Guidebook for Powerline Technicians,
3rd Edition

Wayne Van Soelen

ISBN-13: 9780357934586
Copyright 2025 | Published
720 pages | List Price: USD $93.95

Van Soelen's GUIDEBOOK FOR POWERLINE TECHNICIANS, 3rd Edition, is a convenient, single-volume reference guide on the operation of electrical utility systems. Students are given practical coverage of the equipment and situations that power line technicians are exposed to on a daily basis. Simple concepts are explained first, building upon the fundamentals to explain more complex theories. Updates include the most current industry information, including applications of recent technology. This book contains in-depth exploration of mechanical aspects of the job such as working with rigging, trucks, stringing wire and tree felling. The need for safety and training is highlighted throughout the book, giving students a guide to learning the skills to construct, operate and maintain lines and cables in an electrical utility system.


1. Controlling Risk for Power Line and Cable Technicians.
2. Electrical Units.
3. Electrical Power System Overview.
4. Working in Substations.
5. Alternating or Direct Current.
6. Three-Phase Circuits.
7. Awareness in an Electrical Environment.
8. Constructing Overhead Power lines.
9. Working on Underground Power lines.
10. Working with Conductors and Cable.
11. Operating Switchgear.
12. Circuit Protection.
13. Installing Personal Protective Grounds.
14. Connecting Transformers.
15. Supplying Quality Power.
16. Working with Aerial Devices and Digger Derricks.
17. Rigging in Power Line Work.
18. Working It Hot.
19. Outdoor Lighting Systems.
20. Revenue Metering.
21. Managing Vegetation in an Electrical Environment.

  • Wayne Van Soelen

    Wayne Van Soelen is the president of Utility Innovations Inc., whose main products have been the preparation of electrical utility work procedures, safety standards, training material, work method audits and expert witness reports. He also works in association with Utility Risk Management Ltd., as a consultant in safety management training, accident investigations, safety management audits, job planning training, risk analysis and a safety management approach to work observation training for supervisors. Wayne Van Soelen started his working career as a lineman with Hydro One in Ontario, Canada, in 1964, where he worked on projects such as restringing and resagging energized transmission lines, tension stringing, hot sticking, rubber glove and barehand work. He progressed within the company to supervisor, safety professional, distribution engineering and then to a senior administrative position. Wayne is also the author of ELECTRICAL ESSENTIALS FOR POWER LINE WORKERS and FIELD GUIDE FOR POWER LINE WORKERS.

  • The book is revised with a dynamic, full-color text design.

  • The text has been updated throughout, including an updated Appendix to provide an easy reference for essential charts, tables and formulas. New images and illustrations have been added to reflect changes in the industry.

  • Glossary and terminology have been updated to accurately reflect the market and changes in the industry.

  • The book ensures the most credible, reliable and relevant information available. The author that has many years of experience as a power line technician writing in a language that will appeal to students training to be power line technicians and related professionals.

  • The book emphasizes safety and efficiency by taking a risk management approach that focuses on minimizing the risk of field injuries and meeting important safety regulations.

  • The book doubles as a valuable field guide with easy-to-reference tables and charts throughout the text and in the Appendix.

  • Key concepts are highlighted with ample illustrations that provide clear examples of technical procedures for better understanding and retention.

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