The Complete Textbook of Phlebotomy,
6th Edition

Lynn B. Hoeltke

ISBN-13: 9780357932797
Copyright 2025 | Published
480 pages | List Price: USD $180.95

With a strong emphasis on practical hands-on learning, Hoeltke's THE COMPLETE TEXTBOOK OF PHLEBOTOMY, Sixth Edition has been fully updated to provide the critical skills and guidelines you need to be a successful health care professional. Organized in an easy-to-follow format, the material provides more than 20 clear, step-by-step procedures with related laboratory processes critical to building your knowledge, confidence and career success. THE COMPLETE TEXTBOOK OF PHLEBOTOMY covers the latest professional standards and competencies you need for certification. Real-world scenarios and prompts emphasize the phlebotomist's legal and ethical role in patient care decisions and thoughtfully connect complex concepts to the reality of today's health care environment.


1. Introduction to Phlebotomy.
2. Infection Control
3. Safety Guidelines.
4. Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology.
5. Anatomy and Physiology of the Circulatory System.
6. Phlebotomy Equipment.
7. Phlebotomy Technique.
8. Patient Reactions and Phlebotomy Complications
9. Capillary Collection and Caring for the Pediatric Patient.
10. Blood Collection Special Procedures.
11. Nonblood Collection Special Procedures.
12. Sample Preparation and Handling.
13. Customer Service.
14. Legal and Ethical Issues.
15. Competency.
Appendix A: NAACLS Phlebotomist Competencies.
Appendix B: Frequently Ordered Laboratory Tests.
Appendix C: Blood Volume and Maximum Draw.
Appendix D: Just for Fun.

  • Lynn B. Hoeltke

    Lynn B. Hoeltke, M.B.A., M.T. (A.S.C.P.), P.B.T, D.L.M., works for a leading hospital laboratory in the Midwest. In addition to more than 40 years' experience in various laboratory leadership roles, Mr. Hoeltke has taught on the technical college level, developed and taught a nursing-based program for a hospital, and taught phlebotomy as a career development program for entry-level laboratory positions. He also has served as phlebotomy advisor with Evena Medical to develop infrared imaging as a tool to find veins for venipuncture, and he has consulted with several nursing homes and laboratories in teaching phlebotomy techniques to their staff. Mr. Hoeltke has published several magazine articles, has been a contributing textbook author for COMPREHENSIVE MEDICAL ASSISTING, and is the author of multiple phlebotomy texts, including THE CLINICAL LABORATORY MANUAL SERIES: PHLEBOTOMY, and PHLEBOTOMY: PROCEDURES AND PRACTICE by Delmar, Cengage Learning. He has also assisted in the production of a Phlebotomy Skills Video Review based on the procedures in his textbook.

  • "Helpful Hints" provide important information and guidelines that connect concepts with real-world practices to help students transition from classroom learning to careers as phlebotomy professionals.

  • Content is mapped and correlated against the most recent Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) guidelines and best-practice standards. Content updates throughout the text provide coverage of cutting-edge technology and techniques, including continuous glucose monitoring in the point-of-care section, the latest national standards updates for proper patient identification, new guidelines and techniques for obtaining cooperation from pediatric patients and using handheld devices to obtain lab orders.

  • Step-by-step guidelines for more than 20 collection procedures help students learn the proper techniques for career success.

  • Each chapter features a list of learning objectives and relevant National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) competencies to help guide students' learning and prepare them for professional practice.

  • Laboratory tests are clearly and thoroughly explained to help students better understand why samples are collected and how variation in sample collection techniques can affect test results.

  • Real-world scenarios and Critical Thinking questions prepare students for career success.

  • The visually appealing design includes more than 200 full-color photographs, illustrations and artwork that make it easier for students to engage with the material and hone critical skills.

  • Each chapter builds on the previous ones to create a learning experience that is progressive and thorough without being overwhelming. Engaging activities in each chapter allow students to quickly determine if they have mastered the material before moving to the next section.

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