11th Edition

Hossein Bidgoli

ISBN-13: 9780357883860
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With its practically focused approach, Bidgoli's MIS 11 helps you explore MIS concepts and advancements that will enhance your personal and professional success. Over 130 real-life information boxes and cases illustrate how the materials covered in the text positively impact your everyday life as well as future career. With this edition's MindTap digital experience, you can strengthen your decision-making skills with "You Make the Decision" interactive case studies that bridge technology and business strategy -- with you as the decision-maker. New concept videos and foundational case studies help you delve deeper into key course concepts, while the micro-course on SQL fundamentals gives you hands-on coding experience. In addition, MindTap's MIS for Life spotlights the latest developments and trends in today's dynamic business world.


1. Information Systems in Business.
2. Computers and Their Business Applications.
3. Data and Business Intelligence.
4. Personal, Legal, Ethical, and Organizational Issues.
5. Protecting Information Resources.
6. Data Communication: Delivering Information Anywhere and Anytime.
7. A Connected World.
8. E-Commerce.
9. Global Information Systems.
10. Building Successful Information Systems.
11. Enterprise Systems.
12. Supporting Decisions and Processes.
13. Artificial Intelligence and Automation.
14. Emerging Trends, Technologies, and Applications.

  • Hossein Bidgoli

    Hossein Bidgoli, Ph.D., is professor of Management Information Systems at California State University. Dr. Bidgoli helped set up the first PC Lab in the United States and served as its initial director. He is the author of 45 textbooks, 27 manuals and more than 60 technical articles and papers on various aspects of computer applications, information systems and network security, e-commerce and decision support systems published and presented throughout the world. Dr. Bidgoli also serves as the editor-in-chief of THE HANDBOOK OF TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT, THE INTERNET ENCYCLOPEDIA, THE HANDBOOK OF INFORMATION SECURITY, THE HANDBOOK OF COMPUTER NETWORKS and THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS. THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS was a recipient of one of the Library Journal’s Best Reference Sources for 2002. THE INTERNET ENCYCLOPEDIA was a recipient of one of the 2004 PSP Awards (Professional and Scholarly Publishing) by Association of American Publishers.

  • STUDENTS CAN EASILY RELATE TO UP-TO-DATE BUSINESS EXAMPLES. Current and relevant, MIS 11 examples and cases highlight companies and products that today's students will recognize, such as Microsoft, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify and iPhone.

  • UP-TO-DATE COVERAGE EXPLORES AND EXPLAINS THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND CURRENT MIS DEVELOPMENTS AND TRENDS. The author carefully examines the technology behind recent business cases and developments that students are familiar with, but likely do not understand, such as blockchain and cryptocurrency. Coverage also examines 5G/6G and its business applications as well as the use of VR/AR/MR in today's workplace.

  • CONCISE, COMPLETE MODULES PRESENT INFORMATION IN AN APPEALING, READER-FRIENDLY FORMAT. Succinct yet comprehensive modules break meaningful content into manageable segments. Modules offer a learner-friendly format that encourages students to read the information -- all without minimizing coverage for your course.

  • KEY TOPICS ALIGN WITH AASCB STANDARDS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. Content is labeled with corresponding AASCB standards so you know you are addressing the most current requirements. Case studies, information boxes and relevant material are all clearly identified with the most recent AASCB standards.

  • MINDTAP DIGITAL RESOURCES PROPEL STUDENTS FROM MEMORIZATION TO MASTERY. This online, outcome-driven application gives you complete ownership of your course. With MindTap you can challenge every student in your course, build their confidence and empower them to be unstoppable. Built-in apps leverage social media and allow students to take the entire eBook on the go. The latest learning technology helps students stay connected to your course and to you, while MindTap Reader takes the textbook experience to a whole new level with the ability to take notes or highlight within the Reader itself.

  • THE MINDTAP DIGITAL LEARNING EXPERIENCE OFFERS NEW ASSIGNMENTS, SCENARIOS AND CASE STUDIES. MindTap's innovative digital resources offer new analytical auto-graded assignments that provide immediate feedback to your students. MindTap also provides branching scenarios and short case studies that test student understanding of foundational concepts. You can easily identify topics that are challenging the entire class while reducing the amount of time you spend grading.

  • BRANCHING SCENARIOS PLACE STUDENTS IN POSITION AS KEY DECISION-MAKERS. You Make the Decision activities within MindTap for MIS 11 prompt learners to apply their knowledge to novel business cases where they are positioned as the decision-maker. The students make a series of decisions and see instant results. MindTap indicates if the decisions achieved an optimal or suboptimal outcome, which provides students with immediate feedback on their choices.

  • CONCEPT VIDEOS IN MINDTAP FURTHER EXPLORE KEY LEARNINGS. These engaging videos enable learners to dig deeper into key MIS concepts and take foundational course content to the next level of application and understanding.

  • PERSONALIZED TEAM SUPPORTS YOUR MINDTAP TEACHING EFFORTS. MindTap isn't just a tool; it's backed by a personalized team eager to support you. Find the help you need to set up your course within MindTap and tailor the resources to your specific objectives. You are ready to make an impact from day one. Your personalized MindTap Support Team is right here to help you and your students throughout the semester -- and beyond.

  • SAM APP IN MINDTAP HELPS STUDENTS STRENGTHEN THEIR PROFICIENCY IN MICROSOFT® OFFICE APPLICATIONS. This app provides access to SAM, an interactive online learning environment designed to help students master Microsoft® Office and computer concepts essential to academic and career success. After students observe, practice and train, they apply their skills live in the application. All Office 2019 trainings, exams and projects are available in this edition's MindTap.

  • SQL CODING LABS OFFER HANDS-ON LEARNING. A micro-course on SQL fundamentals provides lessons and assignments that give students hands-on coding experience while also supplementing narrative discussions of database management systems by introducing the basics of SQL.

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