Introduction to Law,
7th Edition

Beth Walston-Dunham

ISBN-13: 9781305948648
Copyright 2020 | Published
672 pages | List Price: USD $187.95

Discover an appreciation for today's law as you learn how law affects virtually every facet of modern life and society with Walston-Dunham's best-selling INTRODUCTION TO LAW, 7E. You begin with a detailed look at the organization of the U.S. system of government. This edition's timely, clear presentation guides you through each of the primary substantive areas of law as you complete realistic assignments, examine relevant ethical issues and review easy-to-understand judicial opinions that reinforce the topics within each chapter. From fundamental concepts to emerging legal topics, INTRODUCTION TO LAW, and accompanying print and digital MindTap resources, help you thoroughly understand legal terminology, principles of law and key cases that are impacting society -- and so many professions -- today.


1. The Historical Basis and Current Structure of the American Legal System.
2. The Courts.
3. Legislation.
4. The Executive Branch and Administrative Authority.
5. Substantive and Procedural Issues.
6. Jurisdiction.
7. The Legal Professional.
8. The Law of Ethics.
9. Torts.
10. Family Law.
11. Estates and Probate.
12. Property Law.
13. The Law of Contracts.
14. The Law of Business.
15. Criminal Law.
16. Criminal Procedure.
A. Important Resources

  • Beth Walston-Dunham

    Beth Walston-Dunham is a licensed attorney. Additionally, she is licensed in the United States Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit.

  • UPDATES THROUGHOUT THIS NEW EDITION REFLECT THE LATEST LEGAL DEVELOPMENTS. The author has carefully included today's most recent updates to the law as well as the latest, relevant court cases.

  • NEW WRITING ASSIGNMENTS HONE LEGAL COMMUNICATION AND THINKING SKILLS. This edition's writing assignments are carefully designed to develop students' skills in both legal writing and reasoning.

  • REALISTIC EXAMPLES CLEARLY ILLUSTRATE KEY POINTS AND ENCOURAGE DISCUSSIONS. Memorable examples include thought-provoking discussion points that both prompt classroom debates and facilitate the development of critical-thinking skills.

  • PRACTICAL LAW ASSIGNMENTS PREPARE STUDENTS FOR REAL CHALLENGES IN LAW AND BUSINESS TODAY. This edition's assignments, which are based on actual legal situations, allow students to build a solid understanding of today's legal principles as they are applied in practice.

  • ETHICAL VIGNETTES DEMONSTRATE THE CHALLENGES AND LONG-TERM CONSEQUENCES OF EACH ETHICAL CHOICE. Engaging ethical vignettes show students how one circumstance can produce both legal and ethical issues that can, in turn, negatively or positively impact the future of the professional involved.

  • CHAPTER OPENERS HIGHLIGHT CHAPTER TOPICS IN RECENT NEWS. To emphasize the relevance of what students are learning and to highlight the real-world application of each topic, every chapter begins with a current, relevant news article.

  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED INTERNET ASSIGNMENTS TEACH READERS IMPORTANT LEGAL RESEARCH SKILLS. This edition's Internet assignments help students develop and refine vital Internet research skills that are critical in the workplace.

  • The text includes Internet assignments that facilitate the development of vitally important Internet research skills.

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