Hybrid, Electric and Fuel-Cell Vehicles,
3rd Edition

Jack Erjavec, Nathan Smith, Michael Godson

ISBN-13: 9781305952577
Copyright 2023 | Published
320 pages | List Price: USD $137.95

This engaging, reader-friendly text provides a comprehensive introduction to the cutting-edge technology and trends that are revolutionizing today's automotive industry. HYBRID, ELECTRIC AND FUEL-CELL VEHICLES, Third Edition, combines coverage of basic theory and practical applications to help you gain a working understanding of the operation and diagnosis of new and emerging automobiles. Authors Jack Erjavec and Nathan Smith draw on their in-depth industry and classroom expertise to present detailed information in an accessible way, breaking down complex topics into easy-to digest chapters. The Third Edition of this trusted text includes up-to-date, highly accurate technical information and service procedures for vehicles available today, with lab exercises designed to accommodate diverse learning styles, and a strong emphasis on safe shop practices and hybrid/electric vehicle service safety.


1. Introduction to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.
2. Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Service Safety.
3. Electrical Fundamentals.
4. Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Service and Maintenance.
5. Motor and Generator.
6. High Voltage Batteries/Electrical Storage Systems.
7. Power Inverter Operation
8. Full Hybrids.
9. Hybrid, BEV, and FC Vehicle Support Systems.
10. Hybrid Operation.
11. BEV Operation.
12. Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Diagnosis.
13. Fuel Cell Operation and Future Technology.

  • Jack Erjavec

    Jack Erjavec has become a fixture in the automotive textbook publishing world. He has decades of experience as a technician, educator, author and editor, and he has authored or co-authored more than 30 automotive textbooks and training manuals. Erjavec holds a master's degree in vocational and technical education from The Ohio State University, and he spent 20 years at Columbus State Community College as an instructor and administrator. A long-time affiliate of the North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT), he also served as executive vice-president for the organization and spent several years on its board of directors. Erjavec is also associated with ATMC, SAE, ASA, ATRA, AERA and other automotive professional associations.

  • Nathan Smith

    Nathan Smith is a graduate of the General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program (GM ASEP), and he spent years as a Buick, GMC and Cadillac technician before joining the faculty at Ivy Tech Community College. While at Ivy Tech, Nathan led the college's Toyota T-TEN program and worked with Toyota to develop a new curriculum to be used nationwide. He holds ASE A1-A8, L1, C1 and G1 certifications, as well as multiple certifications with GM and Toyota.

  • Michael Godson

    Mike graduated from the Arizona Automotive Institute in Glendale, Arizona in 1977. He received a certificate in automatic transmission repair from Clark College in 1978 and completed an Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Technology in 1994. Mike worked as an automotive technician for various dealerships and independent service facilities from 1978 until accepting a faculty position in the Clark College Automotive Department. He has been teaching automotive technology full-time since 1995. In 2009, Mike was named Motor Age Training/ASE Master Automotive & L-1 Technician of the Year. He is also a certified Toyota Technician Education Network (T-TEN) instructor. In addition, Mike holds an ASE Master Automobile Technician certification, and ASE Advanced certifications in Engine Performance and Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicles. Mike continues to work part-time in summer for a local independent vehicle repair facility.

  • This reader-friendly text covers major components of the hybrid/electric vehicle system in individual chapters presented in a logical sequence, making it easier to gain a clear understanding of their operation and interrelationships.

  • The Third Edition features new, expanded and updated content on important safety considerations relevant to high voltage service.

  • The authors have added wiring diagrams inspired by manufacturer documentation to help readers understand the complete operation of circuits.

  • Material on fuel cell operation has been expanded to include new and updated information to help readers learn the essentials of operating modern vehicles, including key differences in operating overseas.

  • Building on coverage of individual components, a final operational description encompasses information on multiple manufacturers, enabling students to build and reinforce understanding as they progress through the text.

  • This comprehensive text provides a useful overview of current electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, as well as their operation, construction and specific advantages and disadvantages of each.

  • Because hybrid and electric vehicles require unique and critical precautions to ensure safety in the shop, safe practices and safety-related information are stressed throughout the text.

  • In addition to outlining maintenance and service procedures for electric vehicles, the text describes the true costs of owning and operating them, including tax incentive programs available to consumers.

  • Coverage of range and fuel economy includes material on vehicle physics, regenerative braking, aerodynamics and fuel consumption of various electric models, helping students understand both the essential principles involved and their practical applications.

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Cengage Testing, powered by Cognero® for Erjavec/Smith/Godson's Hybrid, Electric and Fuel-Cell Vehicles

Cengage Testing, powered by Cognero® for Erjavec/Smith/Godson's Hybrid, Electric and Fuel-Cell Vehicles, Instant Access

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