Today's Technician,
7th Edition

Ken Pickerill

ISBN-13: 9781305958289
Copyright 2018 | Published
1184 pages | List Price: USD $137.95

The Seventh Edition of TODAY'S TECHNICIAN: AUTOMOTIVE ENGINE PERFORMANCE is a comprehensive learning package designed to build automotive skills in both classroom and shop settings. Following current ASE Education Foundation criteria, this two-manual set examines each of the major systems affecting engine performance and drivability—including intake and exhaust, sensors, computerized engine controls, fuel, ignition, and emissions. The Classroom Manual addresses system theory, while a coordinating Shop Manual covers tools, procedures, diagnostics, testing, and service. The new Seventh Edition features updates to cover the latest automotive technologies and take automotive technician training to new levels.


1. Overview of Engine Performance.
2. Basic Theories.
3. Engine Design and Operation.
4. Electricity and Electronics.
5. Intake and Exhaust Systems.
6. Input Sensors.
7. Fuel Systems.
8. Electronic Fuel Injection Systems.
9. Electronic Ignition (EI) Systems.
10. Emission Control Systems.
11. Computer Outputs and Networks.
12. OBD II.
13. Related Systems.
1. Tools and Safety.
2. Typical Shop Procedures and Equipment.
3. General Engine Condition Diagnosis.
4. Basic Electrical Tests and Service.
5. Intake and Exhaust System Diagnosis and Service.
6. Engine Control System Diagnosis and Service.
7. Fuel System Diagnosis and Service.
8. Electronic Fuel Injection Diagnosis and Service.
9. Electronic Ignition System (EI) Diagnosis and Service.
10. Emission Control System Diagnosis and Service.
11. Servicing Computer Outputs and Networks.
12. On-Board Diagnostic (OBD II) System Diagnostics and Service.
13. Related Systems.

  • Ken Pickerill

    Ken Pickerill is a Certified Master Automotive Technician (with ASE Area L1 and X1) and an instructor at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Mr. Pickerill was a technician for 22 years before entering the training field, and he has more than 40 years of technical and teaching experience. He received his M.S. degree in career and technical education from Indiana State University.

  • Expanded coverage of direct fuel injection, providing additional depth and detail on this important topic.

  • Rewritten chapters focused on fuel systems and electronic fuel injection systems, streamlining chapter content to communicate the essentials in an efficient, reader-friendly way.

  • Information on ignition systems has been revised for greater relevance to current vehicles, although important aspects of distributor ignition systems are still explored to provide readers with a broad knowledge base.

  • Revised end-of-chapter questions to improve reader comprehension, true to the Today's Technician Series’ reputation for delivering detailed and technically accurate content.

  • In addition to adding 20 new Job Sheets, ASE Education Foundation coverage now encompasses not only the MAST task list, but also AST and MLR, providing even better preparation for success as a professional automotive technician.

  • The text correlates with the current ASE Education Foundation A8 Standard for Engine Performance, as well as ASE Certification criteria, providing full preparation for learners who demand the latest information available on the market.

  • ASE-style questions and an ASE sample exam give readers the extra practice they need to prepare for certification; ASE Education Foundation correlations on the applicable Job Sheets and a ASE Education Foundation correlation chart for chapter content help instructors and programs ensure proper coverage for certification requirements.

  • Supplements available to accompany the text include enhanced PowerPoint® slides with animations and video clips, chapter tests in Cognero, an Image Gallery, an Instructor Guide, Job Sheets, and more!

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