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2nd Edition

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ISBN-13: 9780357944899
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Cengage English Handbook helps you balance between the academic needs of college writing and the practical concerns of everyday writing. A value-priced all-digital solution, Cengage English Handbook lets you easily access information about the writing process, research, documentation, style, grammar, and punctuation on your laptop, phone or tablet. Through these resources and an array of other tools and apps -- from note taking to flashcards -- you'll get a true understanding of course concepts, helping you get better grades and setting the groundwork for your future courses.


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1. Planning.
2. Drafting.
3. Revising.
4. Paragraphs.
5. Critical Thinking.
6. Rhetorical Principles.
7. Essay Exams.
8. Professional Writing.
9. Writing about Literature.
10. Document Format.

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11. Developing a Subject into a Thesis.
12. Finding and Evaluating Sources.
13. Research Notes.
14. Academic Integrity.
15. Organizing and Writing Research Projects.
16. Sample Research Papers.
17. Disciplines: Links and Resources.

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18. MLA Style.
19. APA Style.

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20. Sentence Variety.
21. Emphasis.
22. Diction.
23. Word Usage.

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42. Sentence Basics.
25. Fragments.
26. Comma Splices and Fused Sentences.
27. Verbs.
28. Agreement.
29. Parallelism.
30. Pronoun Reference.
31. Pronoun Case.
32. Positioning Modifiers.
33. Sentence Consistency and Logic
34. Adjectives and Adverbs.
35. English Language Learners: Working beyond Mechanics
36. Glossary of Grammatical Terms.

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37. End Punctuation.
38. Commas.
39. Semicolons and Colons.
40. Apostrophes.
41. Other Punctuation Marks.
42. Capitals.
43. Italics.
44. Quotation Marks.
45. Numbers and Abbreviations.
46. Spelling.

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  • The handbook incorporates comprehensive updates tailored for non-Native English speakers, addressing their needs from both a linguistic and cultural standpoint. It recognizes and embraces the diversity of learners, exploring how cultural influences can shape essay organization and writing. Additionally, it encompasses various English dialects, offers guidance on professional writing applicable to any career path, and provides expanded definitions of terms that may be unfamiliar to ESL learners

  • Includes a newly revised chapter focusing on academic integrity, especially in regards to AI, photo and image licensing, audio resources, and opensource content.

  • Easily integrate readings, including those by authors in traditionally marginalized communities, into your course with the Gale College Collection - a database of millions of books, plays, articles, periodicals, and more.

  • Auto-graded grammar, research, and citation assignments save valuable class time while giving students an opportunity to hone these important skills. Instant feedback about their performance helps students understand and apply concepts.

  • Powerful analytics and reports provide a snapshot of individual student and class progress, time in course, engagement and completion.

  • Introducing a new Getting Started module featuring engaging videos, compelling narratives, and auto-graded activities that provide students with a rapid head start. Modules cover essential topics such as How to Succeed in College, covering fundamental skills such as time management; Controversial Language, Themes, and Imagery, preparing students for encountering thought-provoking subjects in their Composition course; and a You Are a Writer component, empowering students who may think that writing is something other people do.

  • Just-in-Time Plus is a module within this all-digital product that helps diagnose and remediate your students’ strengths and weaknesses when it comes to 43 basic, foundational skills. Students will take a pre-test which will show them where they need extra practice. Each module has a short video and narrative review that walks through concepts such as punctuation, revising sentence fragments, and more. Practice assignments correlated to each skill are also included, as is a post-test that shows students whether proficiency has improved.

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.