresses to college and university professors and K-12 educators in over 70 cities worldwide for customers such as Microsoft Corp., Microsoft Canada Camp 21 International Events, Cengage, ByteSpeed, Capital One International Bank, Executive LIVE in London and Johannesburg, and the international South by Southwest (SXSW) event in Austin, Texas. Professor Hoisington is the recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award in Computer Programming. In addition, she has authored over 30 textbooks with Cengage and National Geographic on topics such as Outlook 365, Office 365, Microsoft Windows, Android Boot Camp Java, Technology Now and Visual Basic.

  • Good to Know, On The Job and Critical Thinking: Good to Know notes offer tips about Android devices, Android apps and the Android development tools. On the Job features provide programming advice and practical solutions similar to those who work professionally in the Information Technology sector. Critical Thinking features pose thought-provoking questions and provide answers related to programming and Java.

  • Step-by-step Tutorials: Starting in the first chapter, you create complete working Android apps by performing the steps in a series of hands-on tutorials that lead you through the development process in the newest version of Android.

  • Code Syntax Features: Each new programming concept or technique is introduced with a Code Syntax feature that highlights a type of statement or programming structure. The code is analyzed and explained thoroughly before you use it in the chapter project.

  • Summaries: At the end of each chapter is a Summary feature that recaps the Android terms, programming concepts and Java coding techniques covered in the chapter so that you have a way to check your understanding of the chapter’s main points.

  • Key Terms: Each chapter includes definitions of new terms, alphabetized for ease of reference. This feature is another useful way to review the chapter’s major concepts.

  • Developer FAQs: Each chapter contains many short-answer questions that help you review the key concepts in the chapter.

  • Beyond the Book: In addition to review questions, each chapter provides research topics and questions. You can search the web to find the answers to these questions and further your Android knowledge.

  • Case Programming Projects: Except for Chapter 12, each chapter outlines realistic programming projects, including their purpose, algorithms and conditions. For each project, you use the same steps and techniques you learned in the chapter to create a running Android app on your own.

  • Quality: Every chapter project and case programming project was tested using Windows 10/11 and Mac OS X computers.

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