Anatomy & Physiology Lab Manual,
1st Edition

Elizabeth Co, Hilary Engebretson

ISBN-13: 9780357909164
Copyright 2024 | Published
700 pages | List Price: USD $81.00

Co/Engebretson's ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY LAB MANUAL, 1st Edition, will capture your attention with its easy-to-use format and stunning visuals. In this lab manual, you’ll see diverse images, statistics, and information that accurately depict our diverse population. You’ll also find a conversational tone, learning tips and approachable activities that all make A&P as easy to learn as possible. The core activities have been chosen by instructors specifically for students, and the activities are aligned with the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) learning outcomes and with clinical situations so that you are prepared for your future careers.


1. Introduction to the Human Body
2. Surface Anatomy
3. Cellular Anatomy
4. Introduction to the Light Microscope
5. Movement Across Biological Membranes
6. Introduction to Tissues
7. Integument
8. Bone Tissue
9. Axial Skeleton
10. Appendicular Skeleton
11. Joints
12. Muscular Tissue
13. Axial Muscles
14. Appendicular Muscles
15. Intro to the Nervous System
16A. Chemical Senses
16B. Vision, Hearing, and Equilibrium
16C. General Senses
17. Brain and Cranial Nerves
18. Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerve
19. Reflex Arc and Reflexes
20. Autonomic Nervous System
21. Endocrine System
22. Blood
23. The Heart
24. Blood Vessels
25. Cardiovascular Physiology
26. Lymphatic and Immune Systems
27. Anatomy of the Respiratory System
28. Respiratory Physiology
29. Anatomy of the Digestive System
30. Digestive Physiology
31. Anatomy of the Urinary System
32. Urinalysis and Urinary Physiology
33. Reproduction
34. Development

  • Elizabeth Co

    Liz (Elizabeth) Co is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Departments of Biology and Health Sciences at Boston University. She teaches Gross (cadaveric) Anatomy, Human Physiology, Systems Physiology, and Physiology of Reproduction. As a professor, Dr. Co is renowned for her passion—both about the human body and about learning itself. In 2018 she was nominated by students and members of the faculty at BU and received the Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching, Boston University’s highest teaching award. Dr. Co’s current research focuses on learning, particularly critical-thinking skills development. Within her large introductory courses she integrates an active learning and study skills curriculum. One of the focal points she investigates is how “student awareness about their learning impacts their assessment performance.” She serves on the Physiology learning objective panel of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society, and works with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute on a project developing educational resources for use in Anatomy and Physiology and Biology courses.

  • Hilary Engebretson

    Hilary Engebretson is an associate professor in the science and engineering department at Whatcom Community College in Washington State. She teaches both the lecture and lab components of Human Anatomy and Physiology 1, Human Anatomy and Physiology 2, and Human Biology. She approaches teaching these classes as a collaborative effort between instructor and students. As an academic, Hilary’s first love and primary focus is teaching, so it is no surprise that her research is about teaching and learning in higher education anatomy and physiology courses. She explores how students seek help in these classes and how instructors can facilitate and improve students’ effective help-seeking actions at college and university.

  • DIVERSE CONTENT. The authors have intentionally designed a lab manual that includes diverse images, statistics and information that serve as an accurate and inclusive representation of our diverse society.

  • ALIGNMENT TO CORE TEXT. Liz Co, author of Co's Anatomy & Physiology, 1st Edition, thoughtfully designed and co-authored this lab manual to align with her first edition text to create a seamless lecture/lab experience for students.

  • STREAMLINED APPROACH. The lab manual includes core activities that were carefully selected by A&P instructors, for A&P instructors. Without the extraneous materials, the lab contains content that is easy to assign and customize for any lab experience.

  • CRITICAL-THINKING DEVELOPMENT. Lab activities prompt thinking from students rather than just allowing them to go through the motions of lab exercises. Students think critically about the information they are learning through application exercises, critical-thinking questions and case studies.

  • DIGITAL EXPERIENCE. For the first time, lab activities can be assigned, completed and graded using the MindTap virtual platform. This digital lab experience aligns with the printed lab manual and allows students and instructors to choose an experience that best fits their needs.

  • CLINICAL CASE STUDIES. Connect content to real-world scenarios while students develop critical-thinking skills.

  • ACTIVE LEARNING. Engage students in active learning of human anatomy, rather than rote memorization.

  • CONVERSATIONAL TONE. The approachable writing style used in this lab manual makes A&P easy-to-understand for students.

  • FLEXIBLE ACTIVITIES. The modular, streamlined content allows instructors to choose activities within each topic that best fit the time constraints and lab resources available.

  • LEARNING TIPS. Incorporated throughout the lab manual, learning tips help students grasp difficult concepts.

  • 3D MODELS. Available within the MindTap virtual platform, students have additional access to 3D models to supplement lab activities.

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