General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry,
8th Edition

H. Stephen Stoker, Jennifer B. Tillinger

ISBN-13: 9780357975657
Copyright 2025 | Published
1232 pages | List Price: USD $375.95

The 8th edition of GENERAL, ORGANIC, AND BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY teaches you the chemical concepts that are critical to your future career. Step-by-step explanations and useful visuals will help you learn, and applications of mathematics are introduced at the point-of-use.


1. Basic Concepts About Matter.
2. Measurements in Chemistry.
3. Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table.
4. Chemical Bonding: The Ionic Bond Model.
5. Chemical Bonding: The Covalent Bond Model.
6. Chemical Calculations: Formula Masses, Moles, and Chemical Equations.
7. Gases, Liquids, and Solids.
8. Solutions.
9. Chemical Reactions.
10. Acids, Bases, and Salts.
11. Nuclear Chemistry.
12. Saturated Hydrocarbons.
13. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons.
14. Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers.
15. Aldehydes and Ketones.
16. Carboxylic Acids, Esters, and Other Acid Derivatives.
17. Amines and Amides.
18. Carbohydrates.
19. Lipids.
20. Proteins.
21. Enzymes and Vitamins.
22. Nucleic Acids.
23. Biochemical Energy Production.
24. Carbohydrate Metabolism.
25. Lipid Metabolism.
26. Protein Metabolism.
Answers to Selected Exercises.
Index Glossary.

  • H. Stephen Stoker

    Stephen Stoker of Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, has taught the gamut of introductory chemistry courses, specializing in GOB, for the past 30 years. Weber State University has had a very large Health Professions school, and GOB is geared at students with little or no experience in chemistry (notably Allied Health and Nursing majors).

  • Jennifer B. Tillinger

    Jennifer Tillinger of Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, has taught the lectures and developed laboratory courses for the introductory GOB and general chemistry course sequences for the past 20 years. Professor Tillinger is passionate about teaching chemistry and, in particular, the GOB course sequence that prepares students with little or no experience in chemistry for the highly competitive Nursing and Allied Health programs at Oakland University. Because of her dedication to student success, she seamlessly converted the experiments for both GOB and general chemistry into interactive lab experiences for students at Oakland University during COVID-19.

  • WebAssign for Stoker’s GENERAL, ORGANIC, AND BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY is an easy-to-use online learning platform that engages your students with the eTextbook along with assignable and auto-graded multimedia, mastery sets, and end-of-chapter questions from the Stoker textbook. Features like algorithmic randomization, math review modules, and answer-specific feedback help students identify and learn from their mistakes.

  • Worked examples are now presented with step-by-step solutions to show your students how to approach problems.

  • New in-class activities accommodate multiple learning styles.

  • New real-world medical examples and practice problems.

  • Math is presented when it is necessary, at the point-of-use, throughout the text.

  • Section Learning Objectives provide your students with clear insight into each section’s learning outcomes.

  • Visuals reinforce key concepts by making connections and highlighting what is important for your students to know.

  • Brief question sets at the end of each section help students check their understanding of that section.

  • “Chemistry-at-a-Glance” provides brief visual summaries of core chapter concepts to help students visualize difficult material.

  • “Chemical Connection” boxes show chemistry as it relates to everyday life, highlighting its relevance to students' future careers in the health and environmental fields.

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