Exploring Agriscience,
5th Edition

Dr. Ray V. Herren

ISBN-13: 9781305949706
Copyright 2018 | Published
608 pages | List Price: USD $157.95

Discover the exciting world of agriculture through EXPLORING AGRISCIENCE, Fifth Edition, the resource that continues to inspire and inform middle school students across the nation. The new, updated Fifth Edition of this respected text combines a strong grounding in fundamentals with information on the latest advances in the field and current opportunities in agricultural education programs. This comprehensive guide will open your eyes to all agriscience has to offer, including soil, plants, and row crops; floriculture, forest science, and landscaping; livestock, dairy, and poultry industries; aquaculture and companion animals; hand tools; small engine operation; and more. In addition, information on topics such as organic agriculture, biofuels, and biotechnology—and an all-new chapter on urban agriculture—introduces you to the trends and developments shaping the industry today, as well as promising initiatives for the future.


1. The World of Agriculture.
2. The History of Agriculture.
3. Soil: The Origin of Life.
4. Plant Structures and their Uses.
5. Agricultural Pests.
6. Floriculture.
7. Nursery Production.
8. Landscaping.
9. Fruit and Nut Production.
10. Row Crops.
11. Forest Science.
12. Protecting the Environment.
13. Organic Agriculture.
14. The Livestock Industry.
15. The Dairy Industry.
16. The Poultry Industry.
17. The Science of Aquaculture.
18. Urban Agriculture.
19. Companion Animals.
20. Preserving our Food Supply.
21. The Ethical Treatment of Animals.
22. Selecting and Using Hand Tools.
23. Small Engine Operation.
24. Biofuels.
25. Biotechnology: The Future of Agriculture.
26. High School Agricultural Education Programs.
27. Careers in Agricultural Science.
English Glossary & Spanish Glosario.

  • Dr. Ray V. Herren

    Dr. Ray V. Herren has been actively involved in agriculture for most of his life. He grew up on a diversified farm, where he played a major role in the production of livestock. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Education from Auburn University, a Master's degree in Agribusiness Education from Alabama A & M University, and a Doctorate in vocational education (with an emphasis in agricultural education) from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Dr. Herren has taught at Virginia Tech, Oregon State University, and the University of Georgia in Athens, where he recently retired as head of the Department of Agriculture Leadership, Education, and Communication. In addition to serving as National President of the FFA Alumni Association, he has served on numerous committees from the local to international level, including a national task force to develop FFA programs for middle school students and the National Committee for Career Development Events. His prolific scholarly activity includes 26 journal articles, 51 invited or refereed presentations, and 12 books and manuals. He has also earned several awards for his commitment to service, as well as UGA's prestigious College of Education Outstanding Teaching Award.

  • An all-new chapter on urban agriculture enlightens students on this unique area of agriscience, which has become an increasingly widespread and important trend in today’s society.

  • Accurate, up-to-date statistics on relevant topics are included to spark awareness of current issues and trends in the field, as well as equipping students with timely facts and figures to inform their understanding of modern agriscience.

  • The Fifth Edition includes updated information on the national FFA) organization, including Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAEs), other activities, and current educational opportunities in agriscience.

  • A combined English Glossary/Spanish Glosario provides additional support for ESL students, making it easier to learn key terms and concepts in either language, and to translate professional terminology between them.

  • Thoroughly revised for the Fifth Edition, the text’s accompanying Lab Manual features fun and challenging hands-on experiments to strengthen knowledge of topics introduced in the text chapters.

  • Reader-friendly and visually appealing, the book features a writing style that is engaging and easy to understand for today’s middle school students, as well as numerous photos, illustrations, and factual tables to help bring key concepts to life.

  • For Further Exploration features included in every chapter present interesting facts on selected topics to increase students’ engagement with the material and facilitate learning.

  • A robust Chapter Review concludes each chapter, providing a useful tool to evaluate student comprehension of the topics covered.

  • The text companion site includes bonus projects that expand on chapter content, as well as Answers to Questions, Lesson Plans, PowerPoint® presentations, and Online Testing powered by Cognero®, making course preparation, easier, faster, and more effective.

  • The MindTap® supplement provides an integrated online course—including the textbook in digital format, lab exercises, videos, games, activities, and quizzes—making it simple to offer a digital option for teaching and learning.

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