An Invitation to Health,
21st Edition

Lisa Tunks

ISBN-13: 9780357973707
Copyright 2025 | Published
640 pages | List Price: USD $149.95

Achieve a healthier lifestyle -- physically, emotionally, socially and sexually -- with Tunks' AN INVITATION TO HEALTH, 21st EDITION. This new edition covers updated information on such topics as happiness and health, holistic approaches to mental health and anxiety, navigating social media, current dietary guidelines, immunization, safer sex practices, recognizing unhealthy trends in diet and fitness and the dangers associated with vaping. It contains new features on becoming a savvy consumer, cultivating an algorithm that is focused on proven health practices. The book's active learning strategies offer a special focus on healthy living on a budget, taking preventive measures for healthier outcomes and implementing practical strategies that turn small changes into big benefits.


1. Taking Charge of Your Health.
2. Consumer Health: Making Informed Choices.
3. Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being.
4. Caring for Your Mind.
5. Stress Management.
6. Personal Nutrition.
7. Body Composition and Weight Management.
8. Physical Fitness and Lifetime Activity.
9. Communicating and Connecting.
10. Sexual Health.
11. Safer Sex and Contraception Options.
12. Sexually Transmitted Infections.
13. Major Diseases.
14. Infectious Diseases.
15. Addiction and Drugs.
16. Alcohol.
17. Tobacco and Nicotine Use.
18. Occupation and Financial Health.
19. A Healthier Environment.
20. A Lifetime of Health.

  • Lisa Tunks

    Dr. Lisa Tunks is a Health and Wellness Curriculum Design specialist who works with teaching professionals and editors to create student-centered curricula in an ever-changing learning environment. She has helped shape the landscape of teaching and learning excellence through effective accreditation and classroom practice both as a professor and administrator at Broward College. After over two decades of professional teaching in Florida, Dr. Tunks relocated to South Carolina where she focuses her professional energy teaching Public Health at Coastal Carolina University. Dr. Tunks holds a Masters in Exercise and Sport Science as well as a Doctorate in Higher Education from the University of Florida.

  • ECOLOGICAL IMPACT: “Going Green” examines the ecological impact of various heath-related topics and helps students see ways they can live greener and cleaner lives. Data is updated on global temperature changes and the impact this will have on people of all ages. Useful information about harmful BPA products and the FDA’s stance on their use in consumer products is now featured.

  • STREAMLINED AND REORGANIZED CONTENT: Consumer Health begins earlier in the textbook and is now a continuing theme throughout the chapters. Unique highlight features appear in all subsequent chapters to help students strengthen critical-thinking skills regarding online information.

  • HEALTHY BEHAVIORS: "Your Strategies for Success" is now titled "Healthy Pathways" and continues to focus on healthful strategies that students can practice today to help create a life-long pattern of healthy behaviors throughout their lifespan.

  • IMPACTFUL OUTCOMES: "What Did You Decide" is renamed and, in some places, restructured to focus on learning and outcomes. It is now titled "What Did you Learn?" to help instructors shift the ownership of new concepts and ideas back to the students.

  • MISCONCEPTIONS AND SOCIAL MEDIA: “Mis-Influenced” expands on the prior edition’s “Consumer Alert” to take a critical look at common misconceptions and how information spreads through social media. Its information driven focus helps students learn how to make smarter choices and recognize trends that may prove to be scams.

  • INCLUSIVITY: Definitions of Health Promotion are expanded with new focus on "Healthy People 2030" (with a bigger emphasis on LGBTQ+ health related issues) and social determinants of health. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is added as part of behavior changes and goal setting.

  • CURRENT TOPICS: New coverage of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic includes the latest information on viruses and vaccines, as well as other pandemic-related topics, such as the effects of isolation, healthcare disparities and the impact on physical, social and intellectual health. New information is included about adolescent and young teen brain development, the impact of social media (new section), the impact of COVID-19 on mental health, racial disparities and mental health, self-harm, the Suicide Prevention Hotline and reaching out when in distress.

  • GLOBAL COMMUNITIES: "Snapshot: On Campus Now" is now titled "Student Snapshot" as colleges have become global communities. More than ever, we see students studying from a vast array of learning spaces and places, not just the traditional brick-and-mortar structures.

  • AGING & DEATH LITERACY: New information is added about the impact of nutrition on aging and updated clinical information regarding supplements and menopause, including 10 early signs that may indicate Alzheimer’s. Current statistics about death rates related to COVID-19 and how to interpret the CDC’s information regarding pandemic deaths are included, and a new segment takes a comprehensive look at death literacy across populations.

  • FINANCIAL HEALTH: "Financial and Occupational Wellness" covers important topics like choosing a major, life satisfaction within a chosen profession, and a range of financial topics (credit scores, investing, creating a budget and more). This chapter is specifically designed for young consumers to better understand their financial health and their lifelong relationship with money.

  • MOTIVATING: The reader-friendly, action-oriented approach influences everything from fitness and nutrition to stress management and healthy relationships in order to help students take charge of their own health.

  • CONTENT WITH CANDOR: Honest discussions both engage and inform students. The author draws on decades of experience with students from a variety of cultures and educational backgrounds to build understanding around modern health issues impacting college students.

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