Communicating for Results,
11th Edition

Cheryl Hamilton

ISBN-13: 9781305280267
Copyright 2018 | Published
528 pages | List Price: USD $250.95

COMMUNICATING FOR RESULTS: A GUIDE FOR BUSINESS AND THE PROFESSIONS, 11th Edition, equips you with the basic concepts and techniques you need to successfully communicate in today's business world, regardless of your current level of experience. Covering every aspect of the communication process, the text gives you a competitive edge in any business situation -- using social media more effectively, conducting professional interviews, making skilled presentations with professional visual aids, assuming a leadership role, participating in successful teams, and more. Online video clips of common professional scenarios paired with chapter concepts give you a realistic view into the business world, while Polishing Your Career Skills features provide diagnostic tools to help you sharpen your skills. In addition, MindTap Communication provides an interactive learning solution to help you maximize your course success.


Analyze This Real-Life Case: Wal-Mart: Ethics Choices and Communication Challenges.
1. Communication and Ethics at Work: What You Should Know.
2. Organizations in the Workplace: Which Ones Fit You Best?
3. Handling Conflict, Cultural Diversity, and Relationships in the Workplace.
Analyze this Real-Life Case: An Engineer's Experience with Communication and Listening.
4. Effective Listening.
5. Nonverbal Communication.
6. Anxiety, Technology, and Other Communication Obstacles.
Analyze This Real-Life Case: Amazon: Hiring Practices That Continue to "Raise the Bar."
7. Basic Information for All Types of Interviews.
8. The Employment Interview.
9. Small-Group Communication and Problem Solving.
10. Participation and Leadership in Teams.
Analyze This Real-Life Case: Harry Markopolos: Why Didn't Anyone Heed His Warnings About Madoff?
11. Informative Presentations: Plan, Research, Organize, and Deliver.
12. Verbal and Visual Supporting Materials.
13. Persuasive Presentations: Individual or Team.
14. Written Communication.

  • Cheryl Hamilton

    Cheryl Hamilton, an author well known for her writing style and award-winning teaching, is professor emeritus at Tarrant County College-NE Campus in the Communication Arts Department where she served as department chair and communication professor and continues to teach each fall semester to stay close to students and try out new textbook material. Her numerous awards -- including the Chancellor's Award for Exemplary Teaching -- show her love of teaching. Although she specialized in business communication and public speaking, Dr. Hamilton taught more than 10 different communication courses. Throughout her career, she served as mentor to many beginning teachers; presented more than 40 papers at national conferences; conducted numerous seminars for large and small corporations; served on multiple educational committees; and authored two additional texts -- THE ESSENTIALS OF PUBLIC SPEAKING and COMMUNICATING FOR SUCCESS. An Illinois native, Dr. Hamilton received her bachelor's degree from Eastern Illinois University, her master's degree from Purdue University, and her doctoral degree from the University of North Texas.

  • SIMPLIFIED, STREAMLINED, AND COMPLETELY UP TO DATE! The new 11th edition of COMMUNICATING FOR RESULTS: A GUIDE FOR BUSINESS AND THE PROFESSIONS has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the latest developments, research, and practices from the field. Making the text more student friendly than ever, the authors simplified and condensed the content -- resulting in a more succinct textbook with fewer pages.

  • NEW! Now presented earlier, "Polishing Your Career Skills" features in every chapter enable readers to easily assess their personal communication skills that need improvement. These diagnostic tools are intriguing and practical enough that students will want to apply them whether they are assigned or not.

  • NEW and UPDATED! Real-world cases are now included in the introduction of each unit and bring concepts to life for all chapters in that unit. Having one case for multiple chapters enables faculty members to more fully develop the application for students and gives students more than a surface-level analysis of real-life case examples. Discussion questions are included for each chapter and a final critical thinking activity allows students to apply what they've learned.

  • UPDATED! The latest technology and social media coverage is integrated throughout. Chapter 6, "Anxiety, Technology, and Other Communication Obstacles," explores why technology is a communication obstacle as well as explains how to successfully use social media in the workplace to build relationships, social media profiles (on LinkedIn), and social media resumes that stand out in job searches. Chapter 14, "Written Communication," includes new tips and tools for creating successful Twitter messages in the workplace and writing and producing professional videos.

  • UPDATED! Chapter 8, "The Employment Interview," now offers expanded coverage of conventional, electronic, Web, and social media resumes -- including how and when to use them most effectively.

  • UPDATED! Expanded "Awareness Check" features include a pre-test and post-test PRPSA by James McCroskey in chapters 1 and 14.

  • NEW! Unit Activities at the end of every chapter help students put what they learn into practice.

  • COMPLETELY UP TO DATE! Every chapter has been thoroughly revised to reflect reviewer suggestions, the latest research, and current examples. All chapters include learning outcomes in language that can easily be adopted or integrated into course-level and unit-level objectives for both face-to-face and online courses.

  • UPDATED! Coverage in chapter 13, "Persuasive Presentations: Individual or Team," presents practical applications of the latest persuasive research findings.

  • UPDATED! Chapter 6, "Anxiety, Technology, and Other Communication Obstacle, and chapter 14, Written Communication" include the most up-to-date technology and social media coverage available.

  • NEW! MindTap® Communication is now incorporated throughout the text -- enhancing your students’ employability skills and promote the relevance of communication across context. s Easy-to-use and easy-to-customize, MindTap elevates transferrable communication skills that go beyond the classroom, combining readings, multimedia, activities and assessments —into a singular Learning Path. Show your students that communication is more than words with contextualized activities and focused tools designed to reinforce key concepts and elevate skills for classroom and career success.

  • Taking a thorough, practical approach to business and professional topics, COMMUNICATING FOR RESULTS, 11th Edition, exposes students to the issues and situations they will encounter in today's workplace. Key topics include organizational communication, obstacles to effective organizational communication, conflict resolution, how technology affects communication, group and team communication, effective business presentations, and creating PowerPoint® presentations.

  • Extremely student friendly, the 11th edition includes numerous updated pedagogical features -- such as end-of-chapter group activities, unit-opening real-life case studies, "Polishing Your Career Skills" boxes, and "Awareness Check" boxes -- that enable students to put what they learn into practice.

  • By taking the PRPSA (Awareness Check in chapters 1 and 14) as a pre-test during week one and as a post-test at the close of the course students can see for themselves how much their confidence and communication skills have improved during the semester.

  • The text's balance of theory and practical information helps students understand how the concepts they study today are skills they will apply at work tomorrow.

  • Unit-opening case studies provide lively discussion questions for chapter content as well as help students apply key concepts through hands-on activities. A final critical-thinking activity for student groups concludes each chapter.

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