Public Speaking,
4th Edition

Stephanie J. Coopman, James Lull

ISBN-13: 9781337107563
Copyright 2018 | Published
416 pages | List Price: USD $187.95

Combining time-test techniques with the latest digital resources, Coopman and Lull's PUBLIC SPEAKING: THE EVOLVING ART, 4th Edition, gives you the tools and knowledge to become a confident, competent, and ethical public speaker in today's media-driven society. Four peer mentors bring text concepts and strategies to life with seamlessly integrated video and animation segments that highlight strategies for successful public speaking. Examples from popular culture include analysis of the public speaking success of Bernie Sanders, Malala Yousafzai, and others, while "Apply It" boxes help you put what you learn into practice outside the classroom.


1. The Evolving Art of Public Speaking.
2. Building Your Confidence.
3. Listening.
4. Developing Your Purpose and Topic.
5. Adapting to Your Audience.
6. Researching Your Topic.
7. Supporting Your Ideas.
8. Organizing and Outlining Your Speech.
9. Beginning and Ending Your Speech.
10. Using Language Effectively.
11. Integrating Presentation Media.
12. Delivering Your Speech.
13. Informative Speaking.
14. Persuasive Speaking.
15. Understanding Argument.
16. Special Occasion, Distance, and Group Speaking.

  • Stephanie J. Coopman

    Stephanie J. Coopman is professor of communication studies at San José State University. She served as department chair for five years and chair of the SJSU University Council of Chairs and Directors for three years. A recipient of the SJSU College of Social Sciences Teaching Excellence Award, she has taught public speaking since the start of her career and has conducted numerous professional development sessions on public speaking and communication pedagogy. Dr. Coopman's research interests include experiential learning, team communication, online representations of identity and communication competence. She contributes 20 percent of her royalties from the sale of PUBLIC SPEAKING: THE EVOLVING ART to the Robert R. Zimmermann "Dr. Bob" Scholarship fund for students and the Dr. Robert R. "Dr. Bob" Zimmermann Endowed Teaching Chair Award for faculty at Delta College in University Center, Michigan. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky.

  • James Lull

    James Lull is professor emeritus of communication studies at San José State University. He has taught public speaking for more than 25 years and is a recipient of the National Communication Association's Golden Anniversary Monograph Award. An internationally recognized leader in media studies and cultural analysis, Dr. Lull is the author or editor of more than a dozen books, including EVOLUTIONARY COMMUNICATION: AN INTRODUCTION, and many articles published in the top journals in the field. In addition, he is the founder and host of the Evolutionary Communication channel on YouTube. Dr. Lull earned his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He holds honorary doctorates and professorships from several universities in Europe and Latin America, where he regularly gives plenary addresses and seminars.

  • The crucial chapter 14 on Persuasive Speaking offers a unique new approach not found in other public speaking textbooks. Persuasive speaking is now divided into two categories and treated separately in the same chapter: practical persuasion and issue-based persuasion. The chapter illustrates how "practical" and "issue-based" topics differ and how students can select organizational patterns appropriate for both types of persuasive speeches. Text and video samples of student speeches represent both types of persuasive speeches.

  • Chapter 11, Integrating Presentation Media, has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest trends in communications technology. Recorded especially for this edition, a new video featuring a speech by one of America's top environmental leaders demonstrates how students can maximize the use of digital slides in their classroom presentations.

  • Chapter 16, Special Occasion, Distance, and Group Speaking, now includes coverage of distance speaking and teaches students how to make effective presentations in videoconferences, graphical online presentations, and telephone meetings.

  • Practical and relevant, the fourth edition is packed with examples from popular culture and analyzes the public speaking success of contemporary public figures such as Bernie Sanders, Malala Yousafzai, Donald Trump, and Pope Francis.

  • Emphasizing public speaking as an "evolving art," the authors focus on the evolutionary nature of public speaking throughout the text -- from Greek and Roman traditions to the most contemporary forms of public address, including the use of presentation media.

  • "Watch It Live" action videos and animations include 14 all-new animations especially produced for the fourth edition that illustrate and introduce innovative variations on time-tested traditions of public speaking instruction. With a student-friendly presentation, four peer mentors guide learners through sound speech-building strategies while demonstrating key concepts presented in the book. Designed to achieve clear goals and pedagogical outcomes, these mentoring tools explain, assist, and model in the framework of a carefully sequenced experience.

  • Popular "Apply It" boxes have been revised and expanded to include more real-world applications. New "Apply It in the Workplace" boxes encourage students to put chapter concepts into practice as they apply their new public speaking skills outside the classroom and in professional contexts. Updated "Apply it in Your Community" boxes offer students opportunities to utilize their new skills and strategies within their own communities.

  • Engaging and timely, PUBLIC SPEAKING: THE EVOLVING ART, 4e, teaches the fundamental goals of public speaking while exploring the evolving contexts and digital resources that inform public speaking today. Popular media-oriented examples provide a critical guide to help both you and your students determine what role digital culture plays in your public speaking course.

  • A unique, practical pedagogical system in the text -- "Read it, Watch it, Analyze it, Review it" -- gives structure to each chapter as well as directs students to the easy-to-access online material. "Apply It" Boxes offer students an opportunity to use their newly gained public speaking skills in situations outside of the classroom.

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